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Updated March 21, 2019 - 9:46 PM EDT
Trump Endorses Israeli Annexation of Golan
  Israeli Soldiers Shoot Students Protesting Killing of Palestinian
  Jewish Lawmaker Shoots Dead Arab Colleague in Campaign Video
Iraqi Parliament Prepares to Evict US Troops
  US Plans Uncertain, but Russia Also Looks to Exit Syria
Afghan Casualties Sharply Risen in Past Year
  Afghanistan Presidential Election Postponed to September
Pentagon Denies Civilians Killed in Somalia Strikes
Saudi Students in US Complain of Threats, Intimidation
Pentagon To Probe if Acting SecDef Helped Boeing
Antiwar Icon Mike Gravel Announces for President
item Mystery in Madrid: Who Raided the North Korean Embassy – and Why?  by Justin Raimondo
item Somaliland: A Success Story Without the Billions and Bombs  by Michael Horton
item Understanding Israel's Deception Regarding Citizenship vs. Jewish Nationality  by Jonathan Ofir
item Bloomberg Becoming a Marketing Tool for the Pentagon  by Adam Johnson
item Is Democracy the Answer to the World's Problems?  by Edward Lozansky
item Under New Drone Rules, the US Can Now Kill Civilians in Secret  by Sinéad Baker

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Daniel Ellsberg Calls Chelsea Manning 'An American Hero'
Twitter Restores Account of Julian Assange's Mother
Palestinians Sue Settlers Over Stolen Property Listed on Airbnb
Pentagon Faces 'Challenge' Finding Money for Trump Border Wall
Eight Children 'Killed or Wounded in Yemen Every Day', Despite Ceasefire Pledge
Suspect Hodeidah Grain Declared Fit to Eat in Lifeline to Starving Yemenis
Infested Yemen Food Aid Needs Fumigation to Feed Millions
Soldiers Ambushed Near Baghdad; 12 Killed in Iraq
Despite Washington Talks, France Still Unclear Over US Syria Plans
Khamenei Says Iran Successfully Resisted US Sanctions
Iran Says Four Kidnapped Security Personnel Are Freed
Iran Vows to Control Prices, Boost Production Despite US Sanctions
Israel Kills Four Palestinians in West Bank
Palestinian Killed in West Bank by Israeli Gunfire: Palestinian Medics
Settlers Reject Protective Bunkers West Bank Bus Stops
State Prosecutors Said Mulling Criminal Probe of Netanyahu in Submarine Case
Fatah Spokesman in Gaza Attacked by Masked Assailants Amid Protests
Middle East
Qatar Asks IAEA to Intervene Over 'Threat' Posed by UAE Nuclear Plant
New Zealand's FM Goes to Turkey to Confront Erdogan Over Comments on Christchurch Shooting
Lebanon Arrests Lebanese-Canadian for Spying for Israel
Ex-Bosnian Serb Wartime Leader Karadzic Gets Life in Prison
Bosnia Divided Over UN Ruling on Wartime Leader Karadzic
Ukraine Introduces New Sanctions Against Russia
Driver Hijacks, Sets Ablaze School Bus in Italy, Children Flee Unharmed
EU Allocates Eur525 Million for Defense Projects Including Eurodrone
The War at Home
Trump Says Mueller Investigation Report Should Be Made Public
'Sanders Smashes the Israel Status Quo,' His New Ad Boasts
Space Force's Projected Size Drifts Upward, Drawing Concern on Capitol Hill
Pentagon Agrees to Set Up McSally's Military Sexual Assault Task Force
Trump Embraces Politics of Defense Spending in Battleground Ohio
Taliban Releases Captured Border Forces in Badghis
US Envoy to Afghanistan to Brief Counterparts on Peace Effort
Trump: China Tariffs May Remain for 'Substantial Period'
Taliban Kill Six Pakistan Police in Balochistan Checkpoint Attack
An Unholy Alliance: Monks and the Military in Myanmar
Kazakhstan Renames Capital to Honor Nazarbayev
UN Rights Boss Decries Venezuela Crackdown; Says Sanctions May Worsen Crisis
Florida House Urges Congress to Take Steps on Venezuela
Citigroup to Sell Venezuelan Gold in Setback to President Maduro
Reliance Selling Fuels From India to Venezuela to Avoid US Sanctions
Bolsonaro Gets Trump's Praise but Few Concessions, Riling Brazilians
Slain Mexican Journalist's Widow Says Government Spied on Her
Colombia Court Says Cannot Yet Rule on Possible Changes to Peace Law
Algerian Army Chief, Ruling Party Support Protesters
Egyptian Novelist 'Sued' for Criticizing Military Officials
UN to Hold Libya Conference in April to Avoid Military Showdown
Central African Republic Reaches Deal on New Govt: African Union
Tunisia Forces Kill Three Militants Suspected of Shepherd Murders
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