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Updated May 9, 2019 - 9:18 PM EDT
Chelsea Manning Released From Jail
US Seizes N. Korea Cargo Ship Hauling Coal
  North Korea Launches New Missiles
  Foes Criticize Japan's Abe for Seeking North Korea's Kim Summit
US Officials Talk Up Using Military Force on Iran
  Trump Admin Inflated Iran Intel, US Officials Say
  Iran Revises Voluntary Compliance With Nuclear Limits
  Euro Nations Will Remain in Iran Nuclear Deal, Despite US Threats
  Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Metal Exports
US To Stay in Afghanistan Until Insurgency Gone
  5 Gunmen, 4 Civilians Killed in Attack on US Non-Profit in Afghanistan
  Afghan Civilians Killed in Airstrikes Against Taliban Drug Labs
Trump Blames Bolton for Venezuelan Quagmire
Branding Muslim Brotherhood Could Rattle Allies
item Corporate Media Target Gabbard for Her Anti-Interventionism  by Owen Walsh
item Freak-Out Over North Korea's Missile Test Defies Rationality  by Harry J. Kazianis
item Baghdadi Is Alive – and So Is the ISIS Narrative  by Giorgio Cafiero
item A Bloody Start to Ramadan in Afghanistan  by Dave DeCamp
item The Two Narratives of Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
item Ukrainian Embassy: DNC Contractor Solicited Trump Dirt in 2016  by John Solomon

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AG Barr Held in Contempt by House Judiciary Panel
France Will Send New Arms Shipment to Saudi Arabia
CBO Confirms $2 Billion Space Force Price Tag
FBI Has 850 Open Domestic Terrorism Investigations
Clashes in Ebola-Affected Congo City Kill at Least Nine
US Says No More Sanctions Waivers for Iran Oil Purchases
Iran Says Nuclear Deal Will Survive if Europe Fulfils Obligations
France Calls Iran to Respect Nuclear Deal, Warns of Escalation
Germany: Want to Maintain Iran Nuclear Deal, It's Key for Security
Germany Says Work on Iran Special Purpose Vehicle Taking Time
Kremlin Blames US for Iran Nuclear Deal Roll-Back, Urges Restraint
Yemen Government Accuses UAE of Landing Separatists on Remote Island
Yemen Welcomes Ramadan Amid War, Blockade, and Fuel Crisis
Casualties in Attack on Home; Four Killed in Iraq
Iraq Promised to Protect US Interests, Pompeo Says During Baghdad Visit
Iraq Awards Gas Recovery Contract to China's CPECC
Syrian Ground Troops Capture Rebel Enclave
Doctors Go Underground as Syrian Government Attacks Rebel Northwest
Anti-Kurdish Protests Grow in Syria's Deir Al-Zor: Residents, Locals
Turkish Opposition: Erdogan's Mandate Must Also Be Revoked if Istanbul Poll Annulled
Istanbul Residents Change Holiday Plans to Vote in Election Re-Run
Health Funding Gap Means 1,700 in Gaza Face Amputations: UN
Photo Essay: Israeli Forces Attack a Jewish-Palestinian Joint Action in Southern Hebron
Cholera, More Civilian Casualties Feared in Libya
Head of Libya UN-Backed Govt Says Rival Wants to Take Power
ICC Prosecutor Warns Libyan Combatants Against War Crimes
France Seeks Libya Ceasefire, Migrant Center Struck
Amid Criticism, South Sudan Signs New Deal With US Lobbyists
Sudan's Protest Coalition Calls for Civil Disobedience Campaign
Ex-Convict's Drawings Reveal Life Behind Bars in Egypt
Ghana Arrests 81 in Separatist Crackdown: Police
Zimbabwe Court Says Main Opposition Leader Illegitimate, Party to Challenge Ruling
The War at Home
Top US General: Pentagon, DHS Working on 'Multiyear Plan' for Border
Pentagon Expects 256 Miles of Border Wall Soon, Shanahan Says
FBI: Material Found in Minneapolis Apartment Could Be Ricin
Marine Corps Looking at Israel's Iron Dome to Boost Air Defense
Pompeo Calls Support in Britain for Venezuela's Maduro 'Disgusting'
Venezuela's Congress Strips Opposition Lawmakers of Immunity
Top Venezuelan Judge Blasts US for Threats of More Sanctions
Maduro Shuts Down Private Airports
Venezuela's Guaido Says His Deputy Was Detained by Intelligence Agents
Brazil Federal Prosecutors Open Probe Into Rio Army Killing
Mexican Union Official Killed at Protest in Cuernavaca City
Belize Votes on Whether UN Court Should Resolve Guatemala Border Dispute
Mexico Rejects Lifting of Ban on US Lawsuits Against Cuba Firms
Canadian Prosecutors Drop Politically Sensitive Case Against Admiral Accused of Leak
US House Passes Pro-Taiwan Bills, Amid Trade Tensions With China
Trump Says Beijing 'Broke' Trade Talk Deals, Pledges To Keep Tariffs on Chinese Goods
No Time to Go 'Wobbly': Pompeo Scolds UK Over China and Huawei
Images Show Construction on China's Third and Largest Aircraft Carrier
North Korea
North Korea Says Rocket Drill Was 'Regular and Self-Defensive'
Pentagon Suspends Efforts to Recover Troops' Remains as North Korea Talks Stall
Pakistan: Blast Near Major Sufi Shrine in Lahore Kills Ten
Dancing Afghan Boy, War Amputee, Goes Viral
Thai Results Show No Clear Winner, Junta Party Favored
Poland Needs Debate on Euro Before Joining: Opposition Leader
Montenegro President: EU Must Embrace Balkans or Lose Them to Russia and China
Trump Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Metal Exports
Russia Expels Two Swedish Diplomats
UK Royal Marines Test Jet Packs for Amphibious Raids
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