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Updated September 3, 2018 - 8:32 PM EDT
Saudi Coalition Admits Bombing Bus 'Unjustified'
Idlib, Syria Civilians Brace for Massive Fighting
  Damascus Airbase Blasts 'Caused by Electrical Fault,' Not Isreali Strikes
Sadr-Led Iraqi Parties Set to Form Government
  Iraq, Iran Dismiss Media Reports of Missiles Being Moved
Pentagon May Pull Commandos Out of Niger
  Video: More Atrocities by Cameroon, Key US Ally in Drone War
Pentagon Cancels $300 Million in Pakistan Aid
US Ready to Expand Arms Supplies to Ukraine
New Commander Arrives in Afghanistan With Peace Distant
item Centrist Think Tanks Ponder Populism's Rise, but Hesitate to Change  by Gareth Porter
item Burma's Crimes Go Unpunished  by Eric Margolis
item Time to Send Home America's War Booty From the Philippines  by Doug Bandow
item Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism: The Invidious Conflation  by Sheldon Richman
item Creating the Conditions for War  by Tyler Cullis
item Preventing Nuclear War: A National Campaign Emerges  by Robert Dodge

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Resilient Photos of Cities That Recovered From War
Ukraine: Tens of Thousands Mourn Rebel Leader
US, Russia Block Formal Talks on Whether to Ban 'Killer Robots'
John Kerry's Details His Relationship With Netanyahu
Clean Water Protests Resume; Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraq Hosts Military Chiefs From Iran, Russia, and Syria
Dutch Former Defense Minister Appointed UN Iraq Envoy
Drought Puts Iraq at Risk of Jihadist Resurgence: Study
Iraq Oil Exports Hit 2018 Peak in August
War Monitor Says Blasts in Syria Airport Killed Two
Syria Fire Kills Pregnant Woman, Daughter in Syria's Idlib: Monitor
Deadly Car Bomb Attack Hits Rebel-Held Azaz
Long Reach of US Sanctions Hits Syria Reconstruction
Khamenei Says War Unlikely but Urges Boosting Iran's Defenses
Iran Arrests Dozens of Spies Working in Government Bodies
Four Militants Killed in Clashes With Iran's Security Forces
Iran's Persian Carpet Industry Fears Being Shredded by New US Sanctions
Protests Over Yemen's Weakening Currency Paralyze Aden
Yemen's Rebels Say They Targeted Saudi Ship
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Launch Missile, Drone Strikes on Saudi Border City
Turkey Calls US 'Wild Wolves', Vows to Abandon Dollar in Trade
Turkey Calls for a New Chapter in Relations With Greece
Erdogan Urges Kyrgyzstan to Shut Down Gulen Network
Israel Tells West Bank Bedouin: First Sign a Voluntary Eviction, Then We'll See if the New Location Stinks
Netanyahu's Credo, 'Weak Are Slaughtered, Strong Survive,' Echoes Hitler
Abbas Says Was Asked to Form Confederation With Jordan
Marco Rubio: US Military Intervention Could Solve Venezuelan Crisis
Rows, Resignations Underscore Afghanistan's Security Crisis
Four Taliban Killed in Foreign Forces Airstrike
Contracted Helicopter Crashes at Afghan Army Base
North Korea
North Korea Preparing Toned-Down Military Parade: Analysts
Hope and Caution in North Korea as Kim Jong UN Shifts Gears
Bomb Kills One and Injures 15 in Cafe in Southern Philippines
Philippines' Duterte Eyes Arms Deals on Israel Trip
Chinese Paper Blames West for Encouraging Xinjiang Extremists
The Only Thing That Might Kill a New F-22 Fighter for Japan
Rockets Pummel Libya's Tripoli as Rival Militias Clash
Libya Imposes State of Emergency in Tripoli
Some 400 Prisoners Escape Prison in Tripoli Chaos
Egypt President Approves Law Clamping Down on Social Media
Coptic Diocese Says Group Attacked Christian Homes in Egypt
Boko Haram Kills at Least 30 Nigerian Soldiers: Military Sources
Al Shabaab Car Bomb Kills at Least Six in Central Mogadishu
Chad Forces Bombard Rebel Positions on Libyan Border
Arms Industry Spends Millions to Promote Brands in UK Schools
Brexit Could Sway Scottish Voters Toward Independence From UK: Poll
Amsterdam Stabbing Suspect Had 'Terrorist' Motive, Officials Say
Norway Police Probe Disappearance of WikiLeaks Associate
Thousands in Moldova Rally, Call to Reunite With Romania
US General Takes NATO Afghan Command
18 Injured in German Rival Protests Over Migrants
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