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Updated November 5, 2018 - 8:54 PM EST
Mayor of Utah City Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
Over 150 Killed in Weekend of Yemen Fighting
  Trump: Yemen Bus Attack Due to Bombers Using Weapon Improperly
  Saudi Prince Says Khashoggi Probe Will Exonerate Crown Prince
US-Led Airstrikes Kill 14 Civilians in E. Syria
  ISIS Kills 12 US-Backed Kurdish Fighters in Eastern Syria
The Film the Israel Lobby Didn't Want You to See
  Gaza Blockade to Be Eased for Three Years Under Ceasefire Talks
Pompeo: Tough Sanctions Won't Hurt Iranian People
NK Warns to Resume Nuke Development Over Sanctions
item Whatever Happened to the Russia-Gate 'Scandal'?  by Justin Raimondo
item 33 Trillion Reasons Why the NYT Gets It Wrong on Russia-Gate  by Gareth Porter
item $900 Billion & 2,400 US Lives Lost: Afghanistan Keeps Deteriorating  by Christian Britschgi
item Entering the Second Nuclear Age?  by James Carroll
item The US Backs the Mideast's Most Reactionary Nation  by Eric Margolis
item Washington Can't Escape Damage Done by Riyadh's Crown Prince  by Doug Bandow

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Break-In Attempted at Assange's Residence in Ecuador Embassy
US Army Punishes Six Over Roles in Fatal Niger Ambush
Okinawa's Half-American Governor Vows to Resolve US Military Base Dispute
New Caledonia: French Pacific Territory Rejects Independence
Europe Overseas Territories: What You Need to Know
String of Bombs Strike Baghdad; 33 Killed in Iraq
Airstrikes Kill 25 Alleged ISIS Terrorists in Iraq's Kirkuk
Iraq Tells US Embassy to Stop Comments on Iran Support for Hashd Al-Shaabi
ISIS Says Hits Syria's Raqqa With Car Bomb
Senior SDF Commander, Two Fighters Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Eastern Syria
Israel Killed 32 Palestinians, 6 Children in October
Israeli Gas Exports to Egypt Hit Snag Over Capacity of Pipeline
Abbas, Sissi Meet on Backdrop of Ceasefire, Reconciliation Efforts
'Cycling Is a Form of Resistance' in the Occupied West Bank
Middle East
Jordan Says Israel Wants to Discuss Border Land Deals
Bahrain Court Overturns Acquittal of Opposition Leaders
Erdogan Says Other Countries Cannot Extract Gas in Turkish, North Cyprus Waters
Taliban Capture a Military Base in Afghanistan
Afghan Shi'ite Militia Battles Taliban, Raising Sectarian Fears
Seven Militants Killed During a Clash With the Police Forces in Kandahar
Russia to Host Talks With Afghan Leaders, Taliban Delegation
Seven ISIS Fighters Killed in Afghan Airstrike
Taliban Keeps Bodies of Chopper Crash Victims for Ransom
Fearing 'Angry Mob', Lawyer of Freed Christian Woman Leaves Pakistan
Pakistani Christian Woman in Limbo Despite Acquittal by Top Court
US, South Korea Resume Low-Key Military Drills Ahead of Talks With North Korea
Pompeo Seems Unfazed by North Korean Nuclear Development Threat
Pompeo Says He Will Meet North Korea Number Two in New York
US Carrier Leads Warships in Biggest Ever Japan Defense War Game
Sri Lanka's Ousted PM Says US, Japan Freeze Aid Over Political Crisis
Saudi-Backed Forces Advance Towards Yemen's Hodeidah as UN Warns of Famine
Saudi Arabia Ignores Trump Administration on Yemen
UK Backs UN Call for Saudis and Houthis to End Yemen Bloodshed
UN Agency Urges Open Access for Aid to Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Saudi King to Make Week-Long Domestic Tour Amid Khashoggi Crisis
Saudi Arabia Denies Involvement in Death of Sisters in New York
Israel-Lovers Bail Out Saudi Crown Prince as Netanyahu's Next Stop on Gulf Tour Emerges
Amnesty Urges UN States to 'End Silence' Over Saudi Abuses
Secretary Pompeo Defends Sanction Waivers for Iranian Oil
Oil Falls as US Grants Iran Sanction Waivers to 8 Importers
How Did Iran Find CIA Spies? They Googled It
Russia Says US Sanctions 'Illegal', Will Help Iran Trade Oil
Iranair Looking for Planes Not Needing US Sales Permit
Russia Turns Up Uninvited to Major NATO Wargames
NATO General: Europe Not Moving Fast Enough on Military Mobility
Italy Spends $5.7 Billion on Military Procurement in 2018
Ukrainian Activist Dies Three Months After Acid Attack
Fighting Breaks Out in Libya's Sabratha
Sudanese Authorities Vow to Pursue Sudanese Armed Groups Fighting With Haftar
Egypt Says It Killed 19 Militants After Deadly Attack on Christians
Russian-Made Fighter Plane Crashes in Egypt
Joint Drills Kick Off in Egypt With Gulf, Jordanian Forces
Eritrean President Says Trust Growing With Ethiopia, but More Work Needed
The War at Home
Trump's Border Deployment Could Cost $200 Million by Year's End
Racial Bias Probed at Coast Guard Academy
DoJ Forces $30m From Northrop for Fraudulent Costs
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