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Updated August 27, 2018 - 11:28 PM EDT
Yemen: Saudi Investigators Cover Up War Crimes
  US Bombs Are Killing Children in Yemen. Does Anybody Care?
  Donald Trump's Moral Atrocity in Yemen
NK Blasts 'Double-Dealing' US After Trip Canceled
  China Slams Trump's 'Irresponsible' North Korea Claims
Afghan President Backtracks on Ousting Security Officials
  Report: US Strike Kills ISIS Leader in Afghanistan
John McCain and the Warrior Spirit in US Foreign Policy
Russia: UK's Black Sea Air Force Interceptions Dangerous
Trump to UN: Revoke 90% of Palestinians' Refugee Status
Russia Says UK Planning 'False Flag' Chem Attack in Syria
item Unity for Assange's Plight Is Necessary for Democracy  by Nozomi Hayase
item Defining Anti-Semitism, Threatening Free Speech  by Sheldon Richman
item Goodbye to All That: A Private Investigator on Living in a Surveillance Culture  by Judith Coburn
item John McCain and the Warrior Spirit in American Foreign Policy  by Justin Raimondo
item Donald Trump's Moral Atrocity in Yemen  by Cory Massimino
item US Bombs Are Killing Children in Yemen. Does Anybody Care?  by Moustafa Bayoumi

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Future War Will Result in Destruction 'Beyond Our Comprehension': US General
What I Learned by Studying Militarized Policing
Vietnam Demands Monsanto Pays Compensation for Agent Orange Victims
'Way Too Short': 93-Year-Old Meets N. Korean Brother
Egypt Govt Fears 'Another Arab Spring'
Big Tech Banning Iranian Social Media Accounts
Basra MPs Threaten to Delay New Government; 27 Killed in Iraq
Last Rebel Stronghold in Syria's Idlib to Be Recaptured: Defense Minister
'We're Down to the Last Few Villages': British Air Campaign in Syria Faces New Phase
White Helmets Return to Afrin to Mixed Reception
ISIS Holding 27 Syrians, Including Children, Hostage: HRW
16,000 Syrians Return Home From Lebanon in 1 Month
Iran's Defense Minister Meets Assad, Syrian Counterpart in Damascus
Iran Says 'No Third Party' Will Limit Its Support to Syria
Senior US Diplomat Visits Kurdish-Held Territory in Syria
Erdogan Calls for Turks to Unite Against 'Attacks on Economy'
Istanbul Police Break Up Landmark Turkish Mothers' Protest
'Casualties Don't Matter' – 22 Weeks of Gaza Protests Amid Truce Talks
Trump Taking Palestinian Right of Return 'Off the Table,' Report Claims
Israel to Reopen Erez Border Crossing With Gaza: Minister
Palestinians See Aid Cut as Latest US Move to 'Liquidate' Their Cause
Police Arrest Seven in Israeli Druze Town After Being Attacked by Mob
Left-Wing Activists Injured in Reported Assault by Settlers in Israel
Mounting US Economic Pressure on Palestinians Could Re-Ignite Israel-Gaza Violence
The Palestinian Flag: Striking a Nerve and Possibly Struck Down
Arab MPs and Palestinians Jointly Seek to Censure Israel at UN
Trump Takes Aim at Venezuela Oil: US Gas Prices Could Rise
Colombia Anti-Corruption Referendum Comes Up Shy on Votes
Yemen Military Seize Strategic Mountain Range Near Taez
Pro-Govt Forces Shoot Down Houthi Drone in Central Yemen
Yemen's Houthis Say They Fire Two Missiles at Saudi Arabia
Yemeni Explosives Expert Killed While Defusing Bomb in Aden
German Foreign Minister in Hot Water Over Effort to Bypass Iran Sanctions
America Is Waging 'Psychological War' Against Iran: Foreign Minister
Zarif: Iran Awaiting European Guarantees on Oil Sales, Banking
British-Iranian Aid Worker Returns to Jail After Temporary Release: Husband
Pilot Killed in Iran F-5 Fighter Jet Crash
Philippine President Says Buying US F-16 Jets 'Utterly Useless'
Duterte Tells Military to Destroy ISIS Terrorists
Afghanistan: Suicide Attack in Jalalabad Claims Seven Lives
One Dead in Nepal Rally Demanding Action Over Teen's Rape, Murder
Sri Lanka Mass Grave: Dozens of Skeletons Found in Mannar
Jailed Ex-Cambodian Opposition Lawmaker Pardoned by King
Russia Calls UK's Black Sea Air Force Interceptions Dangerous
German Town Evacuated Over WW2 Bomb
Western Balkans Leaders Meeting on EU, Regional Cooperation
Egypt Officials Say Four Police, Four Militants Killed in Sinai
ISIS Claims Deadly Libya Checkpoint Attack
Ethiopia's New PM Vows to Continue Reforms 'At Any Cost'
Zimbabwe Opposition Rejects Ruling and 'False' Inauguration
Opposition Leader Bemba Banned From Running for President of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Justin Raimondo
John McCain and the Warrior Spirit in American Foreign Policy

Sheldon Richman
Defining Anti-Semitism, Threatening Free Speech

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The Fraudulent Mexican-American War (1846-48)

Lucy Steigerwald
Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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The Three Landmines That Could Kill the Korea Deal

David R. Henderson
War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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