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Updated January 15, 2019 - 8:38 PM EST
IDF Chief Admits Israel Armed Syrian Rebels
  Reassuring Allies, Bolton and Pompeo Undermine Syria Pullout Plans
  Turkey Dismisses Trump's Economic Threats Over Syria Kurds
Officials Fear Bolton Could Provoke War With Iran
  Trump Administration Denies Trying to Start Negotiations With Iran
In Reversal, Abbas Pressures Hamas as Israel Allows Aid
  Obama Officials Worked With Israel to Counter Goldstone Report
Report: Trump Pushed Withdrawal From NATO
Venezuela Opposition Leader Arrested After Takeover Plan
Car Bomb at Kabul Compound Kills Four, Wounds 90
South Korea Defense Stops Referring to North as Enemy
UN: Yemen's Warring Parties Refuse to Meet for Talks
Pentagon Extending Mission of Troops at Southern Border
item FBI's Probe of Trump as a 'National Security Threat' a Serious Danger  by Glenn Greenwald
item Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria  by Daniel Lazare
item Hope or Despair?: A Bit of Both in 2019  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item NSC Swears US Policy on Israel's Nukes Is Legit  by Grant Smith
item Americans OK With Leaving Syria and Afghanistan  by Lucy Steigerwald

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Belarus in Talks to Boost US Presence
Watchdog: Pentagon Has 250 Cyber Gaps in Networks
Inside the Secret Fitzgerald Probe the Navy Doesn't Want You to Read
Special Operations Service Member Shot During Training at Fort Bragg
Children Wounded in Roadside Blast; Two Killed in Iraq
Mosul Demolishes Iconic Building Used by ISIS for 'Gay' Killings
France Agrees 1 Billion Euro Loan to Iraq for Reconstruction
Al-Qaeda Deny They Plan to Crush Rivals and Take Over Idlib Region
Trump Warns Turkish President in Direct Call Against Mistreating the Kurds
Trump, Erdogan Discussed 'Ongoing Cooperation' in Syria: White House
Turkey Dismisses Trump Threat to Economy Over Syrian Kurds
Qatar Sees No Need to Re-Open Embassy in Syria: Foreign Minister
Saudi Arabia
Saudis 'Assure' Top US Diplomat Pompeo of Accountability for Khashoggi Murder
Saudi-Backed Organization Denounces Countries for 'Inciting' Women to Flee
Palestinian President Plans Anti-Hamas Measures as Split Widens
Palestinian Boy Shot by Israeli Military Dies From Wounds
Once Kingmakers, Israel's Religious Parties May Face Political Extinction
Barak Slams Netanyahu for Breaking Israel Ambiguity on Syria
Netanyahu Challenger Benny Gantz Faces Dutch War Crimes Case
Middle East
In Lebanon, US State Department Official Calls Hezbollah 'Unacceptable'
Military Cargo Plane Crashes in Iran, 15 Killed
South America Creating Regional Bloc to Counter Venezuela: Colombia
Colombian Armed Groups Seize Helicopter Carrying $500,000
Witnesses: Men in Police Garb Massacred Civilians in Haiti
Preliminary Results of Fraud-Tainted Kabul Vote Announced
Afghan Troops Fear Loss of Air Support if US Pulls Out Forces
Key Taliban Member Killed in Kabul Night Raid
Regional Rivalry Harmful to Peace Process: Afghan Govt
China Court Sentences Canadian to Death as Diplomatic Row Deepens
China Says Detained Former Canadian Diplomat Does Not Have Diplomatic Immunity
Onwards to Mars for China's Deep Space Explorers After Chang'e 4 Moon Mission Success
China Says It Exchanged Data With NASA on Far Side Landing
Indian Police Charge Student Leader, Nine Others, in Sedition Case
ISIS Insurgents Overrun Northeast Nigerian Town
Roadside Bomb Hits Police Convoy in Egypt's Sinai, Kills 1
Northwestern Congo Ethnic Violence Killed at Least 400 in December: Local Activists
Ethiopia Protesters Block Main Highway to the Sea
Fuel Price Protests in Zimbabwe Turn Deadly
Mozambique: Islamist Militants Suspected in Cabo Delgado Killings
Sudan's Bashir Says Protests Will Not Lead to Change in Government
Libya Should Hold Elections Even if Draft Constitution Rejected: Parliament Chief
Russian, US Diplomats to Meet on Endangered Missile Treaty
Liberal Mayor of Poland's Gdansk Dies After Stabbing
Czech Court Jails Man for Train Attacks Staged to Blame Muslims
Spain Earmarks More Funds for Catalonia as PM Seeks Votes for Budget
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