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Updated January 9, 2019 - 8:24 PM EST
Erdogan Slams US on Syria Plans, Snubs Bolton
  Turkey: US Must Hand Over All Military Bases in Syria
  Al-Qaeda Seizes More North Syria Villages, Nears Turkish Border
  ISIS Launches Offensive in SE Syria, Killing 23 Kurdish Fighters
  Israel Used Civilian Airliners as Cover in Airstrikes in Syria
Gulf States, Israel Plot to Rehabilitate Assad
  MBS Said To Plan Camp David-Style Handshake With Netanyahu
Pentagon's Afghan Drawdown Far Short of Trump's Wishes
  Taliban Cancel Peace Talks With US Citing 'Agenda Disagreement'
US Airstrike Kills Six 'Militants' in Somalia
Pentagon Denies US Saw Detainee Abuse in Yemen
item John Bolton: Trump's Foreign Policy Architect or Saboteur?  by Daniel R. DePetris
item An Attack Against the Spirit of the Indivisibility of Justice  by Angela Davis
item Should Trump Withdraw From Afghanistan?  by Charles V. Peña
item Bases: One Down, Who Knows How Many to Go?  by Nick Turse
item Trump Foreign Policy for 2019  by Philip Giraldi
item A Look Back at Clapper's Jan. 2017 'Assessment' on Russia-Gate  by Ray McGovern

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Trump Administration Snubs European Diplomats in US
US Envoy Anthony Zinni Working on Qatar Dispute Resigns From State Dept
Brazilian Offer of US Base in Doubt, Opposed by Military
Egypt Limits Gaza Passage After Palestinian Authority Quits Border Crossing
Israel Puts Water Rations on Palestinian Prisoners
Bombers Strike in Tikrit; 11 Killed in Iraq, 22 Found in Mass Grave
Number of Foreign Troops in Iraq Declines Every Month: PM
Children 'Still Tortured' in Iraq's Kurdish Regions: HRW Report
Iraqi Lawmaker Demands Probe Into Officials' Visits to Israel
Top Syrian Kurdish Official Says Kurds Ready to Fight Turkey
Erdogan Says Syrian YPG Fight Against ISIS 'A Huge Lie'
Russian Military Police Starts Patrols Around Syria's Manbij
US Withdrawal From Syria Does Not Jeopardize Efforts to Counter Iran, Pompeo Says
What's Behind the Snub Erdogan Gave Bolton, and Why Some in Israel Are Still Optimistic
UN Chief Wants to Deploy Up to 75 Truce Monitors to Yemen
Two Killed, 12 Wounded in Roadside Bomb Blast in Southern Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Khashoggi Trial: Mystery as Key Suspect and Former Top Royal Adviser Disappears From Public Eye
Saudi Security Operation Kills Two in Shi'ite Town
#saverahaf: Activists' Lightning Campaign Made Saudi Teen's Flight a Global Cause
Father of Saudi Teen Asylum Seeker in Thailand, Seeks Meeting
In Shift, EU Sanctions Iran Over Planned Europe Attacks
Reacting to EU Sanctions, Iran Says Europe Harbors 'Terrorists'
Iran Minister Says EU Trade Arrangement Moving Slowly, Talking to India, China
US Says Aware of Reports of Iran's Detention of US Citizen
Israeli Housing Project in West Bank Would Surround Bethlehem With Settlements
TV: Shin Bet Chief Warns 'Foreign Country' Trying to Influence Elections
Yair Lapid Accuses Netanyahu of Being 'Hysterical'
Tibi Seeks to Dissolve Joint List of Arab Parties
German Media Demand Accelerated Rearmament
Germany Charges Syrian With Stabbing That Sparked Chemnitz Riots
To Build Stockpiles of Weapons, UK Looks at Two-Pronged Approach
The War at Home
Senior Republican Congressman Opposes Using US Defense Funds for Border Wall
Newly Released FOIA Documents Shed Light on Border Patrol's Seemingly Limitless Authority
Pentagon Names New Chief of Staff
IED Blast in Afghanistan Leaves Two Civilians Dead
Afghan Govt Sees No Constitutional Barrier for Talks With Taliban
RSF Condemns Killing of Afghan Journalist in Farah
India's Lower House Passes Citizenship Bill That Excludes Muslims
India Says Non-Muslim Migrants Have Nowhere to Go, Should Get Citizenship
North Korea's Kim Discusses Expected Summit With Trump in Talks in China
China Says Always Plays Positive Role Over Korean Peninsula
South Korea Freezes Japan Company Assets Over Forced Wartime Laborers
Philippines: Duterte Wants State Auditors 'Kidnapped, Tortured'
Canadian Diplomats in China Met Second of Two Detained Citizens
DR Congo
As DR Congo Delays Election Results, People's Suspicions Rise
DR Congo Police Gather Outside Electoral Commission
Armed Men Kill Eight Civilians in Eastern DR Congo's Beni Region
DR Congo Opposition Campaign Says Talking With Kabila Camp on Transition
Boko Haram Attacks in Sajeri and Auno as Buhari Acknowledges Setbacks
African Union and UN Relaunch Central African Republic Peace Talks
Gambia Truth Commission Begins to Address Jammeh-Era Abuses
Sudan's Bashir Scoffs at Opposition as More Demonstrations Take Place
Somali Region Once Riddled With Pirates Sees Peaceful Power Transfer
Venezuela's Armed Forces Declare 'Loyalty' to Maduro
Venezuela Launches WTO Challenge to US Sanctions
US Sanctions Venezuelan Insiders for Currency Scheme
Guatemala Shuts Down UN Anti-Corruption Probe
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