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Updated July 31, 2018 - 11:25 PM EDT
Trump Says He Would Meet With Iran's Leaders
  Rouhani Aide: Trump Could Pave Way for Talks by Returning to Deal
  Iran Sees Oil-for-Gold Trade as Viable Solution to US Sanctions
Rival Korea Generals Meet on Reducing Tensions
  Report Claims North Korea Might Be Building New ICBMs
Syrian Forces on Verge of Capturing Entire SW
  Russian Ambassador Tells Israel: We Can't Force Iran to Leave Syria
'Very Positive Signals' After US, Taliban Talks
Heavy Fighting Kills Dozens South of Yemeni Port City
US Confirms Deployment of Armed Drones in Niger
item It's Time for NATO to Go the Way of the Warsaw Pact  by Conn Hallinan
item Meet VIAB: Virginia's Taxpayer-Funded Israel Lobby  by Grant Smith
item Iran: Another US War of Aggression?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Utility of the Russiagate Conspiracy  by Alan MacLeod
item Russia Is Not the Soviet Union  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Foolish Wars Have Consequences  by James J. Zogby

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Lawmakers Want to Know if US Troops Are Ready for Arctic Warfare
Palestinian Teen Says No Regrets After Release From Israeli Prison
Israel Seeks to Isolate Palestinians From Global Support
US Military in Africa Says Changes Made to Protect Troops
Fresh Anti-ISIS Operations in Kirkuk, Diyala; 34 Killed in Iraq
Will Iraq's Sunni Provinces Join in on Protest Movement?
Iraq Says Saudis to Sell Power at a Fraction of Iran's Price
Iraq Football Team to Play First Match in Palestinian Territories
Russian Military Shoots Down Drone in Syria
Syria Talks Led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey Revived in Sochi
Syria's Druze Minority: Walking a War-Time Tightrope
Gaza Flotilla Ship Al Awda Violently Seized by Israelis
Israeli Druze Commander Quits Army Over Nation-State Law in Open Letter to Netanyahu
'Nation State of Jewish People' Law Makes Israel an 'Apartheid' Regime, Says Country's Leading Newspaper
Suffering Starts All Over Again in Gaza
In Intercepting Boat Bound for Gaza and Seizing 22 Aboard, Israel Violated International Law and Journalists' Rights
Middle East
Gunmen Kill Intelligence Officer in Yemen's Aden
Russia Slams US 'Ultimatums and Threats' Toward Turkey Over Missile System Deal
Nicaragua's Ortega Defends Parapolice Violence as US Steps Up Warning
US Revokes Visas of Nicaragua Officials Over Violence Against Protesters
Mexico Had More Homicides in 2017 Than Previously Thought
Mexico Investigates Protest Posters Found With Guns
British SAS Squad to Join Almost 500 Soldiers Being Sent to Afghanistan
Suicide Bomber Kills Prominent Afghan Militia Commander
Nangarhar Election Candidate Killed in Suicide Bombing
'Horrors That Can't Be Told': Afghan Women Report ISIS Rapes
President Ghani Meets Dostum, Discusses Range of Issues
India's Modi and Pakistan's Khan Discuss Regional Peace in Post-Election Call
India to Buy Missile Shield From US
Philippines Raises Concern Over Chinese Radio Warnings
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Tourists in Tajikistan
Cambodian PM's Party Claims Election Rout, Opposition Sees 'Death of Democracy'
Eritrea and Somalia Agree to Restore Diplomatic Relations
Eritrea and Somalia: A Decade of Animosity
UN Delays Drawdown of Somalia Peacekeeping Force
Sudan Frees Five Egyptian Troops Captured by Libyans
High Turnout in Zimbabwe's First Post-Mugabe Election
Al-Qaeda Unit Claims Mortar Attack That Disrupted N. Mali Poll
WTO Ruling Derails Bulk of Ukrainian Trade Dispute Against Russia
Macedonia to Hold Referendum on Name Change on September 30
Controversial Venezuelan Legislature's Term Could Be Extended
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