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Updated August 13, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Taliban Invade Ghazni, Killing 100 Afghan Troops
  Taliban Kill Over 200 Afghan Soldiers on Four Fronts
  US Dismisses Report of Civilians Killed in July Afghan Airstrike
Rival Korea Leaders To Meet in Pyongyang in Sept
  North Korea Rejects 'Gangster-Like' US Proposals
Saudis Deny Illegally Targeting Yemeni Civilians
  Mass Torture in Network of UAE-Run Prisons in South Yemen
Rebel Depot Explodes in N. Syria, 39 Civilians Die
  Syria Reports Air Defenses Repelled Israeli Incursion Near Damascus
  Probe of Suspected Insider Attack on US by Syrian Allies Inconclusive
Secret Israeli Report: Drone Killed 4 Boys on Beach in 2014
item Iran's Long List of Grievances Against the United States  by Muhammad Sahimi
item The Other Hiroshimas: A Review of Napalm: An American Biography  by Robert Barsocchini
item Butina Case: Neo-McCarthyism Engulfs America  by Philip Giraldi
item Rand Paul Stands Up for Peace  by Justin Raimondo
item Yes, the Press Helps Start Wars  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Newly-Released Cables Read Like Gina Haspel's 'Torture Journaling'  by Jessica Corbett

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70,000 in Okinawa Protest US Marine Base Relocation
Russia Says Will Ditch US Securities Amid Sanctions
Cuba Charges Leading Dissident With Attempted Murder
Israel Destroys Gaza Cultural Center
US Advising Afghan Forces in Battle for Eastern City
Fresh ISIS Clashes and Attacks; 42 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Build an Army With Turkish Help, Face Challenges
Syria's Druze Vow to Free Women and Children Kidnapped by ISIS
Iran Guards Say They Killed 10 Militants Near Iraq Border
US Ambassador Urges Britain to Ditch Support for Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Said to Cancel Visit by Iraq's Prime Minister
Iran Arrests 67 People for Suspected Financial Crimes
Iran and Russia Sign Major Deal for Huge Oil and Gas Exploration After Trump Sanctions
Yemen Talks to Focus on Transition: Envoy
Funerals to Be Held for Children Killed in Yemen School Bus Attack
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Two Missiles Fired by Yemen's Houthis on Jizan
EU Seeks Details From Saudi Arabia on Women Human Rights Arrests Amid Canada Row
Jordan Says Three People Killed in Police Raid on House Sheltering Militants
Jordan Says Explosive Device Behind Blast That Killed Policeman
Erdogan Says US Set Deadline for Pastor's Release
Turkish Lira Plunges to New Record Low in Asia Pacific Trade
On Istanbul Streets, Defiant Turks See US Hand Behind Lira Crisis
Tens of Thousands Protest in Tel Aviv Against 'Nation-State Law'
Israel Kills Medic During Gaza Protests
Netanyahu Demands 'Total' Gaza Ceasefire
Gaza Flotilla Turns Back After Israeli Navy Fires Warning Shots
Full Text: Haaretz Publisher Schocken Calls for Israelis to 'Join the Struggle' at Nation-State Rally
Israel Mulled Assassinating Hamas Leaders Over Past Several Months
Israeli Minister Regev Calls to Assassinate Hamas Leaders
Jabal Al-Baba Update: Ethnic Cleansing on Vatican Land in Israel
Over Half of Palestinian College Graduates Are Unemployed, Report Finds
Israel Denied There Was a Ceasefire With Hamas. It Now Owes the Public an Explanation
A 'Weakness of the West'? UK Defense Minister Warns of Lack of Grand Strategy
Cracked Missile Tubes May Delay UK's Next Generation Nuclear Submarines
Sweden Locked in to Buy Patriot Missile Defense System
Thousands Rally for a Third Day to Demand Romanian Government Resignation
1,800 Evacuated as France Defuses British WWII Bomb
Missiles for Mexico Gets US Approval
Mexican Judge Says Probe Into 2014 Killings Inadequate: Rights Center
The War at Home
Pentagon Chief Mattis Defends His Reversal on Space Force
How Much Will the Space Force Cost, and What's It Going to Look Like?
Psychologists Vote Not to Return to Guantanamo Amid Heated Debate Over Torture Legacy
Report: Michigan Military Base Water May Have Caused Cancer
Google Censorship Plan Is 'Not Right' and 'Stupid,' Says Former Google Head of Free Expression
Military Convoy Comes Under Attack While on Its Way to Ghazni
Afghan Army Chief Says Taliban Hiding in Civilian Homes in Ghazni
17 Aghan Soldiers Killed in Faryab Army Base Attack
Group of 50 Taliban Join Peace Process in Badghis
Electoral Body Bars 35 Candidates From October Vote
Drought Raises Food Security Fears in Afghanistan
Taliban Travel From Afghanistan to Uzbekistan for Talks
Russia Steps in as Trump Cuts Pakistan Military Training Program
Three Chinese Among Five Wounded in Balochistan Suicide Attack
Say What? Language Hurdles Plague Two Koreas After Years of Division
North Korea Slams UN Chief Over Call for Nuclear Disarming
Red Cross Warns of Food Crisis in North Korea as Crops Fail in Heat
UN Says It Has Credible Reports That China Holds Million Uighurs in Secret Camps
China Says Pacific Aid Has No Political Strings
No One Can 'Obliterate' Taiwan's Existence, President Says on Departure for US
Pentagon to Spend Nearly $5m on Marine Corps Mission in the Philippines
Search Underway for Marine Who Went Overboard Near the Philippines
Russia, Iran, and Three Others Agree Caspian Status, but Not Borders
Egypt Says 12 'Terrorists' Killed in Sinai Shootout
Egypt Arrests Seven Alleged Militants Tied to Failed Church Bombing
Court Jails Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader for Life
Cameroon Probes Video Showing Security Forces Apparently Executing Civilians
Suspected Jihadis Kill Six in East Burkina Faso
Six Killed in Democratic Republic of Congo Rebel Attack
'Attacks' Plot Foiled on Eve of Crucial Mali Vote
Ethiopian Rebels Declare Ceasefire Amid Government Reforms
Protesting Nigerian Troops Fire Into Air at Northeastern Airport
Zimbabwe's Chamisa Challenges Election Result; Inauguration Halted
Venezuela's Maduro Says Would Take FBI Help Over 'Murder Plot'
Venezuela Asks Interpol to Arrest Opposition Figure in Colombia
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