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In an era where the biggest controversy in the current defense funding bill is over whether there's money for a wall, we at are challenging the fundamentals. Why do we need such a large defense budget? (Hint: we don't. And, by the way, it's not mainly defense: it's mainly offense.) Does it make sense to give, as the proposed DoD budget does, the power to a few cabinet officials about whether to go to war? (Hint: no.) And what about the U.S. government's support for the vicious Saudi government attacks on the innocents of Yemen?

Unfortunately, as long as the US government has such an aggressive role in the world, and as long as the mainstream media give short shrift to these important foreign policy issues, you will need our voice.

More important, the world needs our voice.

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Updated October 8, 2018 - 9:09 PM EDT
Pompeo: N. Korea OKs Inspections at Nuke Site
  Pompeo's North Korea Trip 'Better Than the Last Time'
  UN General: Not Being at War With NK a 'Slippery Slope' for US
17 Years Since US Invaded, 100 Afghans Die in Day
  Taliban Destroy Bridges Amid Heavy Fighting on Main Highway
  Afghan Civilian Casualties From Suicide Attacks Soaring in 2018
  Study: Americans Feel US Involvement Has Failed in Afghanistan
  UNAMA Reports Spike in Afghan Civilian Casualties From IEDs
Iraq’s Sadr Urges New PM to Keep Key Security Posts
  Erdogan Vows Revenge Against Kurds in Iraq, Says He'll Kill 800
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item No More Torture Says France  by Eric Margolis
item CIA Democrat Candidates Call for Aggression Against Russia  by Patrick Martin
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Basra Activists Among Eight Killed in Iraq
US Clears Armed Helicopters for Iraq, Surveillance Aircraft for Canada
Syria Rebels, Jihadists Clash in Idlib as Car Bomb Explodes Near Turkey Border: Monitor
Syrian Rebels Start to Withdraw Heavy Weapons From Idlib Buffer Zone
Golan Druze Gather at Israel-Syria Border, Chanting Loyalty to Assad
Syrian President Says Russia-Turkey Idlib Deal 'Temporary'
In Rare Criticism, Russian Chief Rabbi Blasts Supply of S-300 Missiles to Syria
5 Houthi Rebels Killed, 15 Injured by Yemeni Govt Forces
Yemen Rebels Detain Dozens of Student Protesters: Activists
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Source Denies Journalist Khashoggi Was Killed at Consulate in Istanbul
Turkish Police Believe Khashoggi Killed Inside Saudi Consulate
Saudi Arabia Opens Up Consulate After Journalist Vanishes
Kingdom Crackdown: Saudi Women Who Fought for the Right to Drive Are Disappearing and Going Into Exile
Ex-Shin Bet Chief on Questioning of Foreigners at Israel's Borders: Shin Bet Becoming a Problem
We're 'Providing Assistance' to Student Denied Entry to Israel and Held at Airport, US Embassy Official Says
New Law Endangers US Assistance to Palestinian Authority Security Forces
Israel to Reduce Gaza Fishing Zone by One-Third
Palestinian Gunman Kills Two Israelis in West Bank
Netanyahu Says Will Meet Putin Soon on Syria Security Coordination
Jerusalem Mayor: Israel Will Take Over UNRWA Services. UNRWA Vows to Keep Them Running
Three Armed Separatists Shot Dead During Cameroon Vote
Cameroon Rebels Outgunned in Increasingly Violent Separatist Campaign
The War at Home
State Department Cleared $70 Billion in Foreign Military Sales Requests for FY18
Brig. Gen. Vereen: After Missing Recruiting Goal, Army Must Adapt
Colorado US Intelligence Officers, Contractor Accused of Bid-Rigging Scheme
Taliban Kill at Least 10 Police in Central Afghanistan Clashes
At Least 11 Dead, Wounded in Coordinated Explosions in Kabul
Sayed Abad District Police Chief Killed in Taliban Attack
Taliban Attack Wardak Province, Clashes Ongoing
US Special Envoy to Afghanistan Arrives in Kabul as Taliban Launch Fresh Attacks
Pentagon Identifies US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Meng Hongwei: China Confirms Detention of Interpol Chief
Interpol Says China's Meng Resigns as President of Organization
India to Keep Buying Iran Oil Despite US Ban
India's U-Turn Destroys Trump's Anti-Chinese 'Quad' Strategy
North Korea's Kim Jong Un Says Talks With Pompeo 'Productive and Wonderful'
Pakistan's Opposition Leader Jailed for 10 Days Ahead of By-Elections
Mexico President-Elect Says Will Look at Legalizing Some Drugs
Mexico Defense Chief Says Legalizing Opium 'Way Out' of Violence
Five Police Officers Killed in Attack in Northern Mexico
More Than 6,600 Children Have Gone Missing in Mexico
Serb, Muslim Claiming Bosnia Election Win
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