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Updated April 2, 2019 - 8:41 PM EDT
Rep. Khanna: Bipartisan Coalition To End Wars
US Conducts a Flurry of Airstrikes in Yemen
  Yemen Child Soldiers Recruited by Saudi-UAE Coalition
  UN Probes British Involvement in Yemen War, Use of Child Soldiers
Turkey Ruling Party Appeals Results After Loss
  US Suspends F-35 Deliveries to Turkey Over Russia Arms Deal
Several of Khashoggi's Killers Were Trained in US
  Khashoggi Children Received Compensation for Killing of Father
  Pakistan Probes Journalist Over Publishing Khashoggi Pictures
Iran FM: US Sanctions Are Impeding Flood Relief
$7 Bn in Equipment Looted From US Base in Afghanistan
ISIS Has No Territory, but Leader Baghdadi Elusive
item Trump Tells the Truth: Sanctions Cause People to Suffer  by Ron Paul
item The Primordial Ooze of the Collusion Conspiracy  by Peter Van Buren
item Chelsea Manning Again Takes Fall for Defending Our Right to Know  by Janine Jackson
item Trump Should Close NATO Membership Rolls  by Patrick Buchanan
item My Brain on Cable News  by Nicholson Baker
item On Russiagate and Liberals' Refusal to Face Why Trump Won  by Matt Taibbi

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Treaty's End Would Give US, Russia Impetus to Make More Nukes: Report
The Newest AI-Enabled Weapon: 'Deep-Faking' Photos of the Earth
Report: FBI Doesn't Warn Hacking Victims of Rights

Red Cross Says Health and Aid Workers Face Unabated Attacks

Twitter Network Uses Fake Accounts to Promote Netanyahu, Israel Watchdog Finds
Israel Expands Gaza Fishing Zone as Part of Ceasefire Agreement
Asked About Trump's Golan Decision, Top US Lawmakers Cites 'Shia Crescent'
Bolsonaro Visits Western Wall, Palestinians Angry at Jerusalem Mission
Saudi Arbia
Rare Glimpse Into Saudi Aramco Shows $111 Billion Net Profit
Lockheed Clinches $2.4 Billion Pentagon Contract for THAAD Missiles, Some for Saudi Arabia
Middle East
179 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq During March
UAE Spied on Leading Middle East Journalists by Hacking iPhones
Killed by Cholera, Yemeni Doctor Knew He Was Fighting 'Disastrous' Epidemic
Aid Group Says 31 Died Fleeing After ISIS Defeat in Syria
Poll Observers Raise Concerns Over Curbs on Freedom in Turkey
Comedian Takes Commanding Lead in Ukraine Presidential Vote
Comedian Faces Scrutiny Over Oligarch Ties in Ukraine Election
BBC Apologizes, Will Pay Damages to Ukrainian President Over Fake Michael Cohen Story
UK Investigating British Intelligence's Role in Torture of Palestinian al-Qaeda Suspect
Harry Potter Among Books Burned by Catholic Priests in Poland
UN Security Council: Germany, France Share Presidency
Venezuelan Judge Moves to Strip Opposition Leader's Immunity
Venezuelans Set Up Burning Barricades Over Lack of Power, Water
'Fight and Talk': Afghan War Escalates Alongside Peace Push
US Rep Khalilzad in Kabul for Talks With Afghan Officials
Afghan Official: Taliban Strike Checkpoints in North, Kill Five
Afghans Returning Home After Fighting Syrian War
Facebook Deletes Accounts Linked to India's Congress Party, Pakistan Military
Pakistan Scraps Trials Before Military Courts After 4 Years
Moon Hopes North Korea Responds Positively to US-South Korea Efforts
US Soldiers Can Now Wear Masks While in Uniform When Air Is Bad in South Korea
Two ISIS-Linked Men Arrested Far From Philippine Militant Bases
Philippines Protests Over Chinese Vessels in Disputed Waters
China's Xi Says West Has Long-Term Economic, Military Superiority
Japan and South Korea Take Major Steps Forward With F-35 Rollout
Nigeria: Troops Kill 16 'Boko Haram Terrorists' in Lake Chad Area
US, Nigeria, Other Nations Train Navies in Gulf of Guinea
Algeria's Bouteflika to Resign Before Mandate Ends April 28
The War at Home
US Supreme Court Won't Hold Sudan Liable for USS Cole Attack in Yemen
Soldier From NJ Shot and Killed During Training Exercise in Alaska
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