"My illness has sharpened some of my perceptions, and focused on others, one of which is the question: Okay, so what have we accomplished, exactly, after 23 years of Antiwar.com?" asks Justin Raimondo, in his tour de force column.

Without Antiwar.com, ordinary readers may never have learned about neoconservatism, a term once reserved for political scientists, and its role in shaping public policy for support of the Iraq war. This meant going up against the USG, political elites, post-911 nationalism and often other libertarians.

For our trouble, Justin notes that Antiwar.com doesn't receive awards or public recognition. We don't need it. We have the support of our donors. And the biggest reward of all: being right.

Read this important message from Justin.

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Updated October 3, 2018 - 9:53 PM EDT
US Envoy: Preemptively Destroy Russia Warheads
China: Security Talks Canceled at US Request
US Sends Mixed Signals on Military Role in Syria
  Mattis: US Diplomats Have Doubled in Syria
Saudi Airstrike Kills Family of Three in NW Yemen
  Saudi Arabia Admits 'Mistakes' in Targeting in Yemen
Six Afghan Soldiers Killed in Friendly Fire Strike
  ISIS Bomber Hits East Afghan Election Rally, Killing at Least 13
Iraq Parliament Elects President, Set to Form Govt
Saudi WAPO Columnist Missing After Entering Consulate
item Mexico Must Stand Up to America's Drug War  by Daniel Lazare
item The US Is Prolonging an Unwinnable War in Yemen  by Mohamad Bazzi
item The UAE Experience: Wonderland at Home, War Abroad  by Sam Hamad
item North Korea: Nukes vs. War  by John Feffer
item 17 Years of Getting Afghanistan Completely Wrong  by David Swanson
item Richard Grenell, Trump's True Believer  by Curt Mills

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Packages Delivered to Pentagon Mail Facility Test Positive for Ricin
It's Always Banned Books Week at Gitmo Prison Library
Germany to Stop Reconnaissance Missions Over Iraq, Syria
Oil Trades Near 4-Year Peak Ahead of Sanctions on Iran
Yemen Exhibition Highlights Human Cost of War
45 Found in ISIS Grave; 10 Killed in Iraq
How Locals Are Turning Basra's Poisoned Rivers Into Drinking Water
Syrian Rebels Say Turkey Promises No Russian Patrols in Idlib Zone
Turkey Will Strengthen Observation Posts in Idlib, Erdogan Says
US: Russian Sale of S-300s to Syria 'A Serious Escalation'
ISIS Executes Hostage From Syria's Sweida
IAEA Says It Won't Take Intelligence at Face Value After Netanyahu's Iran Speech
Iranian Ballistic Program Is a Threat, Says French Defense Minister
Landmines New Scourge in War-Torn Yemen
Yemen Cholera Outbreak Accelerates to 10,000+ Cases Per Week: WHO
Unknown Gunmen Kidnap Yemeni Politician in Aden
Saudi Arabia Gives Yemen $200m to Halt Currency Collapse
Turkish Court Upholds Life Sentences for Journalist Ahmet Altan, Five Others
Turkey Arrests Hundreds of Suspects in Money-Laundering Probe
Erdogan Urges Turks to Report Price Hikes, Says Government Will Raid Stores
Poll Finds Israelis Extremely, and Near Uniquely, Supportive of Trump, US Policy
Palestinian Students Ask Merkel to Protect Their Village
The War at Home
US Gross National Debt Jumps by $1.27 Trillion in Fiscal 2018, Hits $21.5 Trillion
DoD Hands Out $7.54 Billion in Year-End Contract Bonanza
Two People Hospitalized After White Powder Sent to Ted Cruz's Houston Campaign Office
US Military Comes to Grips With Over-Reliance on Chinese Imports
Trump Administration to Deny Visas to Same-Sex Partners of Diplomats, UN Officials
Russia, India to Sign Deal on S-400 Air Defence Systems This Week: Kremlin
Suu Kyi's Actions 'Regrettable' but She Will Keep Peace Prize: Nobel Chief
After Vatican-China Deal, Taiwan Says Beijing Wants to Make It Irrelevant
Spanish Govt Rejects Catalan Ultimatum on Self-Determination
Kosovo Says Slim Chance for Serbia Deal Must Be Seized
Armenia's Leader Calls Rally to Protest 'Counterrevolution'
In Secret Recording, Polish PM Slams 'Greedy' Jewish, American Hedge Fund Owners
Libya Reopens Tripoli Airport Again
Libya's Haftar Still Supports Elections but Sees Others Stalling
Dozens Killed in Ethiopia Ethnic Clashes
70,000 Flee Ethnic Violence in Western Ethiopia: Local Govt
Ex-FARC Chiefs Warn of Colombia Peace Deal 'Betrayal'
Israeli Spyware Used Against Saudi Dissident in Canada: Report
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