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Updated July 3, 2018 - 11:25 PM EDT
US Squeeze on Iran Risks Global Oil Price Spike
  Iran Aims to Keep Oil Flowing Despite Sanctions
  On the Path to Failure – US Attempts Violent 'Regime Change' in Iran
Another Saudi Wedding Massacre in Yemen
  Saudis Dispute UN Report on Yemen Child Deaths
How Saudi-Qatari Rivalry Has Fueled War in Syria
  Sen. Graham Visits Syria, Attacks Trump Plan to Pull Troops Out
'Officials' Try to Sabotage More North Korea Talks
  Pompeo to Leave for North Korea for Nuclear Talks on Thursday
  Bolton: North Korea Nukes Could Go in a Year
Behind the Secret US War in Africa
item America First, Helsinki, & Trump's Existential Threat to the Empire  by David Stockman
item Lessons From Singapore and Need for a 'Road Map'  by Michael Haas
item The Forgotten and Peculiar War of 1812  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item The Despicable Hawkish Embrace of the MEK  by Daniel Larison

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Pentagon Considering Additional Bases to House Detained Immigrants
In Bloody Drug War, Mexico's New Leader May Try Negotiating
FBI Sting: Feds Arrest Man Who Wanted to Plan Major July 4 Bombing
Iran's Policy to Stem Currency Decline Backfires
US to Weigh Waivers on Iran Sanctions on 'Case-By-Case Basis'
Trump Considers Labeling Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a Terrorist Group
Iran Diplomat Among Six Arrested Over Suspected Plot Against Opposition Meeting in France
Israel Enacts Law to Freeze Palestinian Funds Equal to Prisoners' Stipends
Shin Bet Head Said to Warn Barak of Fears of Iranian Attack on Him While Abroad
Israel Troops Kill Gazan Who Breached Border to Torch Sniper Post: Army
Ultra-Orthodox Leader Says He'll Topple Israeli Government if Enlistment Bill Passes
Officials: Attacks in Pakistan Kill Six Troops, Two Policemen
'We Cannot Live Here' – Afghanistan's Sikhs Weigh Future After Suicide Bombing
Amnesty Indonesian Security of 95 Unlawful Papua Killings
Sri Lanka to Shift Naval Base to China-Controlled Port City
Trump Letters Demand NATO Allies Increase Defense Spending
White House Won't Recognize Crimea Annexation: Official
Kremlin Says Crimea Not on Summit Agenda
Jordan to Hold Talks With Russia Over South Syria Deal
ISIS Kills 11 SDF Fighters in Hassakeh, Syria
In Northwest Syria, Turkey Extends Aid and Casts Big Shadow
Russia's Lavrov, Iran's Zarif Discuss Syria by Phone: Russian Foreign Ministry
Security Forces Redeployed to Fight ISIS Cells; 26 Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Begin Parliament Vote Recount Tuesday: Official
Lockheed to Support, Train Iraqi Air Force on C-130J Aircraft
Border Calm Precarious as Iraq's Anbar Revives, Slowly
Middle East
Turkey Orders Dozens of Colonels Arrested in Gulen Probe
Saudis Weigh Lure of Higher Oil Prices With US Call for More
Four Libya Oil Ports Closed Amid Corruption Allegations
UNSMIL Documents 16 Civilian Deaths and 15 Injuries in Libya in June
South Sudan's Warring Sides Accuse Each Other of Attacks, 18 Killed
France Aiding Egypt Repression Through Arms Sales: NGOs
AU Summit Overshadowed by 'Security Failings' in Sahel After Attacks
Seven Injured by Road-Side Bomb in Somalia's Mogadishu
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The Forgotten and Peculiar War of 1812

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The Three Landmines That Could Kill the Korea Deal

David R. Henderson
War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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In Korea, We Should Welcome Anything Peaceful

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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