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Updated January 16, 2019 - 8:50 PM EST
US Troops Killed in Syria Suicide Attack
  Turkey Endorses US Call for Syria Safe Zone, Kurds Reject Idea
  IDF Chief Admits Israel Armed Syrian Rebels
  US Has 4,500 Marines, F-35s on Standby to Support Syria Pullout
  Reassuring Allies, Bolton and Pompeo Undermine Syria Pullout Plans
Mnuchin Urges Senate To Ease Russia Sanctions
  US, Russia Trade Accusations of Nuclear Deal Violations
Report: Trump Pushed Withdrawal From NATO
Trump May Recognize Opposition Chief as Venezuela Pres.
  Venezuela Opposition Tries Luring Soldiers Away From Maduro
Turkey Seeks Interpol Warrant for NY Knicks' Center
Taliban May Pull Out of Talks Over US Troop Presence
South Korea Defense Stops Referring to North as Enemy
item Russia Sure Behaves Strangely for a Country Bent on Conquest  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Media Worried US Won't Occupy Syria Forever  by Gregory Shupak
item Moral Travesty of Israel Seeking Arab, Iranian Money for Its Nakba  by Ramzy Baroud
item The New Gray Lady – Comfort Woman for the War Party  by David Stockman
item Now More Than Ever, It's Clear the FBI Must Go  by Thomas Knapp
item Bolton's Big Iran Con
 by Joe Cirincione

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Okinawa's Burden
$2 Billion Budget Gap Threatens UN Peacekeeping Missions
Feds Can't Force You to Unlock Your iPhone With Finger or Face, Judge Rules
Venezuela, Turkey Using Gold to Evade US Sanctions
Palestinians Launch Bid for Full UN Membership
Family of Former US Marine Held by Russia Rejects Reports of Russia Visit
Russia Extends Detention of Jailed Ukrainian Sailors
Spain Arrests 17 in Ongoing Catalonia Anti-Terror Operation
Albanian Designated Macedonia's 2nd Official Language
Polish Man Arrested Over Spying for China While Working in Government
Germany Arrests Afghan Dual National on Suspicion of Spying for Iran
Haftar's Forces Declare War on 'Terrorism' in South Libya
East Libyan Forces Heading South to Secure Oil Sites
Gunmen Kill 15 in Kenya Hotel Compound Attack Claimed by Somali Islamists
Runner-Up in DR Congo Poll Dispute Launches Court Appeal
Nigerian Military Clears Islamists From Northeastern Town
Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Cleared of War Crimes, May Return to Politics
Ethiopia Protesters End Blockade of Main Highway to Sea
Military Deploys in Zimbabwe Fuel Hike Protests; Five Killed
Hundreds Join Demonstration in Poor District of Sudan's Capital
The War at Home
Pentagon Shipping Jumbo Cell to Guantanamo War Court to Accommodate Hospital Bed
Navy Rebukes Congressman's Claims on SEAL's Confinement
Two 1st Cav Soldiers Die in On-Duty Vehicle Incidents 3 Days Apart
China Warns State Firms to Avoid Travel to US
First US Crude Oil in Months Heads to China
Huawei Says It Won't Comply With China's Request for Customer Data
Pakistan Kills Two Men Linked to 2011 Abduction of American
Scattered Attacks Leave Four Dead in Iraq
Iraqi PM Denies Reports About US Demand for Dissolving Shi'ite Militias
US-Backed Kurdish Group Seize Key Village From ISIS Militants in Syria
Dutch Government Says No Plans to Send Troops to Protect Syrian Kurds
Netanyahu Urges Iran to 'Get Out of Syria Fast'
Israel Inflating Iran's Presence in Syria to Cover Its Own Failures, Tehran Says
US Troops in Syria Could Be Replaced by Private Contractors, Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Says
American ISIS Member Detained in Syria Says He 'Wanted to Go See Exactly What the Group Was About'
UN to Approve Yemen Truce Monitors on Wednesday: Diplomats
Yemen's Anti-Terror Operation Kills Seven al-Qaeda Militants
Jordan Agrees to Host a UN Sponsored Yemen Meeting on Prisoner Swap
Israel Evicting Palestinian Family to Replace Them With Settlers
Palestinian Education Increasingly a Target of the Israeli Occupation
All the Ways East Jerusalem Palestinians Get Rejected in Bid to Become Israelis
Likud Votes in Favor of Netanyahu's Candidate to Party's Knesset List
Middle East
Saudi Aide Fired Over Khashoggi Murder Still Wields Influence
US Criticizes Iran's Attempted Satellite Launch
As Economy Sours, Erdogan's Party Could Lose Grip on Big Cities in Local Polls
Venezuela's Opposition-Run Congress Declares Maduro a Usurper
Venezuela Congress Asks Foreign Countries to Freeze Maduro-Linked Accounts
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