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Updated August 30, 2018 - 11:14 PM EDT
Trump: No Need to Resume US-SK Wargames
  Korea, Fake News, and What's Really Going on
Saudis Slam UN Report on Yemen War Crimes
  US General Urges Saudis to Be More Transparent About Bus Airstrike
Syria Preparing Offensive on Rebel-Held Idlib
  Airwars July 2018 Report: Civilians Killed by US Coalition Rises 39%
Afghan Official Blames Pakistan Military for Ghazni Attack
  US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Highest This Decade
  Pentagon Doesn't Expect Endless, Large-Scale Afghanistan Mission
Trump Reverses Plans to Cut Billions in Foreign Aid
Khamenei Doubts EU Can Save Deal or Iran's Economy
Clashes in Libyan Capital Raise Concerns About Stability
item Treasury Sanctions Foreigners for Israel  by Grant Smith
item America Needs the Muhammad Ali Doctrine  by Stephen M. Walt
item CIA and Saudi Arabia Conspired to Keep 9/11 Details Secret: New Book  by Jeff Stein
item Korea, Fake News, and What's Really Going on  by Justin Raimondo
item John McCain Loved the Military Too Much  by Doug Bandow
item US Drone Policy Goes From Bad to Worse  by Laurie Calhoun

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The Neoconservative Comeback
by Lawrence Wilkerson
US Soldier Pleads Guilty to Trying to Help ISIS
Trump Unblocks More Twitter Users After US Court Ruling
Trump Personally Lobbying GOP Senators to Flip on Sessions
French, UK Boats Clash in 'Scallop War'
US Air Strike in Somalia Kills Three Al Shabaab Militants
ISIS Bomber Attacks Checkpoint Near Syrian Border; 30 Killed in Iraq
11 Killed in Anbar Province Suicide Bombing

ISIS Claims Responsibility for West Iraq Car Bomb

US State Dept. Spokeswoman Says Report of Damascus Meeting Does Not Reflect Reality
Israel Threatens 'Strong' Action Against Iranian Forces in Syria
Two Killed, 18 Wounded in Explosion in Syria's Afrin
Russia Says Militants in Syria's Idlib Province Need Liquidating
Iran Accuses Washington of Bullying Even US Allies
Iran Warns Foreign Forces in the Gulf to Follow International Laws
US-Imposed Sanctions on Iranian Oil Industry Will 'Cripple' Iran's Economy, Report Says
Middle East
Officials: Al-Qaeda Attack on Yemen Checkpoint Kills Five
Erdogan's 'Long Arm': The Turkish Nationals 'Kidnapped' From Europe
Islamist Militia Leader Emerges to Stir Up Libya Conflict
Hundreds of Migrants Trapped in Detention Centers in Libyan Capital After Clashes
Egypt Says 20 Suspected Militants Killed in W. Desert, Sinai
As Nigeria Elections Loom, Refugees Ordered Back to Unsafe Region
Russia, Sudan Foster Deal Among Central African Republic Militia
Cameroon Cocoa Exporters, Farmers Flee Separatist Crisis in Anglophone Region
UN Accuses Nicaragua Govt of Widespread Rights Violations
Tensions Rise in Catalonia Over Pro-Independence Yellow Ribbons
Hamas Leader: We'll Fire Hundreds of Rockets at Central Israel if Talks Fail
Israeli Travel Ban on Gaza Patients Quashed by Court
Israeli Court: A West Bank Outpost Can Be Legalized if Land Was Seized in Good Faith
Netanyahu Warns Israel's Enemies at Nuclear Centers Ceremony
China Denies Planning Military Base in Afghanistan
The Heart-Wrenching Tale of Afghans in Ghazni
Taliban Shadow District Governor Killed in Kapisa Airstrike
India Not Guaranteed US Sanctions Waiver for Russian Missiles: Official
As Outrage Grows, India's Top Court Places Rights Activists Under House Arrest
Trump Says He Thinks US Is Doing Well With North Korea
Detente Revives North Korean Leader's Bullet Train Dreams
Myanmar Rejects 'False Allegations' in UN Genocide Report
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Won't Be Stripped of Nobel Peace Prize: Committee
US Senate Leader Says Myanmar Leader Cannot Be Blamed for Atrocities
Bomb at Philippines Street Festival Kills 2, Wounds 37
Four Policemen Killed in Kashmir
German Finance Minister Urges European Defense Mergers
Germany, Seeking Independence From US, Pushes Cyber Security Research
Germany Creates DARPA-Like Cybersecurity Agency
Germany Removes Golden Statue of Turkey's Erdogan After Protests
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Korea, Fake News, and What's Really Going On

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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