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Updated November 14, 2018 - 8:48 PM EST
In Close Vote, House Blocks Yemen War Debate
  At Least Eight Killed in Saudi-Led Airstrike on Yemen's Hodeidah
Israeli DM Lieberman Resigns Amid Ceasefire
  Calm Returns to Israel-Gaza Border as Ceasefire Takes Hold
  Israeli Hawks Fume as Ceasefire Ends a Violent Day in Gaza
US Mulls Suspending Afghan Presidential Vote
  After 17 Years, Many Afghans Blame US for Unending War
  Ghani: Over 28,000 Afghan Troops Killed in Past Four Years
  US Never Dropped as Many Bombs on Afghanistan as It Did in 2018
US Airstrikes Kill 28, Mostly Civilians, in Eastern Syria
Bolton Vows to 'Squeeze' Iran, Escalating Sanctions
CIA Considered Using 'Truth Serum' on Terror Suspects
item Unwrapping Armageddon: The Erosion of Nuclear Arms Control  by Conn Hallinan
item Saudi Arabia and the Canadian Arms Lobby  by Yves Engler
item Trump Should End Failed Afghan War and Bring Our Troops Home  by Sumantra Maitra
item Killing the Messenger: Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit  by Heather Wokusch
item Israel Wins 2018 Election  by Philip Giraldi
item Another False Dawn in Libya?  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Trump to Replace Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen
Troops Deployed to US-Mexico Border Lack Hot Food, Electricity
Trump Says Report of DPRK Developing Missile Bases 'Inaccurate'
Germany's Merkel Calls for Creation of an EU Army
50 Countries Vow to Fight Cybercrime – US and Russia Don't
25 Killed in Turkish Strikes Against PKK in Northern Iraq
Turkish Air Strikes Kill 19 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
In Iraq's Parliament, Shi'ite Militia Leaders Plan to Call the Shots
US Sanctions Hezbollah Iraq Networks, Son of Group's Leader
Iraq PM Says ISIS Militants Seek to Cross to Iraq From Syria
UN Envoy: New Iraq Government Plans to Uproot ISIS Extremists
US-Backed Fighters in Syria Resume Final Offensive Against ISIS After Pause to Deal With Turkish Tensions
Chemical Weapons Team to Begin Assigning Blame for Syrian Attacks
Palestinians in Gaza Fleeing From Israeli Airstrikes: 'I Rushed to My Children's Bedrooms to Check if They Were Alive'
Hamas Leader Says Gaza Ceasefire Possible if Israel Halts Attacks
IDF Attacks at Least 160 Targets in Gaza
Hundreds Protest Gaza Ceasefire in Southern Israel, Burn Tires
A Former Head of the Mossad Has Joined Controversial Israeli Spy Firm Black Cube
Ex-Macedonia PM Gruevski Seeking Asylum in Hungary
Sri Lanka
40 Years On, Khmer Rouge Leaders Face Genocide Verdict
Sri Lanka's Top Court Suspends Decree Dissolving Parliament
US Military
More Than a Dozen Navy SEALs May Get Caught Up in Iraq War Crimes Investigation
Maintenance Errors Preceded WC-130 Crash That Killed Nine
Veterans Resist: Deploying Art to Oppose Militarism
Ohio Vets of Afghanistan War Could Miss Out on Bonus if Fund Runs Dry
Veterans Haven't Received GI Bill Benefits for Months Due to Ongoing It Issues at VA
Saudi Arabia
Report: Saudis Close to Crown Prince Discussed Assassinating Enemies a Year Before Khashoggi Killing
Turkey's Erdogan Says Khashoggi Recordings 'Appalling', Shocked Saudi Intelligence
Trump to Nominate General Abizaid as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Executes ISIS Member
Middle East
Iran, Feeling Sanctions Bite, Looks for Outlet in Iraq
Families Get Food in Yemen's Hodeidah During Lull in Fighting
Austria Says Won't Host Iran Sanctions-Busting Payments System
Envoy: Russia Plays Afghanistan Broker Due to US 'Failure'
Senior Taliban Leaders Killed, Wounded in a Deadly Infighting in Sari Pul
83 Armed Militants Killed Across Afghanistan
Kidnapped Superintendent of Police Killed in Afghanistan
Rival Libya Leaders Meet for First Time Since May, PM OKs 2019 Vote
Haftar Has Committed Himself to UN Action Plan: UN Envoy
Libyan Eastern-Based Army Denies Chief's Participation in Palermo Conference
Libya Talks End With Commitments but No Joint Statement
Italy Crisis Talks End After Laying Bare Libya Divisions
At Least 15 Killed in Cameroon in Clashes Between Army, Separatists
Three Civilians Killed in Attack Targeting Foreign Troops in Mali
Zimbabwean Generals Deny Troops Shot and Killed Six Protesters in August
Ethiopia Arrests Ex-Head of Army Firm in Crackdown on Security Services
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