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Updated February 24, 2019 - 9:18 PM EST
20 Companies Profiting the Most From War
  The Foreign-Policy Money Trail in Washington
Trump Leaving 400 Troops in Syria After Pullout
  Civilian Convoy Leaves Last ISIS Territory in Eastern Syria
  Officials Say Hundreds of ISIS Fled Syria Into Iraq in Past Six Months
Guantanamo Detainees Not an Option for Trump
UN Watchdog Confirms Iran in Compliance With Deal
Abe Says Japan Will Ignore Okinawa Vote on US Base
Abrams Heads to Colombia to Oversee Aid Delegation
item IHCHR: 11,800 Civilians Killed in US-Led Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq  by Brett Wilkins
item Telling Only Part of the Story of Jihad  by Daniel Lazare
item How the Rule of the Rabbis Is Fueling a Holy War in Israel  by Jonathan Cook
item What War Films Never Show You  by Mike Ferner
item How NATO Pushed the US Into the Libya Fiasco  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Why Do Some of Our Leaders Still Try to Justify Japanese Internment?  by Mitchell T. Maki

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NATO Study Experimented With Using Social Media to Influence Soldiers
India, Pakistan Crank Up War of Words Over Kashmir Bombing
Sudan's Bashir Declares One-Year State of Emergency, Dissolves Govt
Microsoft Staff: Do Not Use Hololens for War
Trump Adviser Bolton Cancels Trip to South Korea to Focus on Venezuela
US 'Will Arm Venezuela Opposition': Russia
Guaido Attends Venezuela Aid Concert on Barricaded Border
Curacao Blocks Venezuela Aid Ship Cargo: Captain
Mexico's National Guard Won't Be Military-Led, in Govt Step-Down
Haiti Police Fire Rubber Pellets at Mourners as Protests Resume
Afghan Forces Kill 23 Militants in 24 Hours
Fifth Round of US-Taliban Talks to Be Held on Monday
India Asks Int'l Cricket Council to Snap Ties With 'Terror' Supporting Nations
India Top Court Orders Eviction of Over 1 Million Forest Dwellers
Trump Says US Has Developed 'Much Better' Relations With Pakistan Recently
Pakistan Army Court-Martials Two Senior Officers for Spying
Pakistan Reimposes Ban on Islamist Charities Linked to Militant Leader
North Korea/Vietnam
Vietnam Announces Traffic Ban for Possible Kim Jong UN Summit Arrival Route
North Korea's Forgotten Fighters in Vietnam
Trump Says Inclined to Extend China Trade Deadline, to Meet Xi Soon
Despite Putin's Swagger, Russia Struggles to Modernize Its Navy
Russia Extends Detention of Ex-US Marine Accused of Spying
Pro-Secession Protesters Block Roads in Catalonia
Swiss Ex-Sergeant Convicted for Leading Christian Militia in Syria
German Govt Denies Cover-Up Over Berlin Xmas Market Attack
The War at Home
Pentagon Won't Say if It Will Seek Congressional Approval to Move Billions for Wall
Trump Admin. Directs 1,000 More Troops to Mexican Border
62e1rFather of Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Sues Trump Administration for Her Return
Trump Calls for More Biometric Scans, Data Sharing
Microsoft Staff: Do Not Use Hololens for War
Lockheed Touts New 'F-21' Fighter Jet Concept for International Sales
Men on Fishing Trip Among Nine Killed in Iraq
ISIS Targets Truffle Hunters Across Sunni Regions
First RAF Typhoon Use of Brimstone Missile Destroys ISIS Boat in Syria
TV Report: MI6 Spy Chief Makes Secret Israel Trip Amid New Iran Nuclear Activity
Iran Starts Gulf War Games, to Test Submarine-Launched Missiles
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Envoy to Yemen Meets US Congress Delegation
Saudi Crown Prince Appears to Defend China's Use of Internment Camps for Muslims
Saudi Crown Price Strikes $10 Billion China Deal, Talks Deradicalization With Xi
Former VP Spiro Agnew in 1980 Asked Saudi Leader for Money to Fight US 'Zionists'
Turkey Orders 295 Military Personnel Arrested Over Gulen Links
As Prices Soar, Turkey's Erdogan Woos Voters With Vegetables
Israeli Gunfire Kills Gaza Teenager During Border Protests
24 Palestinians Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Medics
Elizabeth Warren Warns of 'Demographic Realities, Births... Bearing Down on Israel' – Racist Code for Palestinian Babies
Palestinians Pray in Long-Closed Part of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem
Palestinians Hold Annual Open Shuhada Street Demonstration in Hebron
Canada Donates Military Equipment to Lebanese Army
How Sisi's Backers Are Planning to Change Egypt's Constitution
UN Rights Office: Egyptian Executions Follow Flawed Trials, Torture
French Troops Kill Senior Islamist Militant in Mali
US Gas Company Anadarko's Convoy Attacked in Mozambique
Sexual Violence Surging in South Sudan
In Nigeria, Boko Haram Violence Disenfranchises Many Voters
US Slaps Travel Curbs on DR Congo Election Officials for Abuses
Thousands of Algerians Protest Bouteflika's Re-Election Bid
Rights Group Urges Libyan Forces to Lift Siege on Civilians
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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