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Updated August 7, 2018 - 11:15 PM EDT
Iran Sanctions: US Vows Aggressive Enforcement
  Iran FM: Trump and Allies Isolating Themselves Over Iran Hostility
  European Union Vows to Block US Sanctions on Iran
Yemen War Binds US, Allies, al-Qaeda
  Yemen War's Death Toll Largely Goes Uncounted
Sen. Rand Paul Invites Russian MPs to Washington
Back Door: Millions Flow to Banned Military Contractors
Protests Likely to Cost Iraq PM Abadi a Second Term
Saudis Expel Canadian Envoy Over Rights Criticism
item Neocons Demand 'Crushing' Sanctions on Russia  by Ron Paul
item NATO Is a Goldmine for the US Military Industrial Complex  by Brian Cloughley
item Living in a World Bereft of Privacy  by Annie Machon
item The War Before the Iran War  by John Feffer
item Uber-Hawk Frank Gaffney Flying High Again  by Curt Mills
item Will the Trump Admin. Attack Iran?  by William Hartung

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State Is Funding Settler Institute Squatting Illegally in Palestinian Home
UN Must Do Better Job of Protecting Staff, Whistle-Blowers: Inspectors
Israel's Nation-State Law Controversy Explained
In Admin Error, Germany Expels Uighur Man to China
Security Forces in Eastern Ethiopia Kill Four Protesters
Another Weapons Cache Blows Up; 17 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Jails French and German Citizens for Life for Joining ISIS
Iraqi Christians Displaced by ISIS Find Solace in Baghdad
Syrian Army Launches Major Offensive to Clear ISIS Militants From Sweida
Syria Blames Israel for Assassination of Top Scientist
Aid for Palestinian Territories Must Be Channelled Via Palestinian Govt: PM
Israeli Minister Says Egypt Bears Equal Responsibility for Gaza
Eyewitness Onboard Boat to Gaza Says Israeli Forces Beat Passengers and Stole Thousands of Dollars, Antibiotics During Raid
Shot by Soldier, Neglected in Israeli Hospital, Gaza Youth Is Sent Home for Amputation
South Sudanese Say Hope Peace Deal Helps Revive Economy
Zimbabwe Opposition Says Supporters Abducted as 27 Appear in Court
Tanzania Wants to Build Pipeline to Pump Gas to Uganda
Three Burundi Soldiers Killed in Ambush: Police
Did a Drone Attack Really Try to Assassinate the Venezuelan President?
Venezuela Detains Six, Hunts More in Drone Attack on Maduro
Venezuela's Maduro a No-Show at Support Rally After Drone Blasts
Russian PM Says NATO Admission of Georgia Could Trigger 'Terrible Conflict
Russia Expels Greek Diplomats in Retaliatory Move
US Wants as Many Countries as Possible to Stop Buying Iranian Oil: Senior Official
EU Official: Some US Sanctions on Iran May Never Be Applied
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Denounces US 'Psychological Warfare'
White House's Bolton Says Iran Should 'Come to the Table'
Iran's Rouhani Says Trump's Call for Talks Aimed at Creating Chaos in Iran
ATR Delivers Five More Planes to Iranair, Needs Maintenance Approvals
Saudi Arabia
Canada Defiant After Saudi Arabia Freezes New Trade Over Human Rights Call
Saudi Arabia Would Not Tolerate Outside Interference in Its Affairs: Foreign Minister
US Asked Riyadh for Details on Detention of Activists: US Official
Eight Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Clash
Taliban Commander Killed While Building Bomb
US-Taliban Talks 'Delegitimizes' the Afghan Govt: Ex US Envoy
North Korea Urges US to Drop Sanctions as Seoul Probes Illicit Coal Shipments
UN Backs Plan to Unblock Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
PTI Names Imran Khan as Prime Minister
Singapore Cyber Attack Has Hallmarks of State-Linked Group, Government Says
Images Show Terror Cell Preparing for 2017 Barcelona Attack
Assassination Attempt and Protest Send Warning to Azerbaijan's Rulers
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