"My illness has sharpened some of my perceptions, and focused on others, one of which is the question: Okay, so what have we accomplished, exactly, after 23 years of Antiwar.com?" asks Justin Raimondo, in his tour de force column.

Without Antiwar.com, ordinary readers may never have learned about neoconservatism, a term once reserved for political scientists, and its role in shaping public policy for support of the Iraq war. This meant going up against the USG, political elites, post-911 nationalism and often other libertarians.

For our trouble, Justin notes that Antiwar.com doesn't receive awards or public recognition. We don't need it. We have the support of our donors. And the biggest reward of all: being right.

Read this important message from Justin.

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Updated October 2, 2018 - 9:52 PM EDT
Saudis Admit 'Mistakes' in Yemen Targeting
  US Air Force Refueling of Saudi Warplanes in Yemen Continues
  Scores Killed in Heavy Fighting Around Yemen's Hodeidah Port
Six Afghan Soldiers Killed in Friendly Fire Strike
  Efforts to Block US Funding for Afghan Sexual Abuse Scuttled
  Afghanistan Will Not Allow Foreign Mercenaries: Ghani
September Syria Civilian Deaths Lowest of War
  Syrian Rebels Deny Withdrawing From Idlib Buffer Zone
China Cancels Annual US Security Talks
  Chinese Intercept US Destroyer in South China Sea
Iraq Parliament Elects President, Set to Form Govt
Koreas Begin Clearing Landmines From Border
Packages Delivered to Pentagon Test Positive for Ricin
item When All You've Got Is Bullying: A New Way of Dealing With America  by Ted Snider
item Perils of Our Liberal Hegemony  by Robert W. Merry
item Everyone Washes Their Hands as Gaza's Economy Goes Into Freefall  by Jonathan Cook
item Reclaiming Armistice Day: A Day to Perpetuate Peace  by Camillo Mac Bica
item America Is Determined to Fight the World  by Doug Bandow
item Bolton's Saber-Rattling Fuels Fear of War With Iran  by Abigail Tracy

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Macedonia's Bid to Join EU, NATO in Limbo After Vote, Early Poll Possible
Soldier Critically Injured in Alaska After Being Struck by Falling Bear
World Court: Chile Not Forced to Negotiate Over Bolivia Sea Access
Guatemala's Army Breaks Ranks With President Over Court Ruling
45 Found in ISIS Grave; 10 Killed in Iraq
US and Turkey Begin Training for Joint Patrols in Syria's Manbij
Turkey's Erdogan Says to Secure East of Euphrates in Syria
Hundreds More of Syrian Refugees Return From Lebanon Amid Govt Welcoming Calls
Israel's Netanyahu Denies Israeli Link to Terror Attack in Iran
Iran Fires Missiles at Militants in Syria Over Parade Attack
US Intel Officials Publicly Contradict Netanyahu's UN Speech on 'New' Iran Atomic Facility
Turkey Will Resist US Sanctions Over Pastor, Erdogan Says
Turkey Demands Germany Extradite 136 People With 'Terror Links'
Turkey's Nationalist Party Demands Amnesty for Over 160,000 Prisoners
Middle East
Saudi Economist Who Criticized Aramco IPO Charged With Terrorism: Activists
Israel Seeks to 'Justify Another Aggression' With False Missile Claims: Lebanon
South Sudan
South Sudan War Deaths Estimated at 400,000
At Least 10 Die After Grenade Thrown in Night Club in South Sudan
Three Die After Somalia Car Bomb Strikes EU Convoy
Forces of Libya's East-Based Warlord Bombard Derna
Sierra Leone Military Truck Flips Over, Killing 13
Cameroon Tense on Anglophone 'Independence' Anniversary
Hodeidah 'Cholera Cases Triple After Saudi-UAE Offensive': Report
Yemeni Exchange Companies Shut Down Due to Currency Collapse
King Salman Orders $200m Grant to Central Bank of Yemen
Gaza Medics Say Israeli Fire Wounds Dozens of Protesters
The Right-Wing Think Tank That Quietly 'Runs the Knesset'
Fists, Chairs, and Tasers: Jerusalem Sees Three Attacks on Arabs by Jews in One Week
Five Days of Hell Leaving Gaza
UN Agency, Worried About Safety, Pulls Some International Staff Out of Gaza
'I Felt Unable to Move an Inch, I Fell on the Ground,' Says Sister of 12-Year Old Palestinian Killed in Deadliest Day in Gaza in Weeks
Pentagon Chief Not Expecting Ties With China to Worsen Even as Tensions Rise
Trump, China's Xi May Meet at G20 Summit: White House Adviser
China's Xi Tells New Maldives President He Wants to Deepen Cooperation
US Drone Strike Kills 21 ISIS Fighters in Afghanistan, Says Military Official
North Korea Says War's End Can't Be Bargaining Chip for Denuclearization: KCNA
As Chinese Influence Grows, Japanese Warship Visits Sri Lanka
France and Spain Mark 'Victory' Against ETA
UN Chief Urges Macedonia to Implement Name Change
Germany Uncovers Terrorist Group Which Attacked Foreigners in Chemnitz
Catalans Display Devotion to Independence on Anniversary
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