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Updated September 10, 2018 - 11:08 PM EDT
Pentagon Misleads Americans on the Afghan War
  Taliban Attacks Kill 57 Troops Across Afghanistan
Trump: US Will Get Angry if Syria Attacks Civilians
  Clashes Between Kurds and Syrian Army Troops Leave 18 Dead
  US Military Drawing Up Options Should Syria Use Chemical Weapons
Yemen Talks Fail After Saudis Stop Houthi From Attending
  Strikes, Clashes Kill 84 Around Yemen Port Since Talks Collapsed
Trump Officials Met Venezuela Military 'Coup Plotters'
CIA Drone Flights Continue to Rise in Africa
Trump Salutes Kim for NK Parade Without Nuclear Missiles
item Trump, Spinoza, and the Palestinian Refugees  by Sheldon Richman
item Pompeo's Five Hours in Islamabad  by Zubeida Mustafa
item How Undoing of Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin's Friendship Changed Their Countries  by Masha Gessen
item The Seditionists
 by Justin Raimondo
item Psychologists Say No to Torture  by Rebecca Gordon
item US Govt Called Idlib 'al-Qaeda's Largest Safe Haven,' Now They Are Trying to Save It  by Whitney Webb

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Senate, House Measures Urge Release of 9/11 Documents
Video of 16-Year-Old Gazan Shot to Death by Israeli Soldiers Waving His Hands
State Senator Says Britain's MI6 Is Planning a Fake Chemical Attack on Syria
Trump Ups Ante on China, Threatens Duties on Nearly All Its Imports
Iraq Parliament Speaker Claims Assassination Attempt; 21 Killed or Found in Mass Grave
Rockets Fired at Basra Airport as Violent Protests Grip Iraq
Iraqi Temporary Parliament Speaker Says Attacked in Baghdad
Iraq Rejects Bombardment on Kurdish Iranian Opposition in Northern Iraq
Two Hospitals Reopen in War-Damaged Iraqi City Mosul
US Embassy in Iraq Restricts Employee Movement During Shi'ite Ashura Ritual
Russia Says US Dropped Phosphorus Bombs Over Syria, Which Pentagon Denies
Bombings and Air Raids Kill Four in Syria's Rebel-Held Idlib
Pentagon Chief Mattis Holds Talks in UAE After Yemen Warning
Yemen: New Protests Held Over Shattered Economy
Saudi King's Brother 'Considers Exile' After Yemen War Criticism
Rouhani: US Asks Iran for New Talks 'Every Day'
Khamenei Urges Iran's Military to 'Scare Off' Enemy
Iran Says Develops More Precise S-300 Missile Systems
Iran Executes Three Kurdish Prisoners Accused of Militant Attacks
IDF to Probe Deaths of 2 Gaza Teens
Palestinians Reject Trump Bid to Force Talks Through Aid Cut
Israel Bars Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi and Family From Traveling Abroad
In Fresh Blow to Palestinians, US to Slash Aid for East Jerusalem Hospitals
Israeli Rights Group Asks EU to Prevent Razing of West Bank Bedouin Village
Paraguay Was Disappointed With Israel's Behavior
The High Cost of Keeping Gaza Under Siege
Right-Wing Activists Defame Military Advocate General After Stopping the Demolition of a Home in West Bank
US Cancels Security Meeting With Central American Countries, El Salvador Says
Leader of Colombia Rebel Dissident Group Killed, President Says
Stabbed Brazilian Presidential Candidate Stable, in Therapy
Here's the Blueprint for Erik Prince's $5 Billion Plan to Privatize the Afghanistan War
Furious Kabul Residents Slam Govt Over Massoud Day Mayhem
Govt Divides Kabul Into Four Security Zones
At Least Seven Killed in Blast Near Procession in Afghan Capital
US Recalls Diplomats in El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic Over Taiwan
China Engages in Australia's Largest Maritime Drill for First Time
Kim Jong UN Tells Chinese Envoy North Korea Is Upholding US Nuclear Deal
Three More ISIS-Linked Terrorists Killed in Mindanao
Pakistan PM: Afghan Refugees 'Will Not Be Forced to Return'
Egypt Sentences 75 to Death, Hundreds to Jail Over 2013 Sit-In
US to Release $1.2 Billion in Military Aid to Egypt
Egypt to Free Lebanese Tourist Sentenced to Eight Years for Insulting Country
Armed Groups Agree to Maintain Tripoli Ceasefire: UN
Sudan's Al-Bashir Sacks Entire Cabinet in Bid to Fix Economy
Dos Santos Steps Down as Leader of Angola's Ruling Party
In Burkina Faso, the Terrorist Threat Is Spreading to the East
Boko Haram Overruns Key Crossroads and Military Outpost in Northern Nigeria
Uganda Warns Against Interference as Pressure Mounts on US to Cut Military Support
'We Are Not Dupes': France Takes Step Away From US With Fighter Program
France, UK Strengthen Military Relations – but Future Fighter Jet Cooperation 'Not Yet There'
Catalan Leader Urges Show of Strength to Clinch Independence
Russian Police Detain Hundreds Protesting Against Pension Reform
Serbia's President Says He Is Committed to Compromise With Kosovo
The War at Home
US Army Close to Greenlighting Extra Lethal Stinger Missiles
DARPA: It's Now Possible to Telepathically Communicate With a Drone Swarm
Crew of Crashed Black Hawk Became Disoriented, Army Report Says
Long-Running Sewage Spill Discovered at Naval Base Kitsap
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Trump, Spinoza, and the Palestinian Refugees

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