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Updated November 28, 2018 - 8:44 PM EST
Senate Agrees To Debate on Ending Yemen War
  Pompeo Warns Senate That Yemen Vote Could Harm US Security
  US Slams the Brakes on Yemen Ceasefire Vote at UN
  Shippers Avoid Vital Yemen Aid Port Over Security Fears
US Strike Kills 30 Afghans, Including 16 Children
  item 3 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Bombing
Ukraine Pres. Warns of Full-Scale War With Russia
  Trump May Cancel Putin Meeting at G20 Over Ukraine Incident
  US Reiterates Claims Russian Missile Violates Nuclear Treaty
N. Korea's Kim Open to Nuclear Site Inspection
  No US Bombers Flying Over Korean Peninsula Anymore
Pentagon's Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed
US Judge Delays Decision To Unseal Assange Indictment
item UK, Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Julian Assange to US Authorities  by Gareth Porter
item Welcome to the Saudi Arabia First Campaign  by Doug Bandow
item Ukraine's Poroshenko Fails to Gain Dictatorial Powers  by Bernard
item Rogue: America and the Post Unipolar World  by Ted Snider
item Rule Number One in Warfare: Know Your Enemy  by Andrew Bacevich
item US Foreign Policy Has No Policy  by Philip Giraldi

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How Strong Is Saudi Arabia's Military?
White House Denies Haspel Prevented From Briefing Senate on Khashoggi Murder
North Korea Criticizes US for Seeking UN Rights Meeting
Hundreds of Tunisians Protest Visit of Saudi Prince
Israel Tightens Noose Around East Jerusalem
Taliban Kidnaps 25 Passengers in Balkh
US, Czech Soldiers Investigated for Death of Afghan Commando
12 Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Seven Taliban Killed, Bomb Making Factory Destroyed in Coalition Airstrike
Trump Expects to Raise China Tariffs
China Will Retaliate 'in Proportion' to Any US Sanction Over Muslim Uighurs: Ambassador
Opposition Seeks Clarity on Norwegian 'Mediation' in Kashmir
Soldier, Three Militants Killed in Kashmir
South Korea to Buy Israeli Early Warning Radar to Deter North Despite Thaw
Japan May Buy Additional 100 F35 Fighters
Germany Offers to Mediate Between Russia and Ukraine
Crimean Court Detains Ukrainian Sailor Captured by Russia for Two Months
US Says Hungary Refuses to Extradite Suspected Russian Arms Dealers
Somali Terrorists Kill Leading Imam and 17 Worshippers for Playing Music During Religious Ceremonies
Libyan Parliament Adopts Amendment That Divides the Country Into Three Constituencies
Under Pressure From Western Donors, Tanzanian Leader Prefers Chinese Aid
Syrian, and Russian Forces Deliberately Target Ambulances in Civil War, Researchers Say
Syrian Army Accuses Rebels of Violating Demilitarized Zone Deal
Pentagon Tells Russia Not to Tamper With Alleged Aleppo Attack Site
US Military Says It Can't Take Out Remaining ISIS Fighters in Syria Because They're Hiding in Tunnels
Dozens of Syrian Families Return to Govt-Held Areas in Northern Region
Iraq Daily Roundup: Airstrikes on ISIS Targets; 32 Killed in Iraq
Navy SEAL Accused of Killing ISIS Prisoner Set Up by Investigators
Iran's Nuclear Chief Warns EU Patience Is Running Thin
Iranian Sunni Cleric Shot, Killed in Northern Iran
US Could Unveil Peace Plan at Start of 2019: Israel's UN Envoy
Will the Trump Administration Make Occupied Golan Part of Deal of the Century?
Gaza's Only Grand Piano, a Gift From Japan, Reappears in Public
Middle East
Egypt and Saudi Arabia Say Qatar Blockade Will Continue
Lebanon's Army Receives New Military Aid From France
Mexico Calls for 'Full Investigation' of US Tear Gas at Border
US Sanctions Nicaraguan Officials, Including Ortega's Wife
US Navy Hospital Ship Brings Care to Venezuela Migrants in Colombia
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