"My illness has sharpened some of my perceptions, and focused on others, one of which is the question: Okay, so what have we accomplished, exactly, after 23 years of Antiwar.com?" asks Justin Raimondo, in his tour de force column.

Without Antiwar.com, ordinary readers may never have learned about neoconservatism, a term once reserved for political scientists, and its role in shaping public policy for support of the Iraq war. This meant going up against the USG, political elites, post-911 nationalism and often other libertarians.

For our trouble, Justin notes that Antiwar.com doesn't receive awards or public recognition. We don't need it. We have the support of our donors. And the biggest reward of all: being right.

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Updated October 4, 2018 - 8:42 PM EDT
Pentagon Claims Broad Power to Conduct Strikes
US Withdraws From Int'l Treaties, Slams UN Court
  UN Court Orders US to Lift Sanctions on Humanitarian Goods Into Iran
  Pompeo Says Iran Is Source of Threats to Americans in Iraq
  US Pulls Out of Vienna Treaty Section to Block Palestinian Lawsuit
Yemen Troops Deploy in Separatist Uprising Call
  Humanitarian Crisis as Yemen Faces Surge in Cholera Cases
US Sends Mixed Signals on Military Role in Syria
  US Deploys Marines Into Eastern Syria to Join Anti-ISIS Battle
US Envoy: Should Preemptively Destroy Russian Warheads
Anti-Speech Blacklist Bankrolled by Major Jewish Org
item Could Trump Take Down the American Empire?  by Gareth Porter
item MacArthur's Last Stand Against a Winless War  by Mark Perry
item 'Swagger' Doesn't Make Up for Bad American Foreign Policy  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Kay Bailey Hutchison Must Resign  by Justin Raimondo
item Don't Arm This President With These Nukes  by Olivia Alperstein
item One Click Closer to Annihilation  by Philip Giraldi

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DEA's Colombia Post Roiled by Misconduct Probes
Hillary Clinton Compares 9/11 to 'Russian Interference' in Election
Police Arrest Suspect for Mailing Ricin to White House and Pentagon
Pentagon Walks Back Plan to Withhold Cash From Defense Contractors
Bombs Rattle Kirkuk; Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraq Seeks Exemption From Upcoming US Sanctions Against Iran: Officials
Assad Says 'Understanding' Reached With Arab States
Putin Says He Wants All Foreign Forces to Eventually Quit Syria
Israel Can Beat Russian-Supplied S-300 Air Shield in Syria: Minister
Israel to Use F-35I Stealth Fighters in Syria
Iran Agrees $460 Million Power Plant Deal With Damascus
Syria's Recovered Antiquities Go on Display at Damascus Opera
Police Called to Turkish Clerics US Compound After Shot Fired
Turkey Parliament Extends Mandate for Troop Deployment in Syria, Iraq
Turkish, Saudi Officials Diverge on Whereabouts of Prominent Saudi Journalist
78-Year-Old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Fire in Gaza
Gaza: Teenager Killed by Israeli Tear Gas Canister
Israel Denies Entry to American Student Even Though She Had a Visa
Blocked in a Car by a Mob, Kept From Their HQ: Why UNRWA Staff Had to Flee Gaza
Colombia Will Delay Purchase of Anti-Aircraft Missile System: Minister
Peru Court Overturns Pardon of Ex-Leader Fujimori
Iran Praises Europe for Taking 'Big Step' to Keep Business With Tehran
France Freezes Assets of Iranian Intelligence Over Alleged Bomb Plot
UN Suspends Crucial Cash Aid to 9 Million Yemenis
Yemen Rebels Free Sons of Ex-President Saleh
Egypt's Security Forces Kill 15 Suspected Militants in a Sinai Shootout
UN Renews Authorization to Fight Trafficking Off Libya
Ethiopian PM Pushes for Unity After Months of Ethnic Violence
Sudan Protests at EU Holding Journalists Meeting
Mozambique Puts on Trial 189 Accused of Deadly Beheadings
Nigerian Army Discovers Vehicle of Missing General in 'Death Pool'
Attack on Red Cross Ebola Ambulance in DR Congo Wounds Three Volunteers
Afghan Forces Kill 24 Insurgents in Raids
Future of US-Pakistan Relations Rests Upon Progress in Afghanistan, Says Top Diplomat
Kashmir Separatists Call for Shutdown in State to Protest Elections
Kashmir Civilian Abducted by Unidentified Gunmen
Putin Hopes Europe Will Resist US Pressure on Pipeline
'Enough Lies!': Bosnian Village Bans Politicians
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