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Updated September 24, 2018 - 9:57 PM EDT
Iran Blames US, Allies After Deadly Parade Attack
  Separatists Attack Iran Military Parade, Killing 29
  Trump Lawyer Giuliani Says Iran's Govt Will Be Overthrown
US-Led Coalition Has Killed 3,300 Syrian Civilians
  Jihadist Group Rejects Turkey-Russia Deal on Syria's Idlib
US Airstrike Kills 18 in Southern Somalia
China Cancels US Military Talks Over Sanctions
Yemen's Food Might Run Out in Two Months: Charity
Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Talks Halt Amid PA Threats
Alarm Bells Ring Over Afghan Army Casualty Rate
item The Ahvaz Terror Attack in Iran May Drag the US Into a Larger War  by Trita Parsi
item When Conservatives Supported Palestine  by Brandon Jetter
item Meet Yemeni Families Who Survive in the Rubble of Their Former Lives  by Becky Bakr Abdulla
item Demanding Congress Authorize Wars Would Lead to Fewer Wars  Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy
item Let Koreans Settle Their Own Problems  by Eric Margolis
item Lessons From Oslo's Failure  by Mitchell Plitnick

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Nearly 600,000 Children at Risk of Death From Hunger in War Zones
Sexual Assault: Here Are the Bases Where Troops Are Most at Risk
Saudis Plan to Accept Israel as a Brotherly State
Russia, OPEC Rebuff Trump's Call To Boost Oil Output
Two Japanese Rovers Land on Asteroid
Paypal Bans Infowars for 'Promoting Hate'
Fresh Operations Against ISIS; 37 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Appoints New Ambassador to Iran
Iraq Blocks On-Leave Turkish Soldiers Return to Northern Base
Idlib's Demilitarization Deal Poses Serious Risks for Turkey: Analysts
15 Palestinians Wounded as Gaza, Israel Violence Flares: Medics
Gaza Officials Say Palestinian Killed in Overnight Protest
Qatar Offered Israel Deal to Stop Gaza Protests
Israel Sets October Deadline to Evacuate Bedouin Village in West Bank
34 Senate Democrats Urge Trump to Restore Aid to Palestinians
Egypt Officials Arrive in Gaza to Salvage Hamas Truce With Israel, Fatah
Former PM Olmert Met With Palestinian Authority President Abbas in Paris
Pompeo Blasts Russia: 'They Have Not Proven Helpful' Anywhere
Russia Throws Doubt on Joint Lunar Space Station With US
Macedonia President Urges Boycott of Name-Change Referendum
Protesting Against Illegal Land Sales Comes With Potentially Deadly Consequences in Ukraine
Dutch Defense Chief Opens Door for More F-35s
Norway Detains Russian Man Over Suspected Illegal Intel Activities
Cuba's New President Makes First Trip to Old Cold War Foe US
Chinese Medical Vessel Docks in Venezuela
Maya Women's Rights Activist Murdered in Guatemala
Children's Remains Found in Mexican Mass Grave
Chile: 20 Secret Police Jailed for Pinochet-Era Crimes
Tripoli Clashes in Past Month Leave 115 Dead, 383 Injured: Health Ministry
Tripoli's Government Calls for UN's Help as Fighting Continues
UAE Official Denies Iranian Allegations of Links to Military Parade Attackers
ISIS Releases Video Purporting to Show Iran Military Parade Attackers
Russia Tells Iran It's Ready to Boost Fight Against Terrorism After Attack
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Threaten to Avenge Military Parade Attack
South Korea Has Bought No Iranian Crude Oil for About Three Months: Shana
UAE-Backed Yemeni Troops Kill Five al-Qaeda Militants in Raid
Yemeni Pro-Government Forces Retake Military Air Base
Education Official Assassinated by Gunmen in Yemen's Aden
Indian Army Chief Threatens Aggression Against Pakistan
Khan Disappointed by 'Arrogant' India After Talks Cancellation
Pakistan Opposition Leader Shehbaz Slams Indian Army Chief for Bellicose, Irresponsible Remarks
Seven Soldiers, Nine Militants Killed in Clashes in NW Pakistan
Troops Under Siege in Uruzgan Need Urgent Help: Afghan MPs
High Absenteeism Rate of MPs in Afghan's Parliament Questioned
Eight Afghan Children Killed Playing With Unexploded Mortar Shell
China's Digital Dictatorship
China Shuts Thousands of Websites in Clean-Up Campaign
China Summons US Ambassador Over Military Sanctions
China Rejects Reports Pak Minister Discussed Xinjiang Muslims With Envoy
US Says Won't Hesitate to Impose Sanctions Over Fuel to North Korea
Opposition Leader Solih Says He Has Won Maldives Election
Rebel Attack in Congo Ebola Zone Kills 18
US Warns of Sudan Protests Against DW Show 'Shabab Talk'
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