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Updated April 1, 2019 - 8:43 PM EDT
Rep. Khanna: Bipartisan Coalition To End Wars
Yemen's Food Prices Soar Under Saudi Blockade
  Saudi Airstrike Kills Two in Yemen's Hajjah Province
  UN Probes British Involvement in Yemen War, Use of Child Soldiers
  Pro-Saudi Forces Claim Dozens of Houthis Killed in South Yemen
Gazans Mark March of Return Rallies Anniversary
  Israel, Hamas Take First Steps Toward Gaza Ceasefire Deal
  Eyes on Gaza as West Bank Killings Spike
Several of Khashoggi's Killers Were Trained in US
Comedian Tops Ukraine Presidential Election
30 Killed Across Afghanistan as Taliban Seizes District
item On Leaving the US Army  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item How the US Navy Sold the Vietnam War  by Gareth Porter
item Escalating the US Air War in Afghanistan Isn't Working  by Bonnie Kristian
item Defeating the Counterrevolution  by Justin Raimondo
item Africa and the Blood of Christians  by Doug Bandow
item No Reds Under Our Beds After All  by Eric Margolis

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Matt Taibbi and Aaron Mate on How Russiagate Helped Trump
North Korea Says Embassy Raid in Spain Was a 'Grave Terrorist Attack'
Saudis Accessed Amazon's Bezos' Phone, Private Data
National Enquirer: Bezos' Girlfriend's Brother Is 'Single Source'
US Halting Aid to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala
Israel Reopens Gaza Commercial Crossing in Sign of Easing Tensions
Gantz Blames Netanyahu for Rabin Assassination
Abbas to Arab Leaders: US Will Tell Israel to Annex Part of West Bank
Palestinians in the West Bank Mark Land Day and the Great March of Return
Israel Eases Restrictions on Gaza Fishermen
Palestinians Mourn Boys Killed by Israeli Forces in Gaza Rallies
'My Heart Is Burning': Families of Boys Slain in Gaza Anniversary Protest Mourn Their Losses
Trump Team's Middle East Peace Plan Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like One State
UAE Tells Arab States to Establish Ties With Israel
Israel Says Brazil Opens 'Diplomatic Office' in Jerusalem
Netanyahu Says He Would Not Appoint Gantz as Defense Minister if Reelected
Arab States to Push for UN Resolution Against US Golan Move
Trump's Recognition or Not, Israelis Aren't Moving to Golan
EU's Mogherini Says Ignoring UN Resolutions on the Golan 'Not a Solution'
Saudi King Rejects Measures Impacting Syrian Sovereignty Over Golan Heights
179 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq During March
Will Iraq Close All Inspectors General Offices?
Turkish Elections: Istanbul Too Close to Call, Opposition Winning in Ankara
Turkey: 60 Kurdish Politicians Arrested Hours Before Elections
Turkey's Erdogan Says Party Lost Some Cities, Will Focus on Economy
Two Killed in Fight at Ballot Box in East Turkey
Middle East
One Turkish Soldier Killed in Syria, Military Retaliates
Qatar Emir Abruptly Leaves Arab League Summit in Tunisia
Saudi Aramco to Buy Petrochemicals Giant in $69 Billion Deal
Algeria's President Appoints Caretaker Govt Amid Turmoil
Algerian Army Chief Repeats Call to Declare President Unfit for Office
Algerian Army Holds Emergency Meeting as Tensions Mount
Hoping for Peace, Preparing for War: Libya on Brink of Tripoli Showdown
Libya Holds Municipal Elections in First Vote for Five Years
Libya's Rival Leaders Could Overcome Army Control Dispute: UN Secretary General
Sudan Police Disperse 'Illegal Gatherings'
Bashir's Ruling Party Postpones Sudan Convention to Elect New Leader
Al-Shabab Says It Executed Four Accused Spies in Somalia
Thirty Men Sentenced for Egyptian Church Attack Plot
Cameroon: Human Rights Watch Blasts Govt – Military Rejects 'Biased' Report
Kremlin: US Has Not Requested Phone Call on Venezuela With Putin
Venezuela's Maduro Announces Power Rationing Amid Outages
Security Forces Fire Tear Gas on Opposition Rally in Venezuela
Thousands Protest Against Anniversary of Brazil's Coup
Brazil Military Takes Up Coup Commemoration at Bolsonaro's Behest
Australia Plans Tougher Social Media Laws for Failing to Thwart Violent Content
The War at Home
Trump White House Doubles Down on Threat to Close US-Mexico Border
National Enquirer: Bezos' Girlfriend's Brother 'Single Source' for Reports
In Leaked Recording, Cory Booker Says He and AIPAC President 'Text Message Back and Forth Like Teenagers'
At AIPAC, Cory Booker Consecrates Israel in the Name of MLK's Dream and Murder
US Army Conducts Training Exercise Near Downtown Raleigh
No More Large-Scale Military Exercises Near Raleigh (NC), City Manager Says
North Carolina May Ban Wind Power Near Coast, Military Flights
Is the Pentagon Breaking a Law Designed to Help Sexual Assault Victims?
Two Marine Pilots Killed in Helicopter Crash in Arizona
Marine Colonel's Widow Fights for the Truth Behind His Death in Iraq: Suicide or Homicide?
Trump Answers GOP Plea Over Eddie Gallagher, Navy SEAL Awaiting Trial for Murder
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Warns US on F-16 Sales to Taiwan, Calling Them 'Extremely Dangerous'

Taiwan Condemns Beijing After Chinese Jets Cross Maritime Line

China to Be Offered Russia's 'Best Warplane' SU-57
China Will Continue to Suspend Extra Tariffs on US Vehicles, Auto Parts
New Silk Road Critics Are 'Prejudiced', China's Top Diplomat Says
Germany's Manfred Weber Warns of China 'Shopping Spree'
Thousands March in Hong Kong Over Proposed Extradition Law Changes
Afghan Schoolchildren Killed in Taliban Attack Crossfire
Afghan Vice President Narrowly Escapes Death for a Second Time
Afghan Forces Hold 'Full Control' of Key Highway in Southeast
Durand Line Fencing Splits Families Between Afghanistan and Pakistan
Residents Report Intensified Clashes in Ghazni, Afghanistan
Afghan Govt Criticized for Insecurity in Badakhshan's District
Afghanistan Floods Kill Dozens, Worsen Desperate Situation
Canada Marks Five Years Since End of Afghanistan Mission
Family Says Pakistani Journalist Taken From Home
Pashtun People Cut Barbed-Wire Stretched by Pakistan Along Durand Line With Afghanistan
Thailand Still Waiting for a Government as Tensions Rise
Thai Demonstrators Protest Alleged Cheating in Election
US Missile-Tracking Plane Arrives in Okinawa
Vietnam Woman Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge in Kim Killing
S. Korea Starts Search for War Remains, Separate From North
Rights Groups Dispute Philippine Police Account of Clash That Killed 14 Suspected Rebels
Indian Air Force's MiG-27 Crashes Near Jodhpur in Rajasthan
Ukraine's Poroshenko Says Election Was Free, Met Global Standards
Germany: Man Catches WWII Hand Grenade While Fishing
Cyprus Working to Step Up Defense Cooperation With France
Catalan Separatists Clash With Far-Right in Barcelona
Environmental Activist Elected as Slovakia's First Female President
Demonstrators Reported Arrested, Wounded in Nicaragua
Nicaragua Reiterates Pledge to Release People Detained in Protests
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