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Updated March 25, 2019 - 8:58 PM EDT
Israel, Hamas Clash on Gaza, Then Truce Reached
US Airstrikes Kill 14 Afghan Civilians
  Taliban Weekend Offensive Kills 65 Afghan Troops
  Peace Movement Blames Foreign Countries for Afghan War
Islamists Allies Clash in Yemen, Six Dead
  Five British Troops Wounded Advising Saudis on Their Campaign
  Yemen Conflict: Who Controls What
Mueller: No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion
  Attorney General William Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report
10 Years in Jail for Possessing NZ Attacker's Manifesto
  NZ Killer Tied to America's Ukrainian Nazis
Trump Signs Decree Recognizing Israeli Golan Annexation
Syria Reports 21 Injured After Rebel Gas Attack on Village
Russian Planes Land in Venezuela, Carrying Troops
item How the Media Distort News From Venezuela  by Reese Erlich
item AIPAC Is Coming to Town – Again!  by Philip Giraldi
item NZ Terrorist Used ISIS Tactics to Divide, People Are Buying Into It  by Matt Agorist
item Ari Fleischer Lied, and People Died  by Scott Ritter
item The Tragedy of Kosovo  by Philip Hammond
item Erasing Occupation: The Pernicious Role of Congress  by Lara Friedman

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Fight Over US Nuke Arsenal Heats Up in Congress
Judge Faults Feds for 'Kafkaesque' Stance in Journalist's Surveillance Suit
Chelsea Manning Supporters Demand Release From Solitary Confinement
NATO Confirms Plans for US Military Storage in Poland
Three Protesters Killed in Yemen's Aden
Saudi-Led Coalition Attacks Drone Storage Caves in Yemen's Capital
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Take Issue of Golan Heights to UN
US Call for Israeli Sovereignty on Golan 'Contravenes International Law': Iraqi Foreign Ministry Tweet
Druze Protest in Golan Against Trump's Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty
Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up; Four Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Parliament Sacks Local Governor After Mosul Boat Capsize
Driver Working in Syria With NBC News Killed in Explosion
More Than 630 Civilians Killed in Syria Anti-ISIS Fight
Death Toll From Russian Attacks in Idlib Rises to 15
Jihadists Emerge From Tunnels to Surrender After 'Caliphate' Falls
Pompeo Urges Lebanon to Move Away From 'Dark' Iran and Hezbollah
Iran to Cement Ties With Lebanon, Hezbollah Despite US Pressure
Gaza Rehearses for 1 Million at the Fence Next Week, as Israel Kills Two More Men
Israeli Air-To-Ground Missile Wounds Three Palestinians in Central Gaza
On Live TV, Netanyahu Admits Approving Submarine Sale to Egypt Because of 'State Secret'
Four Injured in Night Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza
Haaretz Poll: 42% of Israelis Back West Bank Annexation, Including Two-State Supporters
Palestinian PM Finalizes Consultations on Forming Unity Govt
Far-Right Leader Says Won't Join Next Israeli Government Unless It Agrees to Legalize Marijuana
Honduran President Calls Jerusalem Israeli Capital, Not Moving Embassy Yet
Romania to Move Embassy to Jerusalem, Premier Pledges
Middle East
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Not Go Back on Purchase of Russian S-400s
With an Eye on Iran, US Clinches Strategic Port Deal With Oman
Royal Adviser Fired Over Khashoggi Murder Absent From Saudi Trial
Thousands Rally Against Leaders in Serbia, Montenegro
Anti-Government Protesters March in Belarusian Capital
Afghan Govt Remains Skeptical About Outcome of Qatar Meeting
Taliban Claims Deadly Attack on Afghan Stadium Celebration
Afghan Govt Criticized for Failing to Probe Assassination Cases
Afghan Govt to Seek Major Loans From IMF to Fund Key Projects
Indian Soldier Killed in India-Pakistan Trade of Fire in Kashmir
India on High Alert After Firing at Pakistani Drone
South Korea Pays for Vast US Army Base Expansion, but Trump Wants It to Pay More
Thailand's Pro-Army Party Leads in Election; Results Delayed
Malaysia Threatens EU Fighter Jet Boycott Over Palm Oil
The Egypt, Israel Peace Treaty Sealed 40 Years Ago
Egyptian Singer Banned After Claiming Lack of Free Speech
Nigeria Ruling Party Stages Come-Back in Key State Vote
Violence and Intimidation Marr Re-Run Polls in Nigeria
Al Shabaab Attack on Somali Ministry in Mogadishu Kills at Least 15
Mali Leader Sacks Generals, Disbands Vigilantes After 134 Dead in Massacre
Eight Children Searching for Scrap Killed in Sudan Blast
Libya Protesters Demand Release of Gadhafy-Era Spy Chief
Hundreds of Algerian Lawyers Protest Against Bouteflika
Comoros Opposition Say Presidential Vote Marred by Irregularities
DR Congo Election Official Denies US Corruption Claim
Maduro Accuses US of Financing Mercenary Plot Against Him
Venezuelan Power Struggle Creates Diplomatic Duel Abroad
Venezuela Lays Out Accusations Against Guaido's Top Aide
Maduro Vows Deep Change in Venezuela Govt Amid Pressure
No 'Financial Ceiling' in Search for Missing in Mexico
ICC to Examine Mexican Ex-Presidents' Guilt in Over 100 Journalist Murders
Colombia's Trasandino Pipeline Bombed for Fifth Time in 2019
The War at Home
Arsonist Strikes Mosque in Escondido, Calif., Refers to New Zealand Massacre in Note
Marine Found Dead at Camp Pendleton Guard Post From Gunshot Wound to Head
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