"My illness has sharpened some of my perceptions, and focused on others, one of which is the question: Okay, so what have we accomplished, exactly, after 23 years of Antiwar.com?" asks Justin Raimondo, in his tour de force column.

Without Antiwar.com, ordinary readers may never have learned about neoconservatism, a term once reserved for political scientists, and its role in shaping public policy for support of the Iraq war. This meant going up against the USG, political elites, post-911 nationalism and often other libertarians.

For our trouble, Justin notes that Antiwar.com doesn't receive awards or public recognition. We don't need it. We have the support of our donors. And the biggest reward of all: being right.

Read this important message from Justin.

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Updated October 1, 2018 - 9:07 PM EDT
Koreas Begin Clearing Landmines From Border
  North Korea Says No Way They'll Unilaterally Disarm Without Trust
  Paws for Peace: North Korea's Kim Sends Two Dogs Across DMZ
US Continues Refueling of Saudi Warplanes
  Saudi Arabia, UAE Fail to Halt UN Yemen Human Rights Inquiry
Syrian FM: Victory Is Near, US Must Leave
  Turkey Backed Rebels Refuse to Withdraw in Syria's Idlib
Iranian FM: Agreement to Sell Oil to EU Close
  Intel Officials Stop Netanyahu From Bragging About ‘Third’ Iranian Site
  Anti-Iranian MeK Cult Has State Within a State in Albania
UK Sending 800 Troops to Arctic in Warning Shot to Russia
item Backfire, a Generation of American Folly  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item A Victory for Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula  by Mel Gurtov
item What Is the Point of a Forever War in Iraq?  by Bonnie Kristian
item The Awards I Never Got  by Justin Raimondo
item Amerika Uber Alles  by Eric Margolis
item Pentagon Stands by Cameroon Child-Killers  by Nick Turse

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Trump Signs Defense Spending Plan, With One More Swipe at Democrats
UN Pledges to Eradicate Peacekeeper Sex Abuse
Mexico's Amlo Vows Not to Use Military Against Civilians
Egypt Court Orders Retrial of Muslim Brotherhood Chief
ISIS in Philippines Threatens US Anti-Terror Plan
Macedonia Leader Vows to Press on With Name Change Despite Referendum Failure
401 Killed or Found in Mass Graves in Iraq During September
'There Is Extermination Here': Basra Protests Against Killing of Demonstrators
Kurdish PUK Party Says It Will Not Recognize Poll Result
Remove Troops and Unblock Dams, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Abdulkarim Al Jafari Tells Turkey
Security Services in Syria's Raqqa Uncover ISIS Cell
Russia Had to Swallow a Deal in Idlib. Then Came an Israeli Strike on Syria
Syria Foreign Minister Tells UN Country Is Ready for Refugee Return
Syria Says to Reopen Important Nassib Crossing With Jordan on October 10
Hamas Leaders Leave for Cairo to Save Ceasefire Deal
Israel PM Vows to Keep 'Open Mind' on US Peace Plan, Won't Voice Support for 2 States
Palestinians to Support Israel's Arabs in General Strike on Monday
Palestinian-French Lawyer Salah Hamouri Freed by Israel
Israel Believes Hamas Gearing Up for War as Gaza Crisis Deepens
Classmates Mourn Boy Shot Dead by Israeli Troops in Gaza Border
Schoolchildren Killed by Landmine in Eastern Ukraine
Four Wounded in Blast at Communist Meeting in Eastern Ukraine
Tension Flares in Kosovo Over Possible Land Swap With Serbia
Kosovo President Visits Disputed Area After Similar Visit by Serbian Leader
Catalan Separatists Clash With Police in Barcelona
Critics Point Out Holes in Swiss Government's $8.2 Billion 'Air 2030' Plan
The War at Home
Eczema and Poor Eyesight Have Previously Kept People Out of the Army, but the Secretary Is Giving Them a Second Look
Pentagon's Immigrant Recruit Program Stymied
US Government May Gain New Power to Track Drones and Shoot Them Down
US Pushes Forward With Plans for Anti-Iran Arab Alliance
Iran Worry Retaliation From Fighters During Syrian Campaign
After Ahvaz: Iran's National Security Worries and Challenges
Iran Airs Video of Encounter With US Carrier in Key Strait
Iran Foreign Minister Blasts Trump Officials Over Consulate Closure
Foreign Minister: Pompeo Has Made 'All the Wrong Moves Against Iran'
Can the UN Revive Talks to End the Yemen War?
At Least Eight People Killed, Eight Wounded in Aden Car Bomb
Fishermen Struggle to Survive in Yemen's War-Torn Hodeidah
Middle East
Trump Calls Saudi's King to Discuss Oil Supplies
Qatar Emir to Visit Latin America to Seek Allies Amid Blockade
North Korea
South Korea Begins Removing Mines, Expects North to Do Same
North Korea Says Continued Sanctions Deepening Mistrust in US
Donald Trump Jokes He and Kim Jong-UN 'Fell in Love'
Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills at Least 27 Alleged ISIS Members
Afghanistan: 41 Polling Centers to Remain Closed in Balkh Province
The F-35 'Combat Debut' in Afghanistan Consisted of Two Bombs Destroying a Weapons Cache
Militants Kill Policeman in Kashmir
Chief of Pakistani Kashmir Region Says Indian Army Shot at His Helicopter
US Warship Sails Near Disputed South China Sea Islands
Fearing Debt Trap, Pakistan Rethinks Chinese 'Silk Road' Projects
Maldives Court Grants Bail to Ex-Leader Gayoom After Yameen's Defeat
Chad Troops Kill 17 Boko Haram Fighters After Lake Chad Attack
Boko Haram Has Been Repelled, Cameroon's Leader Declares
Thousands in First Big Protest Against Burkina Faso Leader
Humiliating Rwanda Officials Now a Crime
Kenya Politician Farah Maalim Alleges US Secret Mineral Deal in Somalia
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