Spin Everywhere: Where Is the Hard News?

With more media – broadcast, cable, and internet – than ever before, you'd think information would be at our fingertips. You'd think that would give us a lot of choices, right? If we wanted information about, say, the U.S. role in Yemen, or the small wars that the US military's AFRICOM branch is fighting in Africa, you'd think it would be easy to find, wouldn't you?

It's not.

CNN is wall-to-wall: "Trump is a monster!" Meanwhile, Fox News Channel provides brief moments of hard news but then quickly sinks to the level of its biases.

And the New York Times obscures truly vital facts and makes reading it like pulling teeth.

But, fortunately for all of us, our News Editor at Antiwar.com, Jason Ditz, follows the news relentlessly and distills the deeper story from many, disparate sources. So that hard-to-understand New York Times piece? Read Jason instead; he makes the complex and confusing understandable, and in straightforward language.

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Updated April 30, 2019 - 8:55 PM EDT
Venezuela 'Confronting Traitors Attempting Coup'
  Pompeo Claims Maduro's Inner Circle Seeking Exit Strategy
Russia Out of Top 5 in Global Military Spending
  SIPRI: Global Military Spending 'Highest Since Cold War'
  US Envoy Says Aircraft Carrier '100k Tons of International Diplomacy'
  Another Plan for Defense Contractors to Milk the Pentagon
ISIS Chief Al-Baghdadi Appears in Video
  West Point Prof Defends Mass US-Inflicted Damage in Raqqa, Mosul
Pompeo: Yemen War 'in America's Best Interest'
  Pompeo’s Risible Yemen Lies
  Is the US Protecting Saudi Fugitives Accused of Serious Crimes?
Number of US Contractors in Afghanistan Spikes
Trump To Name Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group
item Why Is Maria Butina in Prison?  by Ron Paul
item Is Annexing the West Bank a 'Moral Right'?  by Paul Gottfried
item Obama White House Engaged Ukraine to Give Russia Collusion Narrative a Boost  by John Solomon
item The United States of Incarceration  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Trump's Crusaders March to War  by Eric Margolis
item Breaking the Grip of Militarism: The Vieques Story  by Lawrence Wittner

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The War at Home
In FBI Sting, US Combat Veteran Plotted to Bomb White Nationalist Rally: Prosecutors
FBI Says Received Vague Tips Ahead of Deadly California Synagogue Shooting
US Deputy Attorney General Who Oversaw Mueller Probe Resigns
Lockheed's 'Mad Al' Rallies Retired Navy Admirals for F-35 Bid
Government Watchdog Finds More Problems With F-35's Spare Parts Pipeline
Fourth US Service Member Dies in a Non-Combat Incident Overseas This Month
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Officials Were Warned, in Detail, 12 Days Before Attack
Sri Lanka Bans Face Veils After Attacks by Islamist Militants
Wife, Daughter of Sri Lanka Bombings Mastermind Will Survive Blast
Sri Lanka on Alert for Attacks as Archbishop Slams Poor Church Security
Peace Jirga Begins With 3,200 Delegates in Attendance
Afghan President Opens Grand Assembly in Bid to Gain Initiative in Taliban Talks
Afghanistan Certainly Needs Peace After Four Decades of War: Pakistan PM
Road Block Amid Peace Jirga Irks Kabul Residents
Marines in Afghanistan to Receive Combat Action Ribbons, Prepare for Next Helmand Deployment Amid Talks of Troop Withdrawal
Violence Mars Voting in India's West Bengal State
Why Kashmir Is Boycotting India's Election
Indian Police Raid Houses in Southern State a Week After Sri Lanka Bombings
Pakistan Plans to Bring 30,000 Madrasas Under Govt Control
South Korea Opens Hiking Trails on World's Most Heavily Armed Border
China to Help Cambodia if EU Implements Trade Sanctions
Bangladesh Kills Two Suspects Linked to 2016 Dhaka Cafe Attack
EU Extends Myanmar Arms Sales Embargo
Before Raid, 'Seasteaders' Planned Floating Resort Off Thailand
Kazakhs, Foreign Investors Puzzled by Power-Sharing Leaders
Spain Bars Exiled Ex-Catalan Leader From European Election
Canada Blocked Visit by Ex-Catalan Leader Puigdemont
Putin Says Russians and Ukrainians Would Benefit From Shared Citizenship
Whale Found With Harness May Have Escaped Russian Navy
ISIS Fighters' Parents Stage German Protest
Poland Acquires AW101 Helos for Navy Under $430m Deal
Turkish Jets Bomb PKK Targets; 19 Killed in Iraq
Blackwater Founder Has Reportedly Set Up Shop in Iraq
Iran Drone Video of American Carrier Appears 'Years Old,' According to US Navy
Chief Commander of Quds Force Soleimani Says Talks With US Impossible
Amnesty: Iran Secretly Executes Two Minor Boys Over Rape
Trump, Erdogan Discuss Working Group on Russian S-400 Missile System
Turkey's Kale Group Eyes F-35 Options During US Spat
Turkey Says UAE Spy Suspect Committed Suicide in Prison
Israel 'Has Arrested Over 50,000 Children Since 1967'
Video: Palestinian Killed While Running Away From Soldiers
Palestinian Authority Faces Fiscal Crisis, Refuses Tax Revenues Cut by Israel
Middle East
US Service Member Dies in Noncombat Incident in Syria
Pro-Govt Officer Killed in Explosion in Yemen's Hodeidah
The Agonizing Decision Faced by the Relatives of Saudi Prisoners: Whether to Speak Out
Major Opposition Figures Not Among Those Given Back Bahraini Citizenship
Airstrikes, Roadblocks Trap Civilians in Libya's Tripoli
Four Dead, 20 Wounded in Tripoli Air Raids
Guards Repel Assault on Libya's Biggest Oilfield as Tripoli Battle Rages
'He's No Abraham Lincoln': Libya UN Envoy Warns Against Backing Eastern Commander
UN Warns of Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Libya
South Sudan
South Sudan Hires US Lobbyists to Help Block War Crimes Court
South Sudan Says Its Oil Is Flowing Freely Despite Sudan Port Strike
Sudan's Military, Opposition Discuss Powers of Joint Council
Sudan Protest Group Calls for Strike Amid Transition Stand-Off
Sudanese Islamists Cancel Pro-Military Rally Fearing Violence
Thirteen Wounded at Algeria Water Protest
Algeria's Former National Police Chief Appears in Court Over Corruption Charges
Six Killed in Church Attack in Northern Burkina Faso
Ugandan Pop Star Detained Over Protest
Two Police Wounded by Bomb in Car in El Salvador's Capital
US Reports Gunfire Near US Embassy in Haiti
US Blasts Guyana for Honoring 'Terrorist' Convicted in JFK Bomb Plot
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