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Updated August 25, 2018 - 11:14 PM EDT
Trump Tells Pompeo to Cancel North Korea Visit
US Navy Re-Establishes Fleet to Confront Russia
  Bolton: US Sanctions Will Remain Until Russia Changes Its Behavior
  Officials Admit Russian Diplomat Expulsions Ousted US Spies
Trump Slashes $200 Million Palestinian Aid
  180 Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Medics
Yemen: Saudi Coalition Fails to Curb Violations
Rebels Attack Chad Troops Along Libyan Border
US War Plan Option Sought Destruction of China, USSR
Pakistan Denies Pompeo Pressed Action Against Terrorists
item How to Interfere in a Foreign Election  by Stephen Kinzer
item What 15 Years of US Occupation Has Produced: Angry iraqis  by Reese Erlich
item Why Yemen Suffers in Silence  by Eric Schewe
item Did Sheldon Adelson Just Capture the GOP?  by Eli Clifton

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Trump Accuses Social Media Firms of 'Silencing Millions'
US Muslim Woman Given Humiliating Screening at Airport by TSA Officials
ISIS Playing the Stock Market to Raise Cash: Russia
Canada in Diplomatic Talks With Saudi Arabia
New CentCom Commander Selected to Replace Votel
New ISIS Operation in Mosul; 14 Killed in Iraq
Turkey Says Military Solution for Syria's Idlib Would Be a Disaster
Netanyahu on Trump's Peace Plan: 'I Don't See Any Urgency on This Matter'
Support for Israel Increasingly Seen as a Liability as US Democrats Move to the Left
Palestinian Journalist Freed, Banned From Working for Two Months: Family
Shin Bet Holds German Citizen at Israeli Border: Your Blood Isn't German, It's Palestinian
Iran Says Some OPEC Members Act in Accordance With US Policy
ISIS Terrorist Attack Kills Seven in West Libya
Ethnic Unrest Tarnishes New Ethiopian Leader's Reforms
Egypt Orders Detention of Ex-Diplomat, Opposition Figures
Top Zimbabwe Court Confirms Mnangagwa's Presidential Election Victory
Missing Tanker Docks in Togo After Suspected Hijacking
Rights of Detained Ugandan Lawmaker 'Blatantly Violated' Says Report
DRC: Doctor Stricken With Ebola in Rebel Stronghold
Mexico's Lopez Obrador Says Military to Keep Crime-Fighting Role
Mexico's President-Elect Thanks Trump for Being Respectful
Americans Still Dying
Spokane (WA) Soldier With Ties to Arizona Killed in Iraq Crash
New Hampshire Seacoast Town Struggles With Death of Local Marine Lost at Sea
Ukraine Has Made Progress in Efforts to Join NATO: Trump Adviser
Trump Adviser Says Ukraine Should Mull Alternatives to Russian Gas
US Sanctions on Russia Tied to UK Attack to Take Effect Monday
Leader of Russia's Chechnya Pledges to Ban Rights Activists
German Military Turns to Under 18s to Boost Recruitment
Unidentified Helicopters Support Militants in Afghanistan: Russia
Operations to Continue in Helmand if Taliban Rejects Ceasefire
Afghan Peace Activists Arrive in Baghlan as Their Journey Continues
Student Activists Disappear in Southern China After Police Raid
India, China Agree to Expand Military Ties After Defense Talks
US Senator Plans Measure to Help Taiwan Keep Its Allies
Amid Praise for Trump, North Korea Doubles Down on Criticism of Japan
US Imposes Sanctions on Three ISIS Recruiters
Scott Morrison Is New Australian PM as Malcolm Turnbull Ousted
Weekend Reviews
New Book Gives Credence to US Ambassador's Claim That Israel Tried to Assassinate Him in 1980
The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story
New Book on 2011 Egyptian Uprising Shows How Israel Helped Thwart Democracy
Book Review: The Russian Peace Threat by Ron Ridenour
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