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Updated September 25, 2018 - 9:27 PM EDT
US Threatens War on Iran if 'Interests' Targeted
  EU, Russia, China Unveil System to Circumvent US Sanctions on Iran
  At Anti-Iran Event, Giuliani Says Iran's Govt Will Be Overthrown
US Troops Will Remain in Syria, Officials Say
  Russia Will Provide S-300 Air Defense to Syria
  Bolton Slams Russia, Says S-300 Syria Sale Is 'Significant Escalation'
  Russia Says Israeli Role in Syria Plane Downing Was Premeditated
Trump Expects Second NK Summit 'Pretty Soon'
Saudi Coalition to Open Corridors Out of Yemen's Port
10 Civilians Killed by US-Led Operation in Afghanistan
item All Wars Are Illegal: What Do We Do About It?  by K. Zeese & M. Flowers
item The Syrian Ceasefire Proves How Far Putin Has Come Out on Top  by Patrick Cockburn
item Pompeo, Bolton Headline Shady Anti-Iran Event During UNGA  by Eli Clifton
item Tulsi Gabbard on the White House Push for War in Syria  by James Carden
item New York Times as Judge and Jury  by Joe Lauria
item To Secure Korean Peace, US Must Declare End to the War  by Christine Ahn

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Oil Jumps to a 4-Year High After OPEC Denies Trump and Fails to Raise Output
New Law Would Give Federal Govt Right to Shoot Down Private Drones Inside US
200 Afghans Fall Victim to Mines Every Month
Kenyan Troops Kill 10 Al Shabaab Fighters
Danish Troops Accused of Firing on Shi'ite Militia; 19 Killed in Iraq
Siemens, GE Wage Battle for $15 Billion Power Deal in Iraq
Hospital for Wounded Peshmerga Nears Completion in Iraq
With Russia's S-300 in Syria, Israel Will Have to Think Twice About the Next Strike
Netanyahu Tells Putin Delivery of S-300 to Syria Will Increase Regional Danger
After Idlib Deal, Turkey Faces Tough Task to Oust Jihadists
In Abandoned Villa, Syrian Children Study on the Ground
Abbas Said Planning UN Event Aimed at Thwarting Trump's Peace Plan
Medicine Shortage Risks Lives of Thousands of Patients in Gaza: Ministry
Jordanian King to US Jewish Leaders: I Have No Idea What's in Trump's Peace Plan
Turkey Orders 61 Soldiers Detained for Suspected Gulen Links
As Tripoli Violence Rises, France Wants Sanctions on Militias
500,000 Children Face 'Immediate Danger' in Libya Capital: UN
South Sudan Government Forces, Rebels Clash Within Weeks of Peace Deal
Hundreds Arrested in Ethiopia After Violence Around Capital
France Says 'No Alternative' to AU-Led Plan on Central African Republic
Iranian President Blames US for Provoking 'Puppet Countries' After Parade Attack
Wails, Vows of Revenge at Iran Funeral After Parade Attack
Mattis Dismisses Iran's Revenge Threat as Tensions Climb After Attack
Rouhani Warns US on Sanctions, Does Not Rule Out Talks
As US Sanctions Near, Europe Fails to Protect Iran Deal
Iran Says 22 People Arrested in Connection With Deadly Attack
Iran: US Wish to Halt Iran's Crude Exports Won't Come True
Afghan Policeman Killed in Balkh Roadside Mine Blast
Critics Slam Afghan Security Chiefs for Poor War Management
US' Mattis Looks for 'Way Ahead' After China Scraps Military Talks
US Approves Sale of $330 Million in Military Gear to Taiwan
Soldier and Five Militants Killed in Kashmir, Days After India Cancels Pakistan Talks
Abducted Civilian Found Shot Dead in Kashmir
US Accuses Myanmar Military of 'Planned and Coordinated' Rohingya Atrocities
US Almost Doubles Aid for Rohingya in Bangladesh, Myanmar
Russian Oil Production Hits Post-Soviet Record
Kremlin Rival Navalny Freed, Then Jailed Again for 20 Days
Venezuela Says Diplomats May Be Tied to Assassination Try
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