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Updated February 20, 2019 - 8:48 PM EST
Putin Will Target US if Missiles Target Russia
Trump Administration Tries to Tie Iran, al-Qaeda
  Prisoners of Their Own Rebellion: The Cult-Like Group Fighting Iran
Trump Says 'No Rush' for NK Denuclearization
  SK's Moon Offers to Resume Cooperation With NK on Denuclearization
Trump Rushing to Sell Saudis Nuclear Technology
  Germany's Ban on Arms Exports to Saudis Have Impact
Gen. Votel: Contradicts Trump on Foreign Policy
'Irritated' by Russia, US Admiral Sends Warship
US 'Warns' Lebanon on Hezbollah Cabinet Posts
item FBI Came Close to Staging a Coup  by John Kiriakou
item Russian Mediation: The Crucial Messages of the Hamas-Fatah Talks in Moscow  by Ramzy Baroud
item Beltway Warriors Target China as the Next Global Threat  by Leon Hadar
item US Counterterror Missions Across the Planet  by Stephanie Savell
item 25 Years in Jail for Protecting the Planet?  by Frida Berrigan
item Walter Jones Will Be Missed  by Paul R. Pillar

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Feds Share Watchlist With 1,400 Private Groups
Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Seeks Return to US
In Rebuke to US, Germany Considers Letting Huawei In
Ukraine President Signs Amendment on NATO, EU Membership
Venezuelan Troops to Remain on Border to Prevent Threats
Top Maduro-Allied Citgo Executives Removed Amid Battle to Control Firm
Brazil to Send Aid to Venezuela Together With US
Venezuela Shuts Border With Caribbean Islands Ahead of Aid Efforts
Cuba Denies Military in Venezuela, Charges US Readies Intervention
Pakistan Warns That Afghan Talks Will Be Affected if India Retaliates Over Kashmir
Pakistan Offers to Investigate Deadly Suicide Bombing in Kashmir
Pakistani PM Willing to Talk but Warns India Not to Attack
Pakistan Urges UN to Intervene Over Kashmir Tension With India
US Urges Pakistan to Punish Those Behind Kashmir Attack
Bombs Kill Seven Civilians in Afghanistan
Kunar Residents Attend Big Rally for Afghan Peace
China Closes Tibet to Foreigners for Sensitive Anniversaries
Iraqi Man Convicted in Sweden of War Crimes
New Legislation Bans Russian Soldiers From Using Smartphones
Suicide Blast in Cairo Tourist Area Kills Three Policemen
Egyptian Security Forces Kill 16 Suspected Militants
Death Toll From Northwest Nigeria Attack Doubles to 130
Nigeria's Opposition Urges Military to Stay Away From Vote
Eastern Libyan Forces Hand El Sharara Oilfield to Oil Guards
UN Says Fighting, Instability Have Displaced 100,000 in Burkina Faso
Suicide Bomber Who Killed 27 Members of Iran's Guards Was Pakistani: Guards Commander
Ahead of Saudi Visit, China Seeks 'Deeper Trust' With Iran
Saudi Arabia
Flynn Pushed to Share Nuclear Tech With Saudis, Report Says
House Launches Probe of US Nuclear Plan in Saudi Arabia
Australian Next-Generation Weapons System Bound for War Crime-Accused Saudi Arabia
Why Saudi Arabia Is Investing $20 Billion in Pakistan
Assad Adviser Rejects Idea of Granting Syrian Kurds Autonomy
Air Strikes Hit ISIS Pocket as Syrian Fighters Press Attack
Evacuation Trucks Enter Baghouz, Last ISIS Enclave in Syria, Amid Concern for Civilians
Swiss Would Prefer ISIS Fighters Tried on Site: Minister
Teenager Who Joined ISIS Group in Syria to Lose UK Citizenship
Syrian Kurdish Leader: Border Force Needed to Protect Us From Turkey
Truffle Hunters Executed; 17 Killed in Iraq
US Palestinian Mission to Merge With Israel Embassy in March
Israeli Police Arrest 19 Protesters at Jerusalem Holy Site
Map Shown by PM Shows Israel Having 'Potential' Relations With Mali, Niger
The War at Home
US Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to Step Down in March
Spacex Splits Six Military Launches With Rival Lockheed-Boeing
Space Force: Trump Directs Pentagon to Create Smaller Service Within Air Force
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