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Updated March 26, 2019 - 9:46 PM EDT
RussiaGate: It Was All a Lie
  John Brennan Tries to Pretend He Wasn't Lying
  Mueller Madness: The Media Pundits Who Got It Most Wrong
  Mueller Report: Russia Responds to the Mueller Probe Summary
Israel-Hamas Cross-Border Fighting Renews
  Latest Israeli Bombing of Gaza Destroyed 30 Residential Units
  Palestinians Stock Up on Food as Israeli Airstrikes Light Up Gaza
Saudi Airstrikes Kill at Least 50 Yemeni Houthis
  110,000 Affected by New Cholera Outbreak in Yemen
NK Thinks Trump Was Open to Easing Sanctions
  North Korean Staff Returns to Liaison Office After Friday Withdrawal
US Envoy Says ISIS Fight To Continue in Syria
  Trump Signs Decree Recognizing Israeli Golan Annexation
Hamas in Egypt-Brokered Ceasefire With Israel
Report: EU to Reject Ban on Huawei
item Still Waiting: 2020 and the Quest for a Progressive Foreign Policy  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Myth That Won't Die: Trump as Russia's Puppet  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Exposing Israeli Interference in the US  by Ali Abunimah
item Russiagate – A Bright, Shining Lie  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Stop the CIA Coup  by Justin Raimondo
item How the Islamic State's Brutal Project Was Finally Overthrown  by Patrick Cockburn

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Rendition Plane, Increased Police Presence Raise Fears for Assange
Canadian Judge Says Ex-Gitmo Inmate's War Crimes Sentence Has Expired
Canada Grants Asylum to Woman Who Sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong
US Officials Vow Support for Israel at AIPAC Conference
Swedes: Room Ready for US Diplomats in Pyongyang
The War at Home
The DC Group Pushing Fake Russiagate News
US Rights Groups Rally Against AIPAC Outside White House
Beto O'Rourke Says Special Relationship With Israel Against US Values of Equality and Dignity
Pentagon Says All of Google's Work on Drones Is Exempt From the Freedom of Information Act
Pentagon: Missile Defense Test Succeeds in Shootdown
North Korea's Kim to Visit Russia: Report
Kim Jong-UN 'Was Shocked' by New US List of Undisclosed Nuclear Facilities at Hanoi Summit
150 Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Two Weeks
Clash in Afghanistan Leaves Two Children Dead
Study Finds Racial Discrimination as Key Factor Behind Violence in Afghanistan
Indian Police Blame Kashmir Rebels for Death of Boy Hostage
JF-17 Thunder, Not F-16, Used to Shoot Down Indian Aircraft: Pakistan
Both Military-Backed Party and Thaksin Allies Claim Victory in Thai Election
Thailand's Pro-Army Party Says Aims to Form Government After Election
US Navy, Coast Guard Ships Pass Through Strategic Taiwan Strait
Vatican Negotiator Reveals Decades-Long Path to China Deal
In 'Killer Robots' Debate, Japan Shuns Fully Automated Arms
Kosovo PM Fires Deputy Minister Over Comments About NATO
Police in Belarus Block Demonstrators From Opposition Rally
Unpredictable German Export Policies Threaten Arms Projects With France: French Envoy
US Calls Russia Deployment of Planes to Venezuela 'Reckless Escalation'
Venezuela Blames 'Attack' as Another Crippling Blackout Hits
Uganda Holds 3.6 Tons of Gold Possibly From Venezuela
US Buyers of Venezuelan Oil Substitute Gulf of Mexico Oil
Mexico Restarts Search for Missing, Digging for 1970s Victim
Trump's Golan Move Boosts Netanyahu but Long-Term Risks for Israel
Trump's Support for Israeli Golan Heights Draws Global Anger
Turkey Strongly Condemns US Decision on Golan Heights
Syria Says US Decision on Golan Will Lead to Its Isolation
Potential Kingmaker in Israel's Election Offers a Package of Thatcherism Plus Third Temple
Brazil's Israel Embassy Move Requires More Study: President's Spokesman
No PKK/YPG in Safe Zone With Turkey on Syria Border: US Envoy
Russia Says Three of Its Soldiers Killed in Syria
Northern Syria Administration Calls for Tribunal for ISIS Detainees
Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up; Four Killed in Iraq
Iraq Sentences Yezidi to Death Who 'Confessed' to Helping ISIS
Heavy Weapons Fire Rocks Yemen's Hodeidah as UN Pushes to Clinch Troop Pullout
Suspected Drone Strike Kills 5 Pro-Government Yemeni Soldiers
Three Killed in Intense Fighting in Yemen's Hodeidah
UAE Takes Over Part of Yemen Airport for Military Use
South Korean Officials to Press for Iran Sanctions Waiver in US
France Bans Iran's Mahan Air for Flying Arms, Troops to Syria, Elsewhere
Middle East
Human Rights Watch Urges UAE to Ensure Fair Trial for Eight Over Hezbollah Links
Saudi Ex-Imam of Mecca 'No Longer Considers Shi'ite Muslims as Heretics
Malian Leader Vows Security as Massacre Toll Hits 160
Militia Head Refutes His Group Responsible for Mali Massacre
Egypt Refers 28 to Court on Charges of Joining ISIS, Al-Qaeda
China, Egypt to Further Enhance Defense Cooperation
Journalists Protest in Khartoum Over Crackdown on Press Freedoms
$4.8 Billion Sale and Upgrade of Morocco F-16 Aircraft Approved by US
DoD to Provide $6.5 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to Mozambique
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Justin Raimondo
Stop the CIA Coup

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Still Waiting: 2020 Fever and the Quest for a Progressive Foreign Policy

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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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