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Updated February 5, 2019 - 9:06 PM EST
Senate Snubs Trump on Afghan, Syria Withdrawal
  Senate Roll Call Vote on Keeping Troops in Syria, Afghanistan
Ousting Maduro Without Violence Is Unlikely
  EU Mulls New Venezuela Sanctions, Many Endorse Guaido
Trump: 'No Plans' To Withdraw From South Korea
UK Army Authorized Killing of Unarmed Civilians: Report
Afghan Govt 'Furious' as Taliban Heads to Russia for Talks
Trump's 'Watching Iran' Confuses Pentagon, Angers Iraq
Pentagon Says Launching Effort to Prevent Civilian Deaths
item Gaza Rallies for Caracas: West's Dangerous Game in Venezuela  by Ramzy Baroud and Romana Rubeo
item People Who Care About Democracy Don't Plot Coups  by Peter Certo
item Don't Let the Democrats Become the Party of War  by Trita Parsi & Stephen Wertheim
item CIA Was Aiding Afghan Jihadists Before the Soviet Invasion  by Nauman Sadiq
item America's Withdrawal From Syria Must Be Total  by Cory Massimino
item US Foreign Policy Should Not Be a Religious Crusade  by Doug Bandow

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Rand Paul Accuses McConnell, Other Senators of a War Caucus
Pope in UAE: Reject Wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya
Iran's First President Says Khomeini Betrayed 1979 Islamic Revolution
Germany Could Miss Even Reduced NATO Defense Spending Goal: Document
Regional Bloc Plans Pressure Campaign Against Venezuela's Maduro
France Says Guaido Has Right to Organize New Venezuela Election
Humanitarian Aid Emerges as Next Battle for Control of Venezuela
EU Nations Back Venezuela's Guaido as Maduro Faces Rising Pressure
EU Studying More Sanctions on Venezuela, No Oil Embargo: Malta
Venezuela to Revise Bilateral Relations With EU Govts That Recognize Guaido
Who Backs Whom in Venezuela Crisis
Venezuela's Guaido Says Maduro Trying to Move Public Funds to Uruguay
Venezuela's Maduro Wrote Letter to Pope Requesting Dialogue: Vatican
Eight Killed in Possible Water Dispute in Southern Mexico
10 Afghan Civilians Killed in Samangan Clash
Pakistan's Pashtun Rights Movement Suffers First Casualty
Parade and Dances as Myanmar's Karen Rebels Mark 70th Anniversary of Struggle
China Says It Is Not a Threat to Norway, Denies Cyber Espionage
Five Abu Sayyaf Members Surrender Over Philippine Church Bombing
Japan, Germany Share Responsibility to Work Towards Global Peace: PM Abe
Germany Pledges Eur110 Million to Boost NATO Battalion Infrastructure in Lithuania
Catalans Say to Block Spain Budget Bill, Pressuring Socialists
Russian Navy Deploys Nausea-Inducing 'Dazzler' on Frigates
In West Bank, Ya'alon Plugs 'Right to Settle Every Part of the Land of Israel'
Palestinian Killed, One Wounded by Israeli Fire in West Bank
Israeli Rabbinate Accused of Using DNA Testing to Prove Jewishness
Avigdor Liberman Likens Haredim to Hamas in Campaign Focused on Religion and State
UN Council Pushes Yemen's Warring Parties to Withdraw Hodeidah Troops
Red Cross: Yemen Prisoner Release 'Hanging in the Balance'
Saudi Arabia
British MPs Say Highest Saudi Authorities May Be Responsible for Activists' Torture
Saudi Arabia to Address Abuse of Male Guardianship System
Erdogan Slams US 'Silence' Over Khashoggi, Demands Saudi Answers
Outspoken Writer, Iranian Pilgrim Among Four Killed in Iraq
No Plan for Mosul – Chaos and Neglect Slow Iraqi City's Recovery
US Asks Nations to Repatriate Jihadists as It Leaves Syria
French Rethink on Repatriating Jihadists Stirs Political Storm
As ISIS Crumbles, Syrian Kurds Want Germany to Take Back Foreign Fighters
French Planes Back Chad President, Striking Libyan Rebels
US Gives Control Center to Niger for Boko Haram Operations
Constitutional Proposals Could Allow Egypt's Sisi to Stay in Power Till 2034
Car Bomb Kills 11 at Somalia Shopping Mall
Sudan Protesters Chant 'Freedom' as Police Fire Tear Gas
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