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Updated November 15, 2018 - 9:59 PM EST
Study: US Spent $5.9 Trillion on Wars Since 2001
  Congressional Report: US Might Lose a War Against China, Russia
Senate Nixes Bid to Block Arms Sales to Bahrain
  In Close Vote, House Blocks Debate on Yemen War
  The Hidden Civilian Toll of American Drones in Yemen
  Calls for End to Yemen War Offer Little Hope for Hungry Children
  Saudi Airstrike Kills Seven Civilians in Yemen's Hodeidah
Israeli Coalition on Brink of Collapse as Hawks Rage
  Gaza Ceasefire: Israel, Hamas Agree to Return to 2014 Deal
Afghan Officials Say 60 Taliban Killed in Ghazni Airstrike
Bolton Aide Exits After High-Profile Clash With First Lady
EU Struggles to Find Host for Iran Trade Clearing House
item How Woodrow Wilson Ruined Everything  by David Stockman
item Beltway Baloney on 'Speaking Truth to Power'  by James Bovard
item The MEK and the Bankrupt US Policy on Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
item Bolton's Met His Match – Melania!  by Justin Raimondo
item Clapper's Credibility Collapses  by Ray McGovern
item Why World War I Still Matters  by Robert Freeman

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House Roll Call Vote on Yemen War Debate
Lindsey Graham Calls Saudi Prince 'Unstable,' Foresees Sanctions
Cuba Ends Brazil Medical Exchange Program
Donkey Bomb Explodes in Afghanistan
Pentagon Spent Millions to Prevent Suicides, but the Suicide Rate Went Up
In Yemen, a Race to Save a Boy From al-Qaeda and a US Drone
EU Arms Fueling Yemen Conflict, Tougher Checks Needed: Parliament
Yemeni Govt Forces Secure Institutions, Companies After Houthis Withdrawal in Hodeidah
Fresh Operations Near Mosul; 22 Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Exchange Food for Iranian Gas, Seeks US Approval: Government Officials
Fight Against ISIS in Last Syria Stronghold May End Soon: US Envoy
Assad Calls on Druze to Join Military Service
Middle East
Lebanese Christian Civil War Foes Shake Hands, Make Up After 40 Years
Turkish Court Sentences Journalist to 19 Years Jail Over Gulen Links
Pompeo, Qatari Defense Minister Meet in Washington
Cameroon Military Says 30 Separatists Killed in Fighting
Ugandan Police Say 10 Students Killed in Arson Attack
UN Security Council Removes Eritrea Sanctions After Years
US Military
Congress Watchdog Begins Inquiry Into Housing Hazards at US Military Bases
Air Force Pilot Dies in Plane Crash at Laughlin AFB, Texas
Mattis Visits Troops on US Border, Says Mission 'Necessary'
Defense Chief's Resignation Pushes Israel Toward Election
Bennett's Party Warns Netanyahu: Give Us Defense Portfolio or We'll Quit Coalition
A Familiar Invasion: Settlers Take Another Mountain Top, Soldiers Follow, and Palestinians Demonstrate for Their Rights
US Chose Wrong Path on Sanctions: Rouhani
Amnesty Condemns Iran's 'Abhorrent' Executions of Trader, Accomplice
Taliban Kill 12 Afghan Security Forces in Separate Attacks
Thousands Flee as Taliban Attack Afghanistan's 'Safe' Districts
Pakistan Repulses Cross-Border Afghan Attack
China Appears to Relax North Korea Sanctions: Report to US Congress
South Korean Firms to Plead Guilty to Rigging US Military Fuel Bids
US Measure to Urge Possible China Sanctions Over Xinjiang Crackdown
China to Give Pakistan Aid Package Bigger Than Saudi Arabia's: Envoy
Sri Lanka Showdown Looms as New PM Loses Confidence Vote
Bangladesh Police Break Up Opposition Protest as Election Nears
Syrian Man Detained for Attempted Self-Immolation With Wine on French Train
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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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