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Updated December 18, 2018 - 8:45 PM EST
Ceasefire in Yemen's Hodeidah Goes Into Effect
  PM: Canada Looking for a Way Out of Saudi Arms Deal
Erdogan: Trump Supports Attack on Syrian Kurds
  Turkish FM: US Working on Extraditing Gulen
  US Accepts Assad Staying in Syria – but Won't Give Aid
Afghan Taliban Meets US Officials in UAE
  US Expands Afghan Base to Accommodate Ongoing Surge
US Airstrikes Kill 62 in Coastal Somali Town
item Back to Realism: The Conservative Case for Palestine  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Growing US Support for One State Falls on Deaf Ears  by Jonathan Cook
item Dismiss the Sanctions Charges Against Meng Wanzhou  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Why the Senate Vote to End Yemen War Is So Important  by Ron Paul
item What The Weekly Standard Has Wrought  by Scott McConnell
item When Will Trump Bring Home US Forces From Syria?  by Doug Bandow

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Visualizing the West's Domination of the Global Arms Market
Serbia, Kosovo Clash Over Army at UN Security Council
10 Most Appalling Articles in the Weekly Standard's Short and Dreadful Life
Airbnb Denies Israel Claim It Shelved Settlement Ban
Children Among Casualties in Basra; Nine Killed in Iraq
Mosul Children Born Under ISIS Rule, No IDs, Huge Risks
Erdogan: Turkey May Start New Syria Operation at Any Moment
Russia, Iran, Turkey Seek Deal on New Syria Constitutional Body
Israel Calls Upon Germany to Defund Organizations Showing a Critical Perspective of Israel
UN Peacekeepers Say Two Tunnels at Israel Border Breached UN Resolution
AG: Bill to Expel Terrorists' Families Infringes Human Rights, Defames Israel
Beating of Palestinian Bus Driver Ruled Not a Hate Crime
Israeli Military Partially Destroys Home of Alleged Militant
Middle East
Everything You Need to Know About the Hodeidah Ceasefire
Coalition Spokesman Sorry for Sharing Tweet Insulting Turkey
Qatar 1996 Coup Plot: New Details Reveal Saudi-UAE Backing
Canadian Firm Warns Trudeau Against Canceling $12bn Saudi Arms Deal
US Backs NATO Membership for Bosnia, Dismisses Serb Opposition
US Envoy: Idea of Extra Russia Sanctions Gaining Traction
Kremlin: New Ukrainian Church Being Used for Political Ends
EU Court Orders Poland to Suspend Judicial Overhaul Law
Hungarians Protest at State TV to Demand Independent Public Media, Courts
Colombia's ELN Rebels Call Ceasefire for Festive Period
France's Naval Group Eyes Brazil as Hub for Its Regional Submarine Business
The War at Home
Pflugerville School Contractor Sues Over Law Banning Boycotts of Israel
Inspectors Find Big Cyber Vulnerabilities in US Missile Defense System
Are Muslim-Owned Accounts Being Singled Out by Big Banks?
FBI: Florida Man Posted Bomb Instructions for Extremists
US-Taliban Peace Talks in UAE to Start Without Afghanistan Government Representatives
UN Secretary General Submits Report on Afghanistan Situation
Indian Troops Enforce Lockdown to Foil Kashmir Public Rally
Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir Highly Condemnable: Pak Army
Indian Opposition Leader Jailed for Life Over Bloody Anti-Sikh Riots in 1984
Russia to Move Troops Into New Barracks on Disputed Islands Near Japan
UN Security Council Mulls Myanmar Action; Russia, China Boycott Talks
Nigeria: 12 Soldiers Killed, Dozens Missing in Battle With Insurgents
Amnesty: Farmer-Herder Clashes Kill 3,600 in Nigeria
Nigeria's Presidency 'Concerned' by Amnesty International
US Airstrikes in Somalia on the Rise
Two DR Congo Troops Killed by Rwandan Rebels: DRC Army
France Vows Aid for Burkina, but No More Troops to Fight Islamists
Rwanda Shows Off New Military Hardware Amid Rising African Demand for Chinese Arms
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