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Updated September 20, 2018 - 11:00 PM EDT
Pompeo Lied About Yemen to Protect Arms Sales
  South Yemen Separatists Vow to Continue Offensive on Hodeidah Port
  In Reversal, Germany OKs Sale of Arms to Saudis
  Made in USA: Bombs Used on Yemeni Civilians
Kim Seeks 2nd Trump Summit to Speed Denuke
  Kim, Moon End Summit at Peak of Sacred North Korea Volcano
  North, South Korea to Form Joint Military Committee
Pentagon Races to Empty Coffers by Month's End
Pentagon Hypes Body Counts to Sell Trump on Afghan War
FBI Suspected 'Ramparts' Magazine Was Foreign Agent
item Washington's Endless Sanctions Are Finally Backfiring  by Doug Bandow
item Iraq's Abadi Is Losing His Grip on Power, but It Will Mean Little  by Patrick Cockburn
item Iran's Problems With America Won't End With Trump's Departure  by Shireen T. Hunter
item Has Russia Given Up on the West?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item On Libya: First, Do No Harm  by Yves Engler
item How Arafat Led the Palestinians to Trump's 'Deal of the Century'  by As'ad AbuKhalil

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Iran and Israel Call Each Other Nuclear Threats, Ask UN to Take Action
Iran Dismisses US Offer of Talks, Says Washington Broke Last Deal
Justice Dept IG to Probe DEA Program Linked to Massacres in Mexico
Trump to Address Drugs, Nuclear Weapons in UN Speeches
Anti-ISIS Operations Near Syrian Border; 16 Killed in Iraq
US Sanctions Prevent Iranians From Marking Ashoura in Iraq
Iraqi Ambassador to Iran Summoned for 'Misconduct'
Russia, Turkey Still Working on Idlib Deal but Optimistic: UN
Syrian Kurds Say They Cannot Hold Foreign Jihadists Indefinitely
Tahrir Al-Sham Executes Five Suspected ISIS in W. Aleppo
Netanyahu: Yom Kippur War Shows Importance of Preemptive Strike
Palestinian Killed in Night Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Southern Gaza
At UN, Eight European Countries Urge Israel Not to Demolish Palestinian Village
Palestinians in Jerusalem Likely to Boycott Municipal Elections Despite Arab List on Ballot
Israeli Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Arab MP During Melee Won't Face Charges
Middle East
Saudi-Led Airstrike Hits Houthi Military Base in Yemen's Capital
Turkey Frees Prominent Opposition Lawmaker Berberoglu
Saudi Arabia Bars 600,000 Palestinians From Hajj and Umrah With Passport Ban
Colombia Vacates ELN Peace Negotiator Posts Until Talks Resume
Canadian Mining Company Says Three Killed in Colombia Attack by Former FARC Members
Venezuela Murder Toll Worse Than Some War Zones: Amnesty
Rights Group Accuses Mexican Armed Forces of Unlawful Killings
Guatemala: Thousands Demand President Jimmy Morales Resign
Egypt Court Orders Release of Former President's Sons
More Mass Graves Discovered From Rwanda's Genocide
US Sanctions China for Buying Russia War Planes, Missiles
China Says Booming Tourism Shows All's Good in Restive Xinjiang
China's Xi Says Places High Premium on Pakistan Ties, as Army Chief Visits
Afghanistan: Four ISIS Rebels Dead in Nangarhar Drone Strike
Afghan Shi'ite Muslims Mark Ashura Amid Tight Security
Two Militants Killed in Kashmir Operation
Kashmir: Gunfights Leave a Trail of Destroyed Homes and Rising Anger Against the Indian State
North Korea
Spike in Oil Smuggling Blunts Pressure Campaign on North Korea
Trump Releases First Two Names of US War Dead Handed Over by North Korea
US Military Ready to Recover More War Remains in North Korea but Calls Requests Unreasonable
Pakistan Invites Saudi Arabia to Join China's Belt and Road Corridor
Japanese Companies Plan to Build Moon Colonies
Plight of Jailed Catalans Strains Dialogue With Spain
Spanish Foreign Minister Claims Trump Told Him to Build Wall Across the Sahara Desert to Stop Migrants
Scallop Wars Barely Over as New Accusations From Cornish Fishermen Spark Crab Wars
British and French Planes Scrambled to Shadow Russian Jets
French Court Orders Le Pen to Submit to Psychiatric Evaluation Over Posted Pictures
Ukraine President Sees Risk of Russia Sanctions Softening
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