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Updated March 30, 2019 - 9:11 PM EDT
Trump: NK Suffering, Doesn't Need New Sanctions
  During Summit, Trump Demanded Kim Hand Over All Nukes
  FBI Has Data Stolen From N. Korea Embassy by Anti-Regime Group
Gaza Protesters Rally in Anniversary March
  Over 40,000 Protest at Gaza Border; 3 Palestinians Killed, 112 Injured
  Hamas Backs Egypt Proposal for Calm on Israel Border
  Trump's Recognition of Golan Will Help Netanyahu Vote: Survey
  All 28 EU Nations Reject Israeli Annexations of Golan Heights
Many US Troops Will Stay in Syria: Officials
  Iraqi President Claims No 'Serious' Opposition to US Troops Staying
Abrams: Russian Troops in Venezuela to Fix Missiles
  US May Sanction Foreign Firms Doing Business With Venezuela
Afghan Officials: Taliban Attacks Target Police, Killing 17
US, Russia Move to Prevent Global Ban on Killer Robots
Facebook to Place Restrictions on Who Can Go Live
item Pelosi and McConnell Are Inching US Closer to Nuclear War  by Norman Solomon
item How the Media Got It Wrong on Trump and Russia  by Hunter DeRensis
item Talk of Golan Annexation Leaves Out Those Expelled From It  by Tom Pessah
item NYT: It Is, in Fact, All About the Benjamins  by Philip Weiss
item Robert Kagan's Cloudy Crystal Ball  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Russiagate: The Great Tragic Comedy of Modern Journalism  by Matt Bivens

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Trump Threatens to Close US-Mexico Border
DEA Never Checked if Its Massive Surveillance Ops Are Legal, Watchdog Says
Journalist's Memoir Covering the Great March of Return
UN Starts Looking Toward the End of Peacekeeping in Congo
Kenya Orders Closure of Dadaab Refugee Camp This Year: Leaked UN Document
North Korea
Kim Showered Trump With Flattery in Letter Before Summit
Russia, China Sent Home More Than Half of North Korean Workers in 2018
Philippine Communist Rebels Mark 50th Year With New Attacks
The Philippine Journalists Taking the Rap in Duterte's Latest War
Philippines: Beleaguered Journalist Maria Ressa Arrested Again
Thai Election Commission Blames Software for Counting Errors
Pro-Army Party Prioritizes Thai King's Coronation Over Forming Government
Afghan Parliament Remains Closed Amid Elections Controversy
Mnuchin Says US-China Trade Talks Were 'Constructive'
Hundreds of Thousands March Against Algeria's Bouteflika
Kingmaker Once More, Algeria's Army Confronts Demand for Real Change
Tunisia Arrests UN Official Working on Libya Arms Embargo
Burundi Begins Mass Release of Prisoners
Egypt Releases Prominent Activist After Five Years in Prison
Mali Arrests Five Suspects in Killing of 157 Villagers
Sudan Frees Detained Editor Who Criticized Ruler Al-Bashir
Ukraine Minister: President and Rival Both Bribing Voters
Out of a Police Cell and Into the Polling Station: Election Monitors
Montenegro: 1 Detained for Breaching US Embassy Compound
Two Sentenced in German Eurofighter Corruption Trial
Man Who Rented Flat to Paris Attackers Gets 4-Year Sentence
Venezuela Defense Minister Says US Security Adviser 'Sending Me Messages'
Diplomats, Washington Skittish on Maduro's Downfall in Venezuela
International Red Cross Says It Will Channel Aid to Venezuela
Russian Minister to Discuss Ways to Boost Venezuela's Oil Exports
The War at Home
Federal Judge Hears Arguments in Israel Boycott Law Lawsuit
General McKenzie Replaces Retiring Votel as US Centcom Commander
Family Convinced Marine's Death at Camp Pendleton Was Not Suicide
Israeli Troops Wound Palestinians, Anniversary Rally Approaches
Gaza 'Abandoned' After One Year of Protests, Says Charity
Netanyahu Flaunts 'Lecturing' Obama on Palestinians in New Campaign Ad
Iran Urges Palestinians to Resist Trump's Pro-Israel Moves
'A Void No One Can Fill': Gaza's Children Face Trauma of Losing Friends, Family in Protests
Tunisia Says It Will Coordinate Arab Response to US Move on Golan
Syria's Kurds Increasingly Isolated as Arab Tribes Cut Deals With Assad
Saudi Arabia Says Syrian Opposition Must Unite Before Any Dialogue With Govt
Despite Talk of Returns, Turkey Quietly Works to Integrate Syrian Refugees
Nine Banks Win Dismissal of Iran Terrorism Financing Lawsuit: US Judge
Iranian Fuel Oil Cargo Sits Off Malaysia as US Urges Sanctions Compliance
Middle East
Six Militants Killed in Iraq Clashes
Germany Extends Saudi Arms Sale Ban for Another Six Months
Turkey: Air Defense Purchase From Russia 'A Done Deal'
Angela Merkel Presents Peace Prize to Jordanian King Abdullah
Nicaragua Government Vows to Free Prisoners, Allow Protests
Brazil's Bolsonaro Visits Israel Amid Speculation on Embassy
Mexican Navy: 1 Injured in Clash Near Vaquita Reserve
Americans Still Dying
Green Beret From Cortez (CO) Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Lancaster (OH) Native, EOD Specialist, Killed in Afghanistan
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