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Updated April 5, 2019 - 9:47 PM EDT
Pentagon Claims Iran Killed 608 US Troops in Iraq
House Votes to End US Involvement in Yemen War
  Lawmakers Urge Trump Not to Veto Yemen War Powers Challenge
Trump Wants US/China/Russia Military Deal
  NATO's Anniversary Tense as US Officials Slam Turkey, Germany
  Pentagon Focus on China, Russia Expected to Alter US Arms Sales
Afghan Taliban Offensive in Badghis Kills 30 Police
  Liz Cheney Proposes Bill to Keep US Troops in Afghanistan
WikiLeaks: Assange To Be Expelled From Embassy Soon
  Ecuador President Threatens to Decide Assange's Fate Over Scandal
Saudi Reactor Nears Completion – No Non-Proliferation Pact
item How Rachel Maddow Turned Into Alex Jones  by Peter Van Buren
item A Brief History of the Destruction of Yarmouk  by William Van Wagenen
item Britain Could Stop the War in Yemen in Days. But It Won't  by David Wearing
item India, Pakistan, and a Planet in Peril  by Dilip Hiro
item Truth Is an Outlaw in Washington  by James Bovard
item Why Kashmir Has a Right to Self-Determination  by Mehrunnisa Wani

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Closing the Russiagate
by Branko Marcetic
House Roll Call Vote on Yemen War
US Revokes ICC Prosecutor's Entry Visa Over Afghanistan Investigation
Pentagon to Do New 'Narrowly-Scoped' Review of Deadly 2017 Niger Ambush
Netanyahu: The Option of Reoccupying Gaza Is Still on the Table
Cholera Is Surging Again in War-Ravaged Yemen
ISIS Ambush on Police Patrol; 12 Killed in Iraq
Riyadh Opens Consulate in Baghdad in Sign of Improving Ties
Syrian Government Forces' Shelling Kills 17: Monitor
'We Have No Choice but to Liberate Afrin': Syrian Kurdish Leader on N. Syria's Next Moves
Roadmap for Syria's Manbij Moving Slower Than Desired: Turkish Military Sources
Dozens of Displaced Syrian Families Leave Rebel-Controlled Rukban Refugee Camp
US-Turkey Standoff Over F-35 Escalates as Each Side Waits for the Other to Blink
Pentagon Not Considering Turkey Working Group on S-400 Missile Defense Dispute
Removing Turkey From F-35 Jet's Supply Chain Could Slow Work on 75 Jets: Navy Officer
Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Prepare Big Changes Amid US Dispute With Turkey on Russian Arms Deal
Turkey Warns US Not to Meddle in Elections
Turkey Criticizes US Readout of Foreign Ministers' Meeting
Lebanon Receives Six Scan Eagle Drone Systems From US
120 Afghan Civilians Affected by Mines, Unexploded Ordnance Every Month
Islamabad 'Must' Change Its Policy Towards Kabul: Khalilzad
Back Off From Thitu Island: President Duterte Tells China
Trump: No Summit With China's Xi Until Trade Deal Is Reached
Top Negotiator Kim Yong Chol 'Out' in North Korea
Myanmar Villagers, Lawmaker Say 'Helicopter Attack' Kills Five Rohingya, Wounds 13
French Police Arrest Suspected Terrorist Plotting Attack on Nursery School
Belgium Apologizes for Colonial-Era Abduction of Mixed-Race Children
Trump Threatens Car Import Tariffs in New Warning to Mexico
Suspected Car Bomb in Southern Mexico Injures None
The War at Home
Rand Paul Blocks Resolution Calling for Release of Mueller Report
US Govt's Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'
The Militarization of Johns Hopkins Exposes a Nationwide Trend
Muslim Soldier Suing US Army After 'Being Forced to Remove Hijab'
Marine General Let Memos Leak to Demonstrate Border Deployment Hurt Readiness
22 People Have Died in Border Patrol Car Chases Over the Last Four Years
Pompeo Calls on NATO to Adapt to New Threats From Russia, China
NATO Approves Measures to Counter Russia Amid Internal Rifts
Pence Targets Germany on NATO Defense Spending
Germany Split on NATO Defense Spending Target: Survey
Eastern Libyan Commander Orders Forces to Move on Tripoli
Armed Groups From Misrata Are Moving to Defend Tripoli
Forces Allied to Eastern Libyan Military Take Over Checkpoint West of Tripoli
UN Head 'Shocked' by Suffering at Migrant Camp in Libya
US, France, Others Urge De-Escalation of Tensions in Libya
East Libyan Forces Say Two Soldiers Injured in Clashes During Tripoli Advance
Eastern Libyan Forces Secure Gharyan, Arrive in Al-Heira Area
UN's Guterres Says There Is No Military Solution to Libya's Crisis
DR Congo
Pompeo Pledges Support for DR Congo's Tshisekedi 'Change Agenda' in First Meeting
DR Congo Arrests Rebel Leader Wanted for Mass Rape
ISIS Says It Killed 18 Soldiers in West Africa
Car Bomb Explodes at Restaurant Near Police Academy in Somali Capital
Burkina Faso: More Than 60 Killed in 'Terrorist' Attacks and Reprisals in Arbinda
Victorious Algerian Protesters Want Other Officials Out
Sudan Police Fire Tear Gas at Protests in Capital
Mali: UN Peacekeeper Injured in Attack on Kidal Minusma Base
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