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Updated February 15, 2019 - 9:56 PM EST
Will Yemen War Be Trump's First Veto?
  Walter Jones Made the Yemen Vote Happen
  New Bill Would Honor Rep. Walter Jones by Repealing AUMF
Pompeo: Confronting Iran Key to Mideast Peace
  Pence Lashes Out at Europeans, Demands End to Iran Nuclear Deal
  Israel May Look to Expand Covert War Against Iran Beyond Syria
  Jaish Al-Adl: Shadowy Sunni Extremists on Iran-Pakistan Border
US DoD Chief: No Afghan Pullout Without NATO
  Pakistan Confirms Hosting US-Taliban Talks Next Week
Bomber Kills 44 in Attack on Indian Police Bus in Kashmir
item Five Striking Things You Didn't Know About Venezuela  by Ted Snider
item Enough Western Meddling: Let the Venezuelan People Decide  by Ramzy Baroud
item Ilhan Omar Politely Scorched Trump's Newest Diplomat-Slash-War Criminal  by Luke Darby
item Veni, Vidi, Tweeti (I Came, I Saw, I Tweeted)  by Tom Engelhardt
item Yes, Conditions in Venezuela Are Bad. No, We Shouldn't Intervene.  by Stephen Kinzer
item Undefeated, ISIS Is Back in Iraq  by Aziz Ahmad

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Regime Change by Tweet? John Bolton Hopes So
Senate Confirms William Barr as US Attorney General
Bishop Stripped of Citizenship for 'Anti-Kiev Activities'
Kosovo President Hopes for Deal With Serbia
30 Years On, Russia Views Afghan War With Pride
Maduro Reveals Secret Meetings With US Envoy
Maduro Ramps Up Legal Fight Against Guaido's Challenge
Venezuelan Opposition Envoy Urges Foreign Help to Get Aid In
Cuba Charges US Moving Special Forces, Preparing Venezuelan Intervention
Venezuela Opens Investigation Into Opposition-Appointed PDVSA Directors
Several Dead, Dozens Escape Prison Amid Haiti Protests
Canada Closes Haiti Embassy as Violence Traps Tourists
Building Bridges: How Sport Is Bringing North and South Korea Closer Together
Shopping in Pyongyang, and Other Adventures in North Korean Capitalism
Pakistan Rejects Links to Attack in Indian Controlled Kashmir
Bishop Stripped of Citizenship for 'Anti-Kiev Activities'
'I'm a Political Prisoner', Catalan Separatist Leader Tells Court
Sudanese Teacher Was 'Raped and Killed by Special Torture Unit'
Security Forces Round Up Protesters in Central Khartoum
Sudanese Refugee Detained on Manus Island Wins Prestigious Human Rights Prize
Nigeria 'Delta Avengers' Militants Vow to Cripple Economy if Buhari Re-Elected
In Libya's Former Jihadist Hotbed, Residents Hope for a Better Future
UN: More Than a Million Need Humanitarian Aid in Burkina Faso
Iran's Rouhani Blames US, Israel for Attack on Elite Guards
Netanyahu Leaks Video of Arab Leaders Blasting 'Toxic' Iran in Discreet Discussion
Iran and France Close to Exchanging Ambassadors
Militia Convoy Attacked; 17 Killed in Iraq
Air India Resumes Flights to Iraq After 30 Years
Iran's Rouhani Backs Push to Clear Syria's Idlib Region of Militants
Putin Hosts Iran and Turkey Leaders for Syrian War Talks
As ISIS Fight Winds Down in Syria, Detainee Numbers Rising
Turkey's Erdogan Says Hope of a Political Resolution in Syria Stronger Than Ever
Arab Leaders Play Down Palestinian Issue in Leaked Video
Israeli Mossad Chief 'Secretly Visited Saudi Arabia' in 2014
Palestinian Property Vandalized in Israeli Hate Crime in West Bank
Nearly 200 Palestinian Families in East Jerusalem Face Eviction Cases by Israeli Settler Orgs
Netanyahu: Israeli-Arab Ties Advance, but Full Peace Unattainable Now
On Election Battlefield, Netanyahu Blurs Line Between Security and Propaganda
'There Are No Foreigners Left': Israeli Settlers Rampage in Hebron Following Expulsion of Human Rights Observers
Middle East
Turkish Police Believe Khashoggi Remains May Have Been Burnt
Turkish MP Says Ankara Sticking to Russian Missile Purchase
Landmine Blast Kills Two Police Officers, One Civilian in Jordan
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Five Striking things You Didn't Know About Venezuela

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