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Updated February 14, 2019 - 8:40 PM EST
House Calls to End US Support for Yemen War
Suicide Bus Bombing Kills 41 Iranian Soldiers
  Iran: Retaliation for Suicide Attack Won't Be Limited to Borders
  Trump Ramps Up Secret Program to Sabotage Iran's Rockets
  Netanyahu: War Against Iran a Common Goal at Warsaw Meeting
US in Talks With Poland on Troop Increase
  With Armored Vehicles and Snipers, US Seeks to Confront Russia
Omar, Elliott Abrams Clash in Fiery Exchange
Israel Lobby Spending Compared to Other Influencers
US-Backed Kurds Claim 200 ISIS Surrender in E. Syria
item Why Must Ilhan Omar Apologize for Telling the Truth?  by Brett Wilkins
item Real Reason the FBI Investigated Trump as a Russian Agent  by Gareth Porter
item There's No Case for War With Venezuela  by Conor Friedersdorf
item Why I Got Trump Right  by Justin Raimondo
item Being Marco Rubio  by Philip Giraldi
item Israel Removes the Last Restraint on Hebron Settlers' Reign of Terror  by Jonathan Cook

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House Vote on Ending Support for Yemen War
US Fails to Halt Iran Bid to Free Frozen Billions
Qatar Confirms Talks With Russia to Purchase S-400 System Despite Saudi Threats
Saudi Prince Turki to Israeli TV: Netanyahu Deceiving Israel About Peace Chances
Bomb Blast Kills Three Civilians in Yemen's Hodeidah
Roadside Bomb Kills 3 UAE-Backed Yemeni Security Personnel
Saudi Arabia
EU Adds Saudi Arabia to Dirty-Money Blacklist, Upsets Britain
Apple, Google Both Hosting Saudi Govt App That Lets Men Track Women, Restrict Their Travel
Security Forces Rescue 30 Civilians; Three Killed in Iraq
UN Envoy Calls for End to Political Infighting in Iraq
Iran-Backed Groups Corner Iraq's Postwar Scrap Metal Market
US Delivers Missiles to Lebanese Army
Riaydh Throws Open Door for Gulf Tourism to Lebanon
UN Court Rules It Has Jurisdiction to Hear Iran Claim Against US Over Assets
Jaish Al Adl Militant Group Claims Responsibility for Attack Against Iran's Revolutionary Guards
Middle East
Netanyahu Meets Omani FM, Hints Other Arab States Warming to Israel
Hundreds Streaming Out of Last ISIS Stronghold as Extremists Face Military Defeat
Israel Opposes UN Council Visit to Palestinian Territories
US Senators to Try Again to Pass Russia Sanctions Bill
Pence Praises Poland's Actions on Huawei as US Pressure Mounts
Three Syrians Arrested in Germany, France for Suspected Crimes Against Humanity
Death Toll Now 15 After Nigeria Election Stampede: Hospital
ISIS Says Attacked Nigerian Governor's Convoy
Rights Group Says Egypt Executed 6 Islamists in 2 Weeks
Sudanese Opposition Unite in Calling for Bashir to Step Down
Mosques Attacked in Ethiopia
The War at Home
US Air Force Officer Defects to Iran With Information 'Seriously Damaging' to National Security
Congressman Ro Khanna to Trump: if You're So Antiwar, Get Out of Yemen
The Army Is Buying This Pocket-Sized Drone in Bulk for Recon at Platoon and Below
Patrick Shanahan Unlikely to Get Permanent Defense Secretary Position
White House Executive Order That Would Bar Huawei From US Will Be Released Within Days, American Officials Say
Venezuela Opposition Takes Steps to Seize Oil Revenue as Maduro Issues Threat
Guaido's US Team Has Capacity to Use Venezuelan Embassy Bank Accounts
Venezuela's US Lawyers Just Switched From Maduro to Guaido
US Warns the World Against Buying Venezuelan Oil
US Congress Won't Support Military Intervention in Venezuela: Rep. Engel
US's Bolton Speaks to El Salvador President-Elect About 'Predatory' China
Court Clears Way for Guatemalan Dictator's Daughter to Run
Journalist Wounded in Renewed Haiti Clashes
NATO Chief Says 'No Decision Yet on Troops Withdrawal' From Afghanistan
Germany to Extend Afghanistan Military Mission
US Says It Has Not Received an Invitation to Talks With Taliban in Pakistan
US Exit From Afghanistan Won't Create Power Vacuum: Russia
Afghan Taliban Negotiation Team to Meet PM Imran Khan in Islamabad
28 Kids Injured in Kashmir Tuition Center Blast
Philippine Journalist at Odds With Duterte Arrested for Libel
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