I have been gravely ill with fourth stage lung cancer for two years, fighting to not only survive physically but as a voice for Antiwar.com. A good way to bring myself down to earth is with an old Italian recipe and chat with the neighbors. They don't make make 'em like that any more. And I have brought plenty of that principled nonintervention stuff to you, our readers.

My neighbors are so kind and open hearted. That's how I think of my readers – like neighbors, old friends, many of whom I haven't seen or talked to in a while. Well, I'm still, folks, still writing and hanging in there. Life goes on: I must write this fundraising pitch as the site continues to grow and reach more people. I may not be the best fundraiser, but I think you understand the spirit in which I write this note.

With Venezuela, Russia, the conflation of multiple "crises" breaking out, this letter is not a panic but a way to reconnect in a personal way with my readers, steadfast and loyal supporters.

You are the reason I must continue my personal and ideological fight.

Please help me win this fight.

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Updated May 3, 2019 - 9:23 PM EDT
North Korea Fires Short-Range Missile Off Coast
Trump, Putin Speak on Phone for Over an Hour
Details Emerge on Failed Coup in Venezuela
  US Bipartisan Unity on Venezuela Starting to Crumble
  US Corporate Media Are All-In on Venezuela Regime Change
  Bolton Claims 25,000 Cuban Troops Are in Venezuela
US, Taliban Meet, Afghans Run 'Parallel' Summit
  US Military Stops Keeping Track Afghanistan Taliban Control
US Begins Extradition Case Against Assange
  Assange to Court: 'I Won't Surrender to the US for Doing Journalism'
Senate Fails to Override Veto on Yemen War Bill
Pentagon Hypes 'China Threat' for Bigger Budget
Did CIA Run Attack on North Korean Embassy in Spain?

Pentagon Greatly Underestimates Civilians Killed in 2018

DWB Reports on Deaths in Child Hospitals in Yemen
item Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item US Corporate Media Are All-In on Venezuela Regime Change  by Brett Wilkins
item On Venezuela, US Should Check Its Regime Change Impulses at the Door  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Will the Real Moron Please Stand Up?  by Justin Raimondo
item Biden vs. Bernie – a Foreign Policy Faceoff  by Reese Erlich
item UAE's Seedy Influence Operations Are a Footnote in Mueller Report  by Helena Cobban

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Facebook Bans Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Other 'Dangerous' Figures
Trump Envoy Condemns Israeli Rabbis' Remarks That Endorsed Racism, Hitler
FBI Sent Hot Blonde to Meet With Trump Aide George Papadopoulos
The War at Home
Sexual Assaults in Military Rise to More Than 20,000, Pentagon Survey Says
Pentagon Plans to Make Sexual Harassment a Crime
One of the F-35's Cost Goals May Be Unattainable
Man Who Plotted NYC Bombing to Be Released From Prison
Haftar's Ally UAE Says 'Extremist Militias' Control Libyan Capital
As Assault Grinds On, Tripoli Lawmakers Reject Offensive by UAE Ally
UAE Allegedly Using Chinese Drones for Deadly Airstrikes in Libya
Huge Crowds Join Protest Sit-In Against Sudan's Military Leaders
Sudan Orders Bashir Interrogated Over Suspected Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing: Judicial Source
Ugandan Government Clamps Down on Over 30 Journalists for Reporting on Bobi Wine Case
Ugandan Pop Star and Critic of President Museveni Freed on Bail
UN Experts: South Sudan Security Service Works Outside Law
Calm Returns to Benin After Post-Election Violence
Parallel Afghanistan Summits Edge Towards Agreements on Ceasefire
Head of Afghanistan Peace Jirga Optimistic on Outcome
Four Afghan Civilians Killed in Cross-Line Shelling by Pakistani Forces
Vietnamese Suspect in Kim Jong Nam Assassination Freed
44 Arrested Amid Crackdown in Kashmir
India Ramps Up Pressure Against Pakistan After UN Blacklisting
Sri Lanka Catholic Church Cancels Plan to Resume Services Over 'Specific Threat'
South Korea to Build Three More Aegis Destroyers Able to Thwart Ballistic Missiles
US Journal: Israel Had a Plutonium Device Ready to Turn Into a Nuke in 1967 War
IDF Strikes Gaza Overnight, Two Rockets Launched From the Strip
Netanyahu Bars All 181 Palestinian Participants From Joint Memorial Day Ceremony
Turkey Says Cannot Quickly Abandon Iranian Oil as US Waivers End
Iran Says Missile Program Not Negotiable
Iran Urges Closer Military Cooperation With Iraq
ISIS Executes Kurdish Intelligence Agent; Three Killed in Iraq
Iraq Is Pushing to Build an Isolation Camp for 30,000 Iraqis Who Lived Under ISIS in Syria
Russia, Syrian Army Step Up Attacks on Rebel-Held NW Syria: Residents, Medics
Turkey, US Getting Closer on Issue of Syria Safe Zone: FM
Ancient Treasures Looted From Syria and Iraq Are Being Sold on Facebook, Experts Warn
Middle East
Ongoing Fighting Leaves 12 Killed in Southern Yemen
Turkey Claims It 'Neutralized' 180 PKK Fighters in April
UAE President Pardons 3,005 Prisoners for Upcoming Ramadan
Saudi Arabia Frees Four More Women on Trial Over Rights Issues: Campaigners
Russian, US Top Diplomats to Meet on May 6 in Finland
Cyprus Justice Minister Resigns Over Serial Killings Uproar
Brazil VP Says Guaido's Attempted Coup Not a Good Idea
Spain Says Will Not Hand Over Opposition Politician to Venezuelan Authorities
EU Says Will Respond to Controversial US Move on Cuba
Under Trump Change, Cuba Business Partners Can Now Be Sued
Carnival Corp. Is the First US Company Sued for Using 'Stolen' Property in Cuba
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