Spin Everywhere: Where Is the Hard News?

With more media – broadcast, cable, and internet – than ever before, you'd think information would be at our fingertips. You'd think that would give us a lot of choices, right? If we wanted information about, say, the U.S. role in Yemen, or the small wars that the US military's AFRICOM branch is fighting in Africa, you'd think it would be easy to find, wouldn't you?

It's not.

CNN is wall-to-wall: "Trump is a monster!" Meanwhile, Fox News Channel provides brief moments of hard news but then quickly sinks to the level of its biases.

And the New York Times obscures truly vital facts and makes reading it like pulling teeth.

But, fortunately for all of us, our News Editor at Antiwar.com, Jason Ditz, follows the news relentlessly and distills the deeper story from many, disparate sources. So that hard-to-understand New York Times piece? Read Jason instead; he makes the complex and confusing understandable, and in straightforward language.

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Updated April 29, 2019 - 8:46 PM EDT
ISIS Chief Al-Baghdadi Appears in Video
  Syrian Govt Seeking to Buy Oil From al-Qaeda
  Al-Qaeda Kills 22 Syrian Troops in Weekend Attack
How Much Global Military Spending Rose in 2018
  New Technologies Drive Military Spending: SIPRI
Ukraine: Zelensky Open to Talks With Separatists
  Ukraine President-Elect Offers Citizenship to Russians
Seven Family Members Killed in Southern Yemen
  Assessing the Impact of War on Development in Yemen
Russia Wants Serious Talks on Nuclear Deals With US
item Will Technology Stamp a 'Forever' on America's Wars?  by Allegra Harpootlian & Emily Manna
item NATO's German Problem: Who Needs Soldiers or Weapons?  by Doug Bandow
item Sanctions: A Death Sentence for Tens of Thousands of Venezuelans  by Jessica Corbett
item The Mueller Report Indicts the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory  by Aaron Maté
item Trump Wants Out of Syria. Will His Staff Listen?  by Michael B. Dougherty
item The Risks of Maximizing Pressure on Iran  by Ali Vaez

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Gitmo Prison Commander Fired After Investigation
Assange May Have Been Victim of 'Espionage' in Embassy: Lawyers
US Warrant Issued for Ringleader of North Korean Embassy Raid in Madrid
US Sanctions Set Up Crunch for Heavier Oil
Attacks Across Northern Iraq Kill Eight
Yazidis to Accept ISIS Rape Survivors, but Not Their Children
Forgotten Victims: The Children of ISIS
Sadr Urges 'Immediate Withdrawal' of Iraqi Militias From Syria
Iraq's Cleric Suggests Closing US Embassy in Baghdad Over Security Concern
Iraqi PM Urges Solution to All Issues Between Baghdad, Ankara
Putin Says Russia and Syria Not Planning Assault on Idlib for Now
Arabs in Syria's Deir Al-Zor Protest Against Ruling Kurdish Militia: Residents
Over 16,000 Syrian Refugees Leave Jordan
Syria Says Turkish Forces Illegally Occupy Syria, Bashes Golan Decision
Syrian Opposition Denounce 'Terrorist' Regime as Talks in Kazakhstan End Without Deal
US General Says He Will Ensure Necessary Resources to Counter Iran
Iran's Revolutionary Guard 'Shoots Drone Footage' of US Warships
Iran's Khamenei Urges Crackdown on Illegal Arms, Social Media Curbs
Iran: Business as Usual in Strait of Hormuz After Blacklisting
Eight Killed in Blast in South Yemen
Five Killed in Houthi Rocket Attack on Village in Yemen's Besieged Taiz
Vital Public Hospital in Dhalea Faces Possible Closure
Turkey's Erdogan Vows to Confront Opponents Inside Party After Vote Loss
Erdogan Slams Macron Over 'Armenia Genocide' Remembrance
Friday: Israeli Forces Wound 110 Civilians, Including 37 Children, 3 Women, 4 Paramedics, and a Journalist
Palestinian Dies of Wounds Caused by Israeli Gunfire
'Land Means Life': Palestinians Vow to Battle Illegal Israeli Confiscations
Israel's Army Allies With European Countries, US in Military Exercise
Both Prisoners Israel Set to Release Ask Not to Be Returned to Syria
Attacks on Gaza Have Caused Low Birth Weights, Birth Defects: JVP's Health and Human Rights Watch
Over 110,000 Israelis Visited Sinai Over the Holiday, Ignoring Terror Warnings
Putin Says Russia May Offer Fast-Tracked Passports to All Ukrainians
Putin Calls US Treatment of Admitted Agent Butina an Outrage
Leaked Report: Crashed Russian Air Force MiG-31 Was Shot Down by Wingman
French Police Clash With Yellow Vests Protesters in Strasbourg
Spanish Elections: Socialists Win Majority of Votes but Far-Right Vox Surges
Europe Wants to Deal With China as a Group: German Minister
Fly Me to the Moon: Germany Eyes Slice of Lucrative Space Market
Mexico's New National Guard Deployed to Veracruz State
Guatemalan Mayor Wanted on US Drug Charges
Colombia's Trasandino Pipeline Bombed for Seventh Time in 2019
The War at Home
Trump and Pence Push 'America First' Agenda to the Moon and Outer Space
Former US Senator Lugar, Nuclear Nonproliferation Champion, Dies at 87
Faced With US Sanctions, Venezuela Looks at Local Food Production
Venezuelan Government Denounces Regional OAS Forum
US Oil Embargo Will See Venezuela Turn to China, Russia for Salvation
Ambassadors Designated by Venezuela's Guaido Meet in Colombia on Winning Over China and Russia
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Gun Battle With Militants Kills 15, Including Children; US Pulls Citizens Out
Local Muslims Say They Reported Mastermind of Sri Lanka Terror Attacks Years Ago
Father, Two Brothers of Sri Lanka Suicide Bombings Mastermind Killed in Gun Battle
Sri Lanka Raids Headquarters of Hardline Islamist Group Suspected in Church Bombings
ISIS Claims Three Militants Who Blew Up During Sri Lanka Raid
Sri Lanka Bans Groups Suspected to Be Behind Attacks; Ringleader's Relatives Wounded
Sri Lanka Police Chief Refusing to Quit Despite President's Request
Sri Lanka Resorts Face Uncertain Future After Suicide Blasts
US No Longer Using F-22s to Bomb Afghan Drug Labs, Watchdog Says
Electoral Commission Rejects Results of Kabul's Recounted Votes
No Peace if Taliban Do Not Adapt: US Envoy
Afghan Women Demand Seat at Peace Talks but Face Resistance
Jilted Bride: As South Korea Marks Peace Summit, North Stays Aloof
US Envoy Signed North Korea Document to Pay for Warmbier's Care, but No Money Paid: Bolton
Pakistan Suspends Anti-Polio Drive After Attacks on Workers
Bomb Blast Kills Three Pakistani Forces Near Afghanistan Border
Khan's Interior Minister Pick Raises Questions About 'New' Pakistan
Taiwan Reports Voyage of 2 US Warships Through Taiwan Strait
Thousands Take to Hong Kong Streets to Protest New Extradition Laws
Libyan Forces Push Back Against Haftar in House-to-House Battles
Air Strike Hits Tripoli as Eastern Libyan Forces Send Warship to Oil Port
Libyan Oil Revenues Rise After Field Recovered From Militia
Libya Detains Sanctioned Iranian Container Ship
Sudan Protesters, Army Rulers in Breakthrough Talks Over Civil Rule
Sudan's Military Rulers Condemn Attack on Islamist Party
Sudan Protesters Volunteer Money, Food to Fuel Sit-In
ISIS Fighters Storm Nigeria Military Base Near Biu
Boko Haram Storm Military Base in Northeastern Nigeria
Gunmen Kidnap Canadian, Scottish Oil Workers From Nigerian Oil Rig
Algerian Protest Leader Calls for Six-Month Transition Period
Algeria Protesters Keep Up Pressure After Resignations, Arrests
US Air Strike Kills Three Alleged ISIS Fighters in Somali Region
Four Dead in Suspected Boko Haram Attack in Cameroon
Tunisia Soldier Killed in IED Explosion on Mount Chambi
Opposition Leader Urges People Power to Oust DR Congo President
Central African Republic City Casts Worried Eye at the Rise of the Warlord
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