Spin Everywhere: Where Is the Hard News?

With more media – broadcast, cable, and internet – than ever before, you'd think information would be at our fingertips. You'd think that would give us a lot of choices, right? If we wanted information about, say, the U.S. role in Yemen, or the small wars that the US military's AFRICOM branch is fighting in Africa, you'd think it would be easy to find, wouldn't you?

It's not.

CNN is wall-to-wall: "Trump is a monster!" Meanwhile, Fox News Channel provides brief moments of hard news but then quickly sinks to the level of its biases.

And the New York Times obscures truly vital facts and makes reading it like pulling teeth.

But, fortunately for all of us, our News Editor at Antiwar.com, Jason Ditz, follows the news relentlessly and distills the deeper story from many, disparate sources. So that hard-to-understand New York Times piece? Read Jason instead; he makes the complex and confusing understandable, and in straightforward language.

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Updated May 2, 2019 - 8:34 PM EDT
Senate Fails to Override Veto on Yemen War Bill
Officials Suggest US Poised to Attack Venezuela
  US Officials and Media Falsely Say Guaido Is 'Duly Elected President'
  Tensions Between US and Russia Grow Over Venezuela
  Bolton Claims 25,000 Cuban Troops Are in Venezuela
  US Hopes for Venezuela Change Fizzle for 3rd Time This Year
US Stops Tracking Progress in Afghanistan War
  US Ends Training for Afghan Pilots After Nearly Half Go AWOL
US Begins Extradition Case Against Assange
  Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks for Skipping UK Bail
Pentagon Says US Troops Will Be in Syria for 'Long Haul'
item The Tragedy of Venezuela Is the Tragedy of the United States of America  by Lawrence Wilkerson
item Zero Percent of Elite Commentators Oppose Venezuela Regime Change  by Teddy Ostrow
item France and the EU Recognize Yet Support Palestine Apartheid  by Ramzy Baroud
item Extradition of Assange Threatens US All  Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity
item What if Iran Retaliates and Shuts Down the Strait of Hormuz?  by Scott Ritter
item Former Selective Service Director Says Time to End Draft Registration  by Edward Hasbrouck

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Biden Calls for End to US Support of Saudi-Led War in Yemen
Libya 'War Crimes' Videos Shared on Social Media
South Asian Security Experts Downplay ISIS Threat
Pentagon Chief Wonders When Border Mission to End
Pompeo Hints at Military Move on Venezuela
John Bolton Says US Troops 'On the Balls' of Their Feet Over Venezuela
US Has Done 'Exhaustive Planning' on Venezuela Scenarios: Shanahan
Acting US Defense Chief Scraps Europe Trip to Focus on Venezuela
Top General: US Military Focused on Collecting Intelligence in Venezuela
Russia Says US Claim It Told Venezuela's Maduro Not to Flee Is Part of 'Information War'
Venezuelan Protests Peter Out as Maduro Hangs On; US and Russia Squabble
Cubans Protest US Sanctions as Trump Raises Pressure on Venezuela
Libya Signs $2 Million Lobbying Deal as Trump Warms to Rival Strongman
UN: Clashes in Libya's Capital Are Hampering Aid, Evacuation
Turkey Denies Two Citizens Held in Libya Are Spies
Libya's NOC Chief Warns of Risk of Terrorist Infiltration Into Oil Fields
Boko Haram Kills 14 Men Near Monguno in Nigeria's Borno State
South Sudan Denies Kidnapping, Executing Prominent Critics
African Union Tells Sudan Military Council to Hand Power to Civilians Within 60 Days
UN Blacklists Founder of Pakistan-Based Militant Group Jaish-E-Mohammed
Pakistani Military: Attack Near Afghan Border Kills Three Troops
US and Taliban Resume Talks as Kabul Seeks Role in Peace Process
Maoist Rebels Kill 15 Indian Policemen in Maharashtra State
US Judge Orders Chinese Banks to Hand Over North Korea Records
Hundreds Demand Election Boycott in Kazakhstan
UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson Sacked Over Huawei Leak
Ex-Communist States Want More Decentralized EU: Polish PM
Russian Police Detain Over 100 People at May Day Protests
The War at Home
F-35s Deployed With Wrong Spare Parts Amid Supply Chain Failures, GAO Finds
The High-Tech Stealth F-35a Made Its Combat Debut Against... a Cave
Trump Administration Has Drastically Dropped Visas for Afghan and Iraqi Interpreters
NASA Says Metals Fraud Caused $700 Million Satellite Failure
Former CIA Officer Pleads Guilty to Spying for China
Air Force T-6 Crashes in Oklahoma; Pilots Believed to Have Ejected
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Germany to Train Saudi Soldiers Despite Yemen War Concerns
5 Million Yemenis Lose Jobs Amid Years of War: Minister
Saudi Arabia Responding to Iran Oil Tanker Emergency
Malak Al-Shehri Speaks Out After Saudi Arabia Detains Husband
In Iraq, 245 Killed or Found Dead During April
Iraq, Germany's Siemens Sign Power Agreement
US Calls for End to Russian-Backed Air Strikes in Syria's Idlib
North Korea Wants to Help Syria Rebuild
Syria's Lost Heritage Stands Out in Aleppo's Broken Minarets
Istanbul Election Results Divide Erdogan and Nationalist Allies
Turkey Detains 137 Demonstrators in Istanbul on May Day
Israeli Navy Wounds/Arrests Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza
House Bill Would Bar Israel From Using US Military Aid to Detain Palestinian Children
ADL Blasts Rabbis for Diatribes Supporting Racism, Hitler's Worldview
Nations Using Oil 'As a Weapon' Causing Damage to OPEC: Iran Oil Minister
Qatar Says Tightening Iran Sanctions Harms Oil Consuming Nations
Putin Expands List of Ukrainians, Others Eligible for Fast-Track Russian Passports
Wife of Ukraine President-Elect Got Penthouse Bargain From Tycoon
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