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Updated August 15, 2018 - 10:52 PM EDT
Taliban Overrun Another Base, Killing 45 Troops
  Suicide Bombing Kills 48 Students in Afghan Capital
  Afghans See Govt's Loss in Ghazni as Failure of Ghani Govt
  Fighting Rages in Ghazni, Afghans Claim Most of City Recovered
Trump to Ignore Multiple NDAA Provisions
  Plans to Memorialize a War Without End
Battle Between Yemen Pro-Govt Factions Kills 18
  Saudi-UAE Air Raids Target Civilians in Yemen's Hodeida Province
  US Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen
Russia Regrets US Suspending Open Skies Treaty
  US 'Suspicious' of Russian Space Weapons
US Sanctions on Iran Hitting Ordinary Iraqis Hard
Niger Suppresses Dissent as US Leads Influx of Armies
Trump Wants to See a Gaza Ceasefire 'With or Without PA'
item Plans to Memorialize War Without End  by Lucy Steigerwald & Jerrod Laber
item How Solidarity Boats to Gaza Succeed Despite Failing  by Ramzy Baroud
item I Don't Remember Voting for US Bombs to Murder Little Kids in Yemen, Do You?  by Will Bunch
item US Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen  by Kathy Kelly
item Laundering a Massacre by Labeling It a 'Clash'  by Adam Johnson
item When Is the US Responsible for Allies' Civilian Casualties?  by Jared Keller

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The Internet Crowdfunding the Release of 4,358 Secret CIA Mind Control Documents
Here's a List of New Military Weapons and Equipment in the 2019 Defense Bill
Boy, 11, Hacks Into Replica US Vote Website in Minutes
Afghan Taliban Considering Eid Holiday Ceasefire
UN Estimates 2.3 Million People Have Fled Venezuela
Bombers Return to Sadr City; Five Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Reduce Visa Charges for Iranian Pilgrims
Turkey Hopes to Find Solution on Syria's Idlib With Russia
Clues but No Answers in One of Syria War's Biggest Mysteries
Lebanon Rejects UN Stance, Says Syrians Should Return
Yemen Says Waiting for Peace Talks Invite
Roadside Bomb in Yemen's Aden Targets Provincial Governor's Convoy
Yemen's Ancient Architecture Threatened by War
Elizabeth Warren Demands in Letter That US Military Explain Its Role in Yemen Bombings
Trump Restricts Delivery of F-35s to Turkey, Deepening Rift With NATO Ally
Erdogan Says Turkey to Boycott US Electronic Goods
US Official Warns of More Actions Against Turkey if Pastor Not Freed
Greek PM Welcomes Release of Soldiers by Turkey
Russia's Lavrov, in Turkey, Calls US Sanctions Policy Illegitimate
Lebanon Says Israeli Smoke Bombs Wound Two Troops, Spark Fire
Mali President Claims Election Victory Amid Fraud Accusations
EU Observers Saw Irregularities but No Fraud During Mali Vote
Ethiopia: Security Forces Kill 37, Wounded 44 in East Hararghe, Oromia Region
Sudanese Hit by Bread Shortages as Currency Crunch Escalates
Jihadist Conflict in Cameroon Diminishing, Says Thinktank
Israel Normalizing War Crimes in Gaza
American Jewish Organizations Slam Israel Over Detention of Peter Beinart
Israel Says Commercial Goods Traffic to Gaza to Resume if Calm Holds
Radioactive Sheep Said to Prove Israel Conducted Illegal Nuclear Test
Key Netanyahu Partner Slams Moves for Truce With Hamas
Palestinians Wary as UN May Not Open Schools in Time
Israel Is 'Becoming a Full-Blown Police State,' Reza Aslan Says After Interrogation at Border
China Angered at New US Defense Act, to Assess Content
US Denies China Policy Change After Taiwan Leader Speech in Los Angeles
Afghanistan: Ghazni Residents Assess the Damage as Crisis Ends
Duterte: China Should Temper Its Behavior in Disputed Waters
Search-and-Rescue Mission for Missing Overboard Marine Ends
A Half-Century After Being Uprooted for a Remote US Naval Base, These Islanders Are Still Fighting to Return
Ruble Slump Hits Russians' Wallets, Not Their Support for Putin
Bosnian Serbs Vote to Overturn Srebrenica Massacre Report
Kosovo President Says Wants to 'Correct' Border With Serbia
London Car Ramming Treated as Terror Incident, Police Say; Suspect in Custody
Venezuela Says Two Military Officials Arrested Over Drone Blasts
Ex-Colombia Spy Boss Convicted in Satirist's 1999 Killing
Ex-Dictatorship Police Agents Sentenced in Chile
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