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Updated October 31, 2018 - 9:02 PM EDT
Saudis Send 10,000 Troops to Yemen's Hodeidah
  Mattis Demands Yemen Ceasefire; Peace Talks in 30 Days
  Charles Koch Joins Fight to Stop US Involvement in the Yemen War
Khashoggi Strangled Upon Entering Consulate
  Saudi Deal Won't Create Nearly as Many Jobs as Trump Claims
Half of Afghans Live Outside Govt's Control
  Mattis: More Than 1,000 Afghan Police, Troops Killed in Two Months
US Intelligence Budget Soars Under Trump
General: Troop Numbers at Mexican Border Will Rise Further
Erdogan Vows to Crush US-Backed Kurdish YPG in Syria
item Endless War and the Lack of a Progressive Critique of Pentagon  by William J. Astore
item Sanctions Are Strangling the Iranian People  by Daniel Larison
item As a Saudi in Exile I Know What the Regime Does to Silence Critics  by Ali al Ahmed
item When Dollars and Cents Trump Any Kind of Sense  by Chris Henrikson
item Brazil: Our Work Here Is Done  by Ted Snider
item Pentagon Getting More Secretive – and It’s Hurting National Security  by Rep. Adam Smith

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Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Damaged After Crane Falls on It
Guam Ancient Village Gone at Marine Base: Official
Senate Democrats Demand Khashoggi Briefing
The US Lost a Key Ally in Southern Afghanistan. but Abdul Raziq Was No Hero.
Colombian Rebels Blamed for Killing Spree 400 Miles Inside Venezuela
Shrine Bombed During Shi'ite Holiday; 19 Killed in Iraq
Turkish Military Says Kills Seven Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
Millions Mark Shi'ite Religious Festival in Iraq's Karbala
Women Wrestlers Fight Foes and Tradition in Southern Iraq
Iranians Feel the Impact of US Sanctions While Bracing for More
With US Sanctions Looming, China Loosens Trade Ties With Iran
Iran: US Curbs to Have Severe Consequences for Global Order
Iranian Spy Service Suspected of Assassination Plot in Denmark: Security Chief
Saudi-Led Airstrikes on Houthi Camp in Yemen's Hodeidah Kill 150 Rebels: Pro-Govt Force
Yemeni Teacher Turns His Home Into School for 700 Students
Middle East
Turkey Presses Saudi Arabia to Say Who Sent Khashoggi Killers: Erdogan
South Sudan
S. Sudan Rebel Leader to Return to Capital to Seal Peace Deal
Child Soldiers of South Sudan
Nigeria Police Fire on Shi'ite March, Kill Protester: Group
American Missionary Killed in Cameroon Amid Armed Conflict
Protester Killed as Guinea Police Block Opposition March and Its Leader
Democratic Republic of Congo 'Not Ready' for December Polls: Opposition
Mexico: Veracruz Ex-Police Get 60 Years for Disappearance
Colombia Reopens Probe Into US Coal Company for Militia Ties
Turkey Rejects Syrian Accusations Over Idlib Deal
Turkey: Joint Patrols With US Forces in Syria's Manbij to Begin Imminently
One Killed in Turkish Heavy Weapon Fire on Syrian Kurdish Town
Syria Kurds Beef Up Anti-ISIS Front: Monitor
Lebanese Government Talks Hit Snag Over Sunni Representation
113 Syrian Refugees Arrested in Lebanon
Gazans Bury Three Teens Killed in Israeli Strike
Druze on Golan Heights Protest Against Israeli Municipal Election
How Can Gaza's Contaminated Water Catastrophe Be Solved?
70 Militants Killed in Afghan Operations
Denmark Commits Additional Millions to Combat Corruption in Afghanistan
'Taliban Five' Released From Guantanamo Join Group's Qatar Political Office
Angry Sri Lankans Rally to Support Ousted PM, Denounce Coup
US Charges Chinese Intelligence Officers for Jet Engine Data Hack
Thai PM Says Ban on Political Activity to Be Lifted by December
Bangladesh, Myanmar Agree to Begin Rohingya Repatriation by Mid-November
NATO Says Norway Exercises Will Go Ahead Despite Russian Missile Tests Off the Coast
A Century on From WWI, 100 Years of Work Remains to Clear Munitions in Eastern France
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