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Updated July 18, 2018 - 11:18 PM EDT
Israel OKs Jewish Nation-State Law in Narrow Vote
Trump: NATO Collective Defense Could Start WW3
Lawmakers, Media Look to Undermine Détente
  Trump Right About Who's to Blame for Bad Relations With Russia
  Indictment of 12 Russians: Under the Shiny Wrapping, a Political Act
Israeli Army Told to Prepare for Invasion of Gaza
  'Collective Punishment': Israel Blocks Fuel Shipment to Gaza
  Israel to Use Tax Collected From Palestinians to Upgrade Roadblocks
Afghan Govt Rejects Idea of US-Taliban Talks
  ISIS Attacks Afghan Taliban Commander's House, Killing 15
Trump: No Time Limit for Denuclearization of N. Korea
Report: UK 'Complicit in Killing Civilians in Drone Ops'
item Have Mueller and Rosenstein Finally Gone Too Far?  by Thomas Knapp
item Indictment of 12 Russians: Under the Shiny Wrapping, a Political Act  by Scott Ritter
item With Iran Deal on Life Support, White House Looks to Finish the Job  by Jon Rainwater
item Special Ops: 133 Countries Down, 17 to Go?  by Nick Turse
item Will Democrats Realize That Americans Are Tired of War?  by William Smith
item Meet the Organization Pushing Regime Change in Iran  by Christopher A. Preble

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Writer Removed From Summit Event Says He Only Had a Question
Putin Told Trump Prepared to Extend START Treaty
Japan, EU Sign Trade Deal to Eliminate Nearly All Tariffs
Mali Town Learns to Live Without a State
Jobs Protests Continue in the South; 36 Killed, 77 Wounded in Iraq
Health System in Mosul Remains Broken One Year After Defeat of ISIS
Moscow to Press US on Syria Cooperation: Russian Military
Kurdish-Backed Body Aims to Widen Authority in NE Syria
Syrian Rebels, Iran Reach Deal to Evacuate Villages
Bombardment in SW Syria Kills at Least Six as Damascus Keeps Up Assault: Monitor
Syrian Army Pounds Southern City of Nawa, Reports of Casualties: Residents
Syrians Who Approached Israeli Golan Frontier Walk Back Towards Refugee Encampments
Yemen Rebel Leader Willing to Give UN Control of Key Port
Officials: 30 Civilians Dead in Recent Clashes in Yemen City
Houthi Mortar Shell Attack Kills 4 Civilians in Yemen's Taiz
Iran Welcomes Plans to Halt War in Yemen
Knesset Rescinds Ability of PM to Declare War Without Cabinet Approval
Israel Places New Limitations on Cargo Crossing Into Gaza
ICC Judges Order Outreach to Victims of War Crimes in Palestine
Leading US Israel Supporter Is Abused at Israeli Airport for Having 'Palestine' Pamphlet
Lawmakers Vote to Ban Some Left-Wing Groups From Schools
Israeli NGO B'Tselem Concludes That the Killing of Razan Al-Najjar Was No Accident
Middle East
Iran Sues US in International Court Over Sanctions
Turkish Court Rules to Keep Two Greek Soldiers in Custody
The War at Home
Rand Paul Says He 'Absolutely' Stands by Trump After Russia Summit, Blames Outrage on 'Trump-Derangement Syndrome'
'Buy America': Sale of US Arms Increases Despite Trump's Tough Talk on NATO, Trade
Amazing Visual of US Arms Exports From 1950 to 2017
US Army Reverses Course on Discharging Immigrant Recruit
Syracuse U NatSec Director Shifts Story on Work for Saudis
Saudis, Ex-Spies, and a DC Socialite: Highlights from Lobbying Firm's Report to DOJ
Afghan Officials: ISIS Bomber Kills 20, Taliban Kill 9 Police
Probe Finds Major Irregularities in Afghan Fuel Sector
In Parched Afghanistan, Drought Sharpens Water Dispute With Iran
US Hopes for Return of 50 War Dead From NK Within Two Weeks
South Korean Military Helicopter Crash Kills Five, Injures One
Trump's Defense Chief Open to First Talks With Russian Counterpart: Sources
EU Begins Screening Macedonia, Albania for 2019 Accession Talks
Almost 300 Malians Killed This Year in Militia Clashes: UN
South Sudan Foes to Sign 'Preliminary' Power Pact This Week
Egypt Targets Social Media With New Law
Ortega's Forces Besiege Nicaragua Opposition Stronghold
Boy Killed During Protest in Southern Venezuela: Police
Land Dispute Leaves 13 Dead in Southern Mexico
US Tourism to Cuba Revives After Months-Long Trump Slump
US Announces Drug Charges Against Honduran Congressman
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