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Updated September 12, 2018 - 11:15 PM EDT
Bomber Kills 68 at East Afghanistan Protest
  Taliban Prepares Delegation for New Peace Talks With US
  US Threatens Int'l Court Over Afghan War Crimes Investigations
US Hostility Unites Rivals China and Russia
  Trump Will Order Sanctions on Anyone Meddling in US Elections
Haley Threatens Iran, Russia Over Syria Offensive
  Syria Offensive Risks 'Scattering Terrorists' Abroad: French FM
  US-Backed Forces Launch Major Battle Against ISIS in Syria
Palestinians May Cut Ties With US After PLO Office Closed
Iran Takes Iraqi Kurdistan Mount After Fighting Separatists
'Mistakes' in Maria Butina Charges, but Judge Refuses Bail
item 'Maverick' Media Use McCain Funeral to Shore Up Imperialism  by Gregory Shupak
item The Anonymous Anti-Trump Op-Ed Inadvertently Exposes Real Danger  by Thomas Knapp
item Target Syria: Will a New War Be the October Surprise?  by Philip Giraldi
item Bombing Yemeni Children for Profit  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item This 9/11, End the Afghanistan War  by Barry R. Posen
item US Funding of Ugandan Military Aids in Citizens' Repression  by Yasin Kakande

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Int'l Court 'Undeterred' by Trump, Bolton Threats
State Dept. Official Predicts US Arms Sales Up in 2019
After Trump Pledges $1 Billion in Aid, Egypt Jails US Citizen to Prison for Protest
Catalonia Crisis Could Flare Again, With Political and Economic Fallout
Tensions With Iran Continue; Six Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Gear Up for Elections Hoping to End Turmoil
Water Shortages to Cut Iraq's Irrigated Wheat Area by Half
Iraqi Football Club Quits Algeria Game After 'Sectarian' Chants
US: Turkish Troops Will Not Enter Manbij
As Idlib Offensive Looms, Syrians Flee to Border Villages
Iran Demands Iraq Hand Over Kurdish Dissidents, Close Bases
Iran Resorts to Floating Storage for Its Oil as Buyers Retreat
US Issues Fresh Warning to Airlines About Using Iran Airspace
Iranian Top Commander Says US Incites Kurds to Assault Iran
Russia Says It Is Important to Create Conditions to Continue Iranian Oil Exports
Palestinians File War Crimes Claim at ICC Over Slated Razing of West Bank Hamlet
Netanyahu Says US 'Made Right Decision' by Shuttering PLO Mission in DC
Arabs Vow to Mobilize Funds for Pro-Palestinian Agency After US Aid Cut
Protesters Arrive at Bedouin Village as Israeli Demolition Looms
Palestinian Arrested for Impersonating American Jew
Austrian Journalist and Activist Arrested in Turkey
Brazil: Lula Renounces Candidacy Ahead of Presidential Poll
Peru Court Gives Ex-Rebel Leader Life Sentence for Car Bomb
Mattis Says Afghan Forces Increasing Vetting to Avoid Insider Attacks
Hekmatyar Accuses Afghan Govt of Destabilizing Areas Ahead of Polls
North Korea
Lindsey Graham Urged Trump to Support Assassinating Kim Jong Un, Woodward Book Says
First Two US Troops From North Korean Remains Identified
DoD Asks Pakistani Military to Step Up Counterterrorism Attacks on Jihadists
China Installing QR Codes on Uighur Muslim Homes as Part of Mass Security Crackdown
Hungary Signed EU Treaties, Must Observe EU Laws: Commission
Hungary's Orban Vows to Defy EU Pressure Ahead of Unprecedented Vote
US Defense Chief to Visit Macedonia, Concerned About Russian 'Mischief'
Putin Ally Challenges Critic Navalny to Duel
Kosovo Hopes for a Deal With Serbia by Spring
US Slaps Sanctions on Bosnian Serb MP Over Graft, Abuse of Office
Rockets Fired Toward Airport in Libya's Capital
ISIS Claims Libyan Oil Headquarters Attack
Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Opens for First Time in 20 Years
South Africa 'Close to War Zone' With 57 Murders a Day: Minister
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