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Updated September 26, 2018 - 9:01 PM EDT
Yemen Civilian Deaths Skyrocketing Since June
  Bipartisan House Bill Aims to Stop US Involvement in Yemen War
EU Unveils System to Circumvent Iran Sanctions
  Pompeo Slams EU Plan to Circumvent US Sanctions on Iran
  Trump Pushes His Destructive Iran Policy at the UN
UN: Spike in Afghan Casualties in US Airstrikes
  US Adjusting Tactics as Afghanistan Casualties Rise
  Afghan Senate Urges Govt Forces to Prevent Civilian Casualties
SK's Moon: Kim Is Serious About Giving Up Nukes
  US General: Removing Troops From Korea a Major Tactical Risk
Russia Will Provide S-300s to Defend Entire Syria Airspace
item Iranian Regime Change Advocates Are Licking Their Chops  by Curt Mills
item Afghan Peace Movement Winning Hearts and Minds  by Roshni Kapur
item Unhappy Iraq, Buffeted From Within and Without  by Paul R. Pillar
item To Boldly Go Nowhere?  by William D. Hartung
item The Path to World War III  by Philip Giraldi
item The Battle for Our Minds  by Patrick Lawrence

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Pope Warns Nations Against Defining Power as Military Strength
UK Intel Agencies Illegally Spied on Privacy Org
Turkey Cannot Remain Silent Over Use of Sanctions as Weapons: Erdogan
China Denies Request for Hong Kong Port Call by American Warship
Basra Activist Assassinated; 21 Killed in Iraq
50,000 Syrians Returned to Syria From Lebanon This Year: UNHCR
Yemeni Government Issues Arrest Warrant for Outspoken Ex-Official
UN Rushes Aid to Hunger-Stricken Yemeni District
Erdogan Accuses UN Security Council of Ignoring 'Massacre' of Palestinians
Macron Swipes at Trump at UN: Trampling on Palestinians Won't Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Two Gazans Said Seriously Injured in Border Clashes
World Bank Report Warns Gaza Economy Is in 'Free Fall'
Jordan's King Abdullah: We Will Protect Jerusalem's Muslim, Christian Character
Middle East
Bahrain Accuses 169 of Forming Another Hezbollah
Saudi Arabia Drops Statute of Limitations From Anti-Corruption Law
Former French PM Valls to Run for Barcelona Mayor
Swedish PM Lofven Ousted in No Confidence Vote
US Sanctions Venezuela Officials, Trump Slams Maduro
US Imposes Sanctions on Venezuelan President's Wife
Peru Wants No Military Solution on Venezuela: President
Venezuela's Maduro Accuses Chile, Colombia, Mexico of Helping Drone Attack
Nicaragua Issues Arrest Warrant for Opposition Leader
Honduras President Laments US Aid Cuts, Eyes Role of China
Mexico Disarms Acapulco Police Force Linked to Drug Gangs
Guatemala's President Says UN Anti-Graft Body Is Threat to Peace
Bolton Warns Iran of 'Hell to Pay' in Impassioned New York Speech
Rouhani Says Iran Wants No War, Sanctions, Threats, or Bullying
Bolton Says US Will Be Aggressive, Unwavering on Iran Sanctions
Saudi Arabia Rejects Iran's Claim It Backed Parade Attack
Trump Criticizes Iran as 'Corrupt Dictatorship' in UN Speech
Trump Claims He Rejected Requests to Meet Iran President Rouhani: 'I'm Sure He's an Absolutely Lovely Man'
Trump Praises North Korea's Kim but Says Sanctions Must Stay for Now
Suspending Korea Exercises Caused Slight Dip in Readiness: US General
US-China Tensions Spilling Over Into the Military Arena

China Demands US Cancel Arms Sale to Taiwan

40 Kashmir Cops Quit in 4 Days, Internet Blocked in South Kashmir
Two Afghan Military Officers 'Go Missing After Training in US'
Nine Muslim Men Guilty in Thai Bomb Plot
Philippines Arrests Duterte Foe After Court Revives Rebellion Charges
Suspect Arrested in US Diplomat's Death in Madagascar
Congolese Activists Convicted of Inciting Anti-Kabila Protests
Moroccan Woman Dies After Navy Fires at Speedboat Carrying Migrants
The War at Home
Ex-NSA Worker Sentenced for Taking Secret Defense Documents Home
Boeing Defeats Lockheed Martin for $2.4 Billion Contract to Replace the Air Force's 'Huey' Helicopters
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