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Updated September 19, 2018 - 11:24 PM EDT
Made in USA: Bombs Used on Yemeni Civilians
  Eighteen Fishermen Killed Off Yemen's Red Sea Coast
Moon: N. Korea Agrees to Allow Nuke Inspections
  SK President Greeted in North With Calls for Peace, Reunification
Idlib Deal Fate Rests on What al-Qaeda Does Next
  DM: Israeli Warplanes Caused Shoot-Down of Russian Plane in Syria
  Putin: Israeli Air Raid a Breach of Syria's Sovereignty
Researchers Find Israeli Spyware Around Globe
  Israel Says It Is Entitled To Violate Sovereignty of Foreign Countries
Poland Offers US $2 Billion to Establish Permanent Base
item Two Cheers for Trump's Declassification Order  by Thomas Knapp
item DoJ's Secret Rules for Targeting Journalists With FISA Court Orders  by Trevor Timm
item Post Columnist and Trump Admin. Team Up on Iran Regime Change  by Ben Armbruster
item The American War in Yemen  by Rajan Menon
item Assad Has Won and America Must Go  by Gil Barndollar
item No, UN Did Not Report China Has 'Massive Internment Camps' for Uighurs  by Ben Norton & Ajit Singh

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Congress Members Demand Trump Seek Approval Before Military Action in Syria
Trump Plans UN Meeting to Ramp Up Global Drug War
GOP Congressman Calls Syria's Assad ' Butcher of Baghdad' in Geography Fail
Will World War III Be Fought by Robots?
Roadside Bombs Target Buses; 18 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Shi'ite Paramilitary Leader Al-Amiri Withdraws Candidacy for PM
Syrian Government Welcomes Idlib Deal, Will 'Liberate' Whole Country: State Media
Syria's Idlib Spared Attack, Turkey to Send in More Troops
Fate of Jihadists Will Make or Break Idlib Peace Plan
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Shrapnel in Yemen Strikes Links US-Made Bombs to 63 Civilian Deaths
Fuel Crisis Turns Yemeni Capital Into Ghost Town Amid Escalating War in Hodeidah
Mosque, Properties Damaged in Missile Attack on Saudi Arabia Southwestern Border
Israel Kills Six Palestinians in 24 Hours
Two Palestinians Killed in Israeli Air Attack in Gaza
Palestinian Dies After Israeli Forces Beat Him During Home Raid
Israeli Police Shoot Suspected Attacker in Jerusalem
95 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Northern Gaza
Iranians Respond to MEK Troll Farm: #youarebots
Venezuela's Maduro Says Ex-Military Officers Conspiring With US Help
Maduro Says He May Not Attend UN Assembly on Security Worries
Venezuela Doubles Down on Chinese Money to Reverse Crisis
US Military
Sailor Dies in Flight-Deck Mishap Aboard the Carrier George H.W. Bush
T-6 Trainer Crashes in Texas; Pilots Eject, Conditions Unknown
North Korea's Kim Says Summit With Trump Stabilized Region, Sees More Progress
US's Pompeo to Host UN Security Council Meeting on North Korea
Trump Says US-South Korea Trade Deal May Be Signed at UN
Afghan Govt Planning 'Massive Fraud' in Elections: Politicians
Afghanistan Arrests 26 Suspected ISIS Militants Accused of Targeting Shi'ites
As Ashoura Nears in Afghanistan, Shi'ite Neighborhood on Alert After ISIS Attacks
As Iran's Economy Suffers, Afghan Migrants Forced To Go Home
War Crimes Prosecutor Examining Alleged Rohingya Deportations
Democratic Transition in Myanmar 'At Standstill': UN Rights Panel
China to Penalize $60 Billion of US Imports but Reduce Amount of Tariffs It Collects
Amid Loan Talk, Pakistani PM Arrives in Saudi Arabia
UK Judge: Spy Evidence on Dead Russian Should Stay Secret
UK: Couple's Illness in Poisoned-Spy City Is Not Suspicious
Trump Says Poland's Duda to Enhance Military, Intel Relations
Germany Ousts Spymaster Over Far-Right Violence Row
South Sudan Army Burned Civilians Alive, Ran Them Over and Swung Children Into Tree Trunks, Says Amnesty
Militia Fighting in Tripoli Knocks Out Power in Parts of Libya
Italian Priest Kidnapped Overnight Near Niger's Southern Border
Rights Body and UN Say Eritrea Detains Ex-Minister Who Wrote Critical Books
Algeria's Air Force Chief Fired Amid Military Shake-Up
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