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Updated August 23, 2018 - 11:14 PM EDT
Saudi Airstrike Kills 31 Yemenis, Mostly Children
Senate Blocks Vote on Defunding Yemen War
US Intends to Drive Iran Oil Exports to Zero
  Bolton: Sanctions on Iran More Effective Than Expected
  Experts Say Iran's New Fighter Jet Actually a US Plane From 1970s
Netanyahu Angers Settlers by Only Advancing 1,400 Homes
  Trump: Israel Will 'Pay a Higher Price' for Jerusalem Embassy
  Israeli Central Bank Slams Netanyahu's Plan to Hike Military Spending
NATO Says Don't Compare Forces to Russian Deployments
Afghanistan, US Spurn Russia's Taliban Peace Talks
FB Kills 'Inauthentic' Accounts – US Propaganda Lives
item Reordering Power in Europe: The Putin-Merkel Meeting  by Gilbert Doctorow
item How America's Wars Have Created Piles of Debt (and Little Strategic Benefit)  by Jacob Heilbrunn
item On Iran, Is It Trump Versus His Own Neocons?  by Trita Parsi
item The New Cold War Flops  by Justin Raimondo
item Don't Let Erik Prince Anywhere Near the War in Afghanistan  by Jared Keller
item Will the Real John Brennan Please Stand Up?  by Philip Giraldi

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ISIS Chief, in Rare Speech, Urges Followers to Fight On
Syria's al-Qaeda Leader Vows to Fight on in Rebel Province
Lithuania Says Will Not Appeal European Court Ruling Over CIA Jail
F-35 Landing Gear Collapses After In-Flight Emergency
Airstrikes Against ISIS; Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Maliki Seeks Long-Shot Political Comeback by Courting Kurds
Trump Adviser Bolton Says Russia 'Stuck' in Syria, Iran Must Leave
Bolton Defends Israeli Strikes in Syria Against Iranian Targets
US Not Discussing Recognition of Israel's Golan Hold: Bolton
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia 'Seeks Death Penalty' for Female Activist
Saudi Arabia's Aramco Listing Plan Halted, Oil Giant Disbands Advisors
Saudi Arabia 'Detains' Mecca Imam Who 'Challenged Mixed Gatherings'
Middle East
UN Warns of a Possible New Cholera Epidemic in Yemen
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says Will Raise Defensive Capabilities
Attackers Stationed Near Afghan Presidential Palace 'Three Days Ahead of Attack'
US to Bring Back Khalilzad as Special Afghanistan Envoy
Emotional Farewells as North and South Koreans Part for Last Time
Vietnam Jails Two Vietnamese-Americans for 14 Years Over Bomb Attacks
Taiwan's Last Africa Ally Tells China 'No Desire' to Switch Ties
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Armed Groups Present Peace Demands to AU Panel
New Book Gives Credence to US Ambassador's Claim That Israel Tried to Assassinate Him in 1980
Palestinians Reject Trump Pledge to Give Them Something 'Very Good'
Fury Over Trump Aid Cuts in Gaza
Only 17% of Democrats Have Favorable View of Netanyahu; 64% of Republicans
Israel Sells Advanced Anti-Tank Spike Missiles to Australian Army
Erdogan Spokesman Says US Disregard for Turkey's Legal Process 'Unacceptable'
Lira Steady After Bolton Says Turkey Made 'Big Mistake' Over Pastor
Britain Urges US, Europe to 'Go Further' in Countering Russia
Putin: Russia Must Strengthen Its Military Infrastructure Due to NATO
Austria Says Shares EU Stance on Russia Despite Putin Visit
ISIS Video Claims to Show Boys Behind Chechnya Attacks
After Trump Attack on Russia Ties, Merkel Eyes Azeri Gas
Germany Detains Man Suspected of Planning Terror Attack
Bosnian Serb Leader Accuses US of Meddling in Elections, Embassy Denies Charge
Bulgarian Government Approves Roadmap to Euro Membership
US Embassy Cuts Hobble Influence in Cuba
Third Brazilian Soldier Dies After Massive Anti-Drug Raid in Rio Slums
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