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Updated December 20, 2018 - 8:57 PM EST
Trump Weighs Significant Afghan Drawdown
Mattis Resigns as DoD Chief, Citing Differences
Trump's Syria Pullout Fuels Backlash Across DC
  US to Withdraw From Border Outposts to Buy Time for Syria Pullout
  Trump Critic Rep. Ted Lieu Applauds Troop Pullout From Syria
Saudi Warplanes Bomb Yemeni Capital
  Yemen Prisoner Exchange Could Involve Up to 16,000: Red Cross
Ukraine to Send Warships to Sea of Azov
Russia Won't Let US Inspect New Nuclear Missile
Trump Signs Order Creating US Space Command
Envoy: US to Expedite Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
item Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – Trump Is Right on Syria  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Michael Isikoff Cuts His Losses at 'Russian Roulette'  by Ray McGovern
item It's Time to End US Support for the Saudi War on Yemen  by Doug Bandow
item A Shift: Repudiating War on Yemen  by Kathy Kelly
item The Disgrace of Maria Butina's Prosecution  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Writers Under Surveillance  by Alexander Adams

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German Magazine Spiegel Says Journalist Fabricated Stories Over Years
Former Blackwater Guard Convicted of Murder in Iraq Shooting Spree
US Added to List of Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists for First Time
MLB Reaches Deal With Cuban Baseball Federation to Allow Players Entry Into US
The War at Home
Feinstein, Sanders Urge Senate Not to Include Anti-BDS Law in Spending Bill
Man Sues Feds After Being Detained for Refusing to Unlock His Phone at Airport
Raytheon Awarded $141 Million for 1,260 Small Diameter Bombs
Lockheed Martin Scores a Big Win in New Missile Defense Agency Radar Contract
US to Remove Sanctions From Russian Aluminum Giant Rusal
US Imposes Fresh Russia Sanctions for Election Meddling
Moscow Says US Forced False Confession From Alleged Russian Agent Maria Butina
Serbian Former Police General Banned From Entering US Over 1999 Killings
Montenegro Unveils Monument of Ex-Yugoslav Communist Leader Tito
Russian Whistleblower Probably Died of Natural Causes, UK Inquest Finds
EU Investigates Hacked Diplomatic Communications
France Launches Military Imaging Satellite. Who's Involved, and What It Can Do?
North Korea
White House Official Says It's Reviewing North Korea Travel Ban
Japan's UN Envoy Says Strong Signal Needed on North Korea
Third Canadian Detained in China: Reports
Trudeau Says No 'Stomping on Table' Over Canadians Held in China
US Envoy Visits Kabul After Talks With Taliban on Afghan Peace
Japan Seeks Drones, Subs, F-35 Jets as Part of $243 Billion Defense-Spending Plan
MLB Reaches Deal With Cuban Baseball Federation to Allow Players Entry Into US
Brazil's Lula Stays in Prison as Top Judges Tussle Over Release
Rights Group: Israeli 'Warning Shot' Killed Gaza Teens
Israeli Lawmakers Advance Bill to Expel Palestinian Attackers' Kin
UN Agency Announces Cutbacks in Food Aid to Gaza, West Bank
Israel Says Hezbollah Closed Precision Missile Plants, Arsenal Limited
Israel Stops Importing West Bank Fruits, Vegetables: Officials
Trump Did Not Discuss Syria Pullout With Erdogan in Advance: US Official
In Response to Trump, Britain Says ISIS Remains a Threat
Israel Says Will Study US Pullout From Syria, Ensure Its Own Security
Iran-Iraq War Remains Exchanged; Five Killed in Iraq
Australian Prime Minister Makes Secret Visit to Troops in Iraq
Why the Human Toll of the Battle for Mosul May Never Be Known
US State Dept Clears $3.5 Billion Sale of Patriot Missiles to Turkey
Officials Turkey Sticking With Russian Missile Defense Purchase
Yemen Govt Allies Urge Swift UN Deployment to Save Truce
DR Congo
More Than 100 Killed in DR Congo Clashes Days Before Vote
Rallies Banned in DR Congo's Capital Before Presidential Vote
Emergency Declared in Sudanese City After Party HQ Torched
Opposition Leader Sadiq Al-Mahdi Greeted by Thousands Upon Return to Sudan
Nigeria's Former Defense Chief Killed Amid Growing Insecurity
Tunisia Busts Cell Planning Attacks on Security Forces
Mogadishu-Backed Candidate Wins Regional Election After Shabaab Leader Banned
Nicaragua Expels Outside Experts Probing Protest Deaths
Nicaragua Police Beat Journalists in Crackdown on Free Press
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